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'Crude' Op-Ed Pulled From Globe When Writer Suggests Trump Officials Face Consequences of Their Actions


'Crude' Op-Ed Pulled From Globe When Writer Suggests Trump Officials Face Consequences of Their Actions

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

It was one of his favorite lines he ever wrote.

That's what Massachusetts freelance writer Luke O'Neil thought of the opening to an opinion piece he penned for The Boston Globe, published Wednesday night.

The op-ed began with O'Neil, who also writes the newsletter Hell World, expressing his regret over not urinating in Iraq War cheerleader Bill Kristol's salmon dinner when O'Neil waited on him a decade ago.

"One of the biggest regrets of my life is not pissing in Bill Kristol's salmon," wrote O'Neil.



Gosh, don’t piss on Nazi Barbie’s food. That leaves all us girls out. SPIT on it. Hawk a great big luggie into her Cobb Salad! And ya know what, if you just threaten to do so, how will they know? All these T-rump nazi maffia boys and girls will have to pick thru their food every time they eat out. Let’s let our blond baby killer go first.



Unfortunately, Mr. O’Neil has gone beyond the pale on this one. His suggested food additive for showing frustration, contempt and disdain for the former DHS Secratary is off the food chart, here. Unless, of course, it’s farm-raised salmon which has food coloring added to it, so a little more color might actually improve her dining experience. The eyes being the first path to a full tummy, to be sure. Some more salt always helps, too.
Bon Appetit, Madame Secratary.



Piss on food


Piss on people

Horrors bloodlessly chronicled



Dear Congress,

Do you think the public might just be catching on to how unaccountability works?
I know you guys are in constant spin and “negotiation” mode and the multi-level gambit can be ever so enthralling. Particularly when those lobbyist types whisper the sound of the spinning door to post-“service” cush job promises.

Dear Congress, lets be frank - with a small ‘f’ - we outnumber you, we are fed up, we are organizing and, Congress, this business of setting things straight? You should know… holidays and an end point DO NOT figure into the timeline prior to the job getting done.

So, dear Congress, start paying very close attention to the letter and spirit of the law, the spirit of the country and the meaning of real justice. Because that “justice” stuff? That is a real “thing”.



Ideally a right wing waiter will return the favor for him. Afterall, ideas do have consequences, don’t they?



There’s a point where an expression is so indistinguishable from the sort of work you’d expect from a fascist provocateur in sheep’s clothing, that it’s not (yet) worth the trouble determining the distinction. That is: whether this cretin is a fool or a false flag, it doesn’t really matter: the damage is done.



Eat at some rightwing joint, then. Try Wendy’s or Chick-Fil -A, they’re made for crackers like you.



Try Wendy’s, or Chick-Fil-A, it’d be right up your alley. Actually, eat at a Mario Battali joint, then stick around and watch the waitstaff’s expression when their checks bounce and Mario slaps the waiters on the ass, just for kicks and giggles.

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I, for one, wouldn’t waste my piss on any of those denizens of trumps scum world!



Not a fast food fan myself.

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And by the way, we want that government of, for, and by the people we were led to believe we would have a while back. Two hundred years is long enough to wait!

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The US Constitution was drafted in 1987, so we have been waiting for 232 years to be precise !



More people should read Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 book “Fight Club”. His message - that unquestioning belief in capitalism manifests itself as schizophrenia - was nothing short of brilliant.



Ummm…you may want to check that date again.



Perhaps you’ve never worked preparing food. If you had, you’d appreciate the lack of enthusiasm working people have for shock-jock crap like this. What do you want? Cameras in every workplace? Absolute total totalitarianism? Then keep making jokes about stealthily poisoning people (for some of us, there are disturbing resonances). Decency is when you know something’s not funny, mr sannhitts.



Now you’re conflating an obvious joke and whimsical daydreams ( ever heard of Walter Mitty ) with restaurant workers’ big brother nightmares. That’s quite a reach, even if you keep the Saltines & Grahams on the top shelf of your kitchen. And, fyi- my restaurant help and food prep dates back to the 60s. And, I learned to read a decade before that. So, " ka pu ti ti ka, ti pu ti ka " (sp) to you, too.
B.S.ers like you make the mistake of assuming most folks were born at night, as in, last night. Concern trolling is so bogus when done by the likes of wingnuts…oh well, so it goes.

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Not so obvious a joke, if it’s totally disgusting and not-funny. You need to get away from the static and take a calm-down cure, or something – though it’s impossible to suggest that. You’re obviously misinterpreting sincere expression for some kind of trolling, but that’s okay – you’ll get over it.

Even in our most intimate relationships, in this culture we so often default to attack mode: insulting and threatening, punishing and shouting. Things of that nature are far from whimsical daydreams. We need common dreams, not dreams that drive us apart.

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Sorry to be so verbose. I should also add that my perspective is always heavily colored by my experience as a survivor of severe abuse. From that moral prison liberation is possible, but not from fantasies of revenge, nor from hiding or denying who we are and how we came to be. For my part, I’m unashamed, because I think you need decency to restore mutual respect all around, but it’s generally considered uncool to mention decency. It’s also difficult for abuse survivors to mention our status as such, because it isn’t the only thing which defines us.



Was the movie in any way based on that? If so it should get a 2nd nomination for how thoroughly it managed to obscure that message.