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'Cruel and Bad Economics': Analysis Warns Devastation Will Follow If GOP Cuts Off $600 Unemployment Boost

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/cruel-and-bad-economics-analysis-warns-devastation-will-follow-if-gop-cuts-600

It would be nice if someone finally recognized that $600 is about what the average American makes in a week. And that’s sad.
I think we will see the opposite happen. I believe that republicans and Trump will start printing money until the presses at the national mint burst into flames. It’s really their only chance now. They need to literally buy votes or will lose horribly.
Of course, they may just finally admit that they are finished. Their goal was to destabilize the nation and usher in the American fascist republic. Short of a revolution nothing is going to change. The end of the first American republic is baked into the cake. They republicans will take their pieces of silver and retire into relative obscurity as the streets burn.


Trump will simply blame the governors in blue states for all the economic woes and way too many voters will eat it up.

The GOP has already “ushered in the American fascist republic” by stacking federal courts for the next 40 years.

Voting out corrupt Congresscritters simply means they move across town to the K Street gig that already has their name on it where they start at $2 million/year, more than 10x their Congressional salary.


Killing the masses,
killing jobs,
killing health coverage,
killing cash flow that we’ve all worked for;
And anyone who votes for you rides with DEATH and BLOOD on their hands

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All of the conservative state governments desperately want to open their economies, the better to show up the liberal states. Now if the Republican Fairy Godmother would only make the SARS-COV-2 virus jump from the conservative states to the liberal states, then the conservatives could show that the virus was a big fake, that the liberal states’ economies were all ruined through bad judgment and now unemployment runs out in the liberal states.

The liberal state governments knew what they were doing. The conservative state governments are certain to have killed vast numbers of their citizens, of their voters. Now the liberal states are opening (with the spectacular exception of California which is going to pot fast) and the conservative states will all have emergency business closures within the next two weeks as political pressure builds. Just in time, voters in the conservative states lose their unemployment.

The forecast is for huge Trumptowns in all sorts of cities. They will be like the Hoovervilles in the 1930s depression.

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Clinton had a lot to do with job losses back in his day. A different scenario but ending with the same results. Both parties are not on the citizens side. Welcome to the Common Dreams community.

“Cruel and bad economics?? Perfect”

“Cruel and bad economics?? Perfect”

“Cruel and bad economics?? Perfect”

The GOP-DNC junta stand together in favor of cruelty and bad economics.

‘Cruel’ = ‘Satisfies the ruling class.’

‘Bad economics’ = ‘Enriches the ruling class’

Good luck dissuading the ruling class and its functionaries in government from their chosen policy course with language like that. Their whole intention is to enact policies that are cruel, and that are bad economically for the vast majority of Americans.

Calif don’t fit the red state blue state BS----Calif started the lockdown—to benefit the tech industry-------and people have been following the guildlines----but the numbers are going up----Calif was 5th in reported cases----it is now second----and soon will be number one-----it has to do with climate----people in these hot states like AZ. are in closed areas with air conditioning-----the deaths in my area stopped with spring weather----they are now climbing with temps at 110 degrees.

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So I am still waiting for my fed tax return-----no one home at the IRS??? I am glad everyone is getting this extra money but why is it none ever seems to come my way. Why do I have a feeling this 600 was geared more to the proffessional class who could not live on unemployment?

Do the homeless get a check??? Do people living on SS get a check—these people have not seen a real raise in decades-----why is it a crime not to have kids-----people who have more than two kids should pay a tax for each extra kid.

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Trump you want to win-----give everyone $10,000-----tax free----ha ha-----low income people better watch out----next year the tax man will be knocking for your money

I feel your pain. If they don’t have your bank info, go to their web site and register. I just got my check 2 days ago. It took long enough, but it finally got here.