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Crooks and Grifters Inc


Crooks and Grifters Inc.

Remember when we heard smarmy Tom Price had thrown away $400,000 on private jets while working hard to strip Americans of their health care? Fake news, people: It was actually a cool million, including for unexplained trips to Europe, Asia and Africa. Sensing public mutiny, Price offered to reimburse taxpayers - but only for his seat - a whopping $51,887.31. These guys truly are a (shit) piece of work.


From the Borowitz link:
“In a ringing endorsement from the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos said on Thursday that she did the math on Donald Trump’s tax plan and that she estimates it will save the United States roughly eleventy krillion dollars.”

Seatly nummed up.


That’s our overpaid, overindulged, pieces of shit, while many people work two jobs just keep a roof over their heads.
Our government the hand maiden to the private sector who rapes us form the other side.


The time is rapidly approaching for a (peaceful) something. It may be a General Strike, a “Sick Out”,
a slowdown, massive and coordinated demonstrations/marches, peaceful civil disobedience, Nonviolent Revolution…something to get a message to these “Crooks and Grifters” !


The images shown on an airplane are of David Price (D-NC) not of Tom Price (R-GA), please correct.


I thought it was Bernie. Either way, it is clearly not Tom Price, as it shows someone flying commercial, as it should be!


i don’t know what images you’re looking at but the ones i saw were Bernie Sanders (I-VT)


Oooops my bad!