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Kathy Kelly

By the time I leave Kentucky's federal prison center, where I'm an inmate with a 3 month sentence, the world's 12th-largest city may be without water. Estimates put the water reserve of Sao Paulo, a city of 20 million people, at sixty days.


It is a privilege to witness the flowering of such a beautiful voice. Thanks CD. That last paragraph describes a bridge between humanist objectives and action.


The fact that Kathy Kelly has been labeled by the corporate whores in the MSM and the courts as non compos mentis and incarcerated for being an angel of peace, should tell us all that we are living in the #1 offensive, war mongering and terrorist country in the world.

You gotta love the irony! The insane have taken over the insane asylum and in Orwellian doublespeak have called this voice of peace, crying in the wilderness, of not having a sound mind!


A truly inspiring article by an inspiring writer speaking of an inspired person. Ms Kelly is all heart and a voice of compassion and love in a world that does not have enough such voices.

The Korean war is overlooked in more ways than one. The US Military participated in a number of massacres of Civilians during that war all swept under the rug and rarely reported on. Many millions of Civilians were uprooted in that war fleeing advancing armies as one or the other went on the offensive. It was claimed that “communists” would travel with those populations by US Authorities and their solution was to round them up and shoot them . No Gun Ri was just one of literally hundreds of such massacres that were investigated many years later.


Thanks for writing about Jeju and Gangjeong! i learned about this ongoing resistance to US-led militarization from Bruce Gagnon and the Global Network.

We need to be a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand such villages of life in the face of death. Where is the Gureombi rock in my locale, in my heart?