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Critics Warn Repeal of Section 230 'Would Be Devastating for Human Rights, Social Movements, and Marginalized People'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/critics-warn-repeal-section-230-would-be-devastating-human-rights-social-movements


I say to tie a 2000 lbs weight around McConnell’s neck and drop him into the deepest hole in the ocean. Or fire him off into space to forever circle round and round like space debris that he is.

Like mosr media sorts- Evan Greer is full of sh*t.

Section 230 is absolutely and completely a “special legal protection afforded to technology companies- like facebook and twitter.”

What’s more, it doesn’t exist in other countries- and low and behold, they’ve not experienced doomsday scenarios.


yeah, that was pretty self serving. and it’s the type of argument i go up against a lot. the absence of a legal protection doesn’t mean that the inverse of it exists in its absence.

let’s say 230 gets repealed. these people are arguing that now everyone’s legally liable as a publisher. that’s not true. there’s noting in law to indicate that this is the default position.

they are correct that it would be a bit of a black hole in terms of the rules. but that’s a different argument.

it’s also a fixable one. just pass another provision exempting ordinary people from prosecution.

there’s nothing in here that suggest america’s poor and desperate should forgo rent and food to satisfy the legal immunity of a bunch of twittering overlords who aren’t exactly at the bottom of american life.

i still say they call mitch’s bluff and use the threat of withholding a veto override to help with that.

the only people that really object to this are the social media behemoths and some ISPs.


Dean Baker’s equally flabbergasted:

“Now we have a chance to strike a huge blow for democracy, and instantly sink the fortune of one of the top five (Mark Zuckerberg) and the lefty types can’t run away fast enough.”


“Mankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it.”


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this is complete bullshit–230 is embedded in several of our international treaties–including at least two that Trump’s team negotiated–and would be impossible to repeal without renegotiating the treaties–additionally–there are many provisions of the law that need addressing and we could use a good review of what is actually very poor legislation that was passed for the benefit(and profits) of the parasites in major social media corporations


Why would our brilliant disruptive innovative job creators sully OUR internet’s open, free & candid flow of information?





The true irony will be when section 230 is repealed without a $2000 check for the citizens.


Good this article is badly written.