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Critics Wary of Wisconsin Gov. Walker's Plan to Push Through Foxconn Deal


Critics Wary of Wisconsin Gov. Walker's Plan to Push Through Foxconn Deal

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics are raising doubts about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's plan to bring the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn to the state, by way of a $3 billion dollar investment to fund a huge new factory in the southeastern part of the state.

While the project has been heralded as an example of Walker's commitment to bringing jobs to the state—and that of President Donald Trump, who has championed the planned deal and has called it "incredible"—economists and Wisconsin residents alike are questioning how much the state stands to gain from Foxconn's arrival.


$230,769 per job, if all 13,000 are hired? Yeah, that’s got “fiscally sensible” written all over it.


“The proposal being considered by lawmakers includes provisions that would allow Foxconn to start building without a detailed analysis of its environmental impact, which is usually required of large projects. The company would also be exempt from state regulations that protect wetlands.”

This fast tracking must be stopped. This state has been turning right wing in recent years and this is another indication of this reactionary trend. No regard for clean water or wildlife habitat or other environmental considerations. I am glad to see the local Sierra Club chapter is calling for this proposal to undergo the normal environmental review that large projects are supposed to go through.


This from Truth out: Foxconn should ring a discordant bell–think abused workers in China–



Conley sez: “… according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, taxpayers wouldn’t see a return on their investment until at least 2042.”

Hmm. Wonder how long it will take Foxconn execs and shareholders to begin pocketing their returns.


And what is the betting line on when the factory will be shuttered and the people of Wisconsin left holding not only the financial bag but also the cost of the environmental clean-up? Anything Walker brokers is suspect and will invariably victimize the state, its economy, its environment, and most of all, its people.


As Giovanna reminds us, this is the same company that drove some of its employees in China to commit suicide.
The company had to erect a barrier on the roof.

Of course, it’s welcomed by Walker and his gang of miscreants.


Is this a joke?A sad joke—not mentioned is that this factory would be built in Paul Ryan’s district???This is similar to the Carrier deal were they got about 8m to save 800 jobs,and I think the 800 was inflated???--------of course this is nothing new----a neighboring city were I live gave Wall Mart and Sams Club a large tax package,when it expired both left the city.


Does anyone actually believe that there will be as many jobs as Walker says? Even friends of Nigerian princes with money that they can’t get without your help are smart enough to see that Walker’s scheme is just so much BS. The only people benefitting from this have to be the Kochs, the people with their hands on Walker’s strings.


The company’s name is Foxconn fer cryin out loud. Are they effin serious? At least they’re bein up front about their intentions. Wonder what the gov is gettin under the table.


Foxxconn will claim they can’t find enough citizen workers and then hire a lot of H1B visa workers…keeping wages low.


This dishonesty has been described in investigative reporter David Cay Johnston’s book, “Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You with the Bill)”. Cities, states and other entities prostitute themselves offering tax breaks and other enticements, to lure businesses (Walmart, Cabela’s, etc.). It is yet another scheme to buy jobs, generally with lousy pay and minimal or no benefits, that inevitably ends up costing taxpayers many times what the jobs pay, but what a sweet deal for the CEOs and shareholders! As another commenter has noted, it is likely the Foxconn jobs will bring in H1B workers, driving pay in the area down. A Koch Bros. dream.


The sellers of the land are getting a huge subsudy … Just who are they !!!


Scott Walker is corrupt, not to mention a delusional moron.

What’s the matter with Wisconsin?




There will be no roof barrier in Wisconsin. Every single dead American counts toward some sort of prize.
Pruitt is dismantling the EPA while Trump runs interference/diversion. Monsanto will continue to add their fertilizer to our food supply and water (mostly caused by runoff into our water supplies). The Kochs and their cohorts will take full advantage to dump anything they want, wherever they want and spew their poisons into the atmosphere. Add the fact that our food supply will be contaminated (beef, poultry and pig along with fruit and veggies). Take away health care, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, Social Security (and more) and you have the perfect formula for a sort of Jihad against the American People. A culling of the population.

A better than ISDS clause in the TPP. Think of the people who Trump and the Senate have supported and installed into the various agencies and pay attention to what they do. Are our representatives Republicans? I think not. From Trump/Pence on down to Governors like Walker, they are nothing more than Koch puppets. Bought and paid for and guaranteed to be reelected so long as they tow the line.

I used to think that the Koch Brothers were far right Libertarians, Now my thoughts are more to the Fascist/Communist agenda. NO one can tell me these people love this country or care about its citizens and that stands firm with our elected officials. I’m sure that the Koch wealth has surpassed $40 Billion each by this point, yet it’s not enough.

2018 will soon be upon us and we can change out those who do not represent this country and its citizens. Some of us may have to vote against our Party’s will. We must attempt to vote with conscience and common sense for the candidates we feel will represent Us.


Many of those jobs will be lost on the modernization of the plant…Robotics!
Thanks to VP Pence and the citizens for making this modernization possible. We couldn’t have done it without you.

What better way to thank his voters than to cause them to buy a ‘donut’ to sit upon.
One must wonder what he’ll leave the Nation as a parting gift.


And I just read the other day that Mass. is giving GE 145M in tax breaks to relocate its HQ from Conn to Boston----how under reported are all these giveaways .


Giovanna even bother to compare the suicide rate in China with the suicide rate of China Foxconn employees? The Foxconn rate is less than half, even considering the the Shenzen factory only even in the worst year 2010.


Foxconn, by (irrelevant) comparison, looks good.