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'Cruel and Inhumane': Trump Border Patrol Hits Women, Children, and Journalists in Mexico With Tear Gas and Pepper Spray


'Cruel and Inhumane': Trump Border Patrol Hits Women, Children, and Journalists in Mexico With Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what human rights groups condemned as a "cruel and inhumane" act that must be independently investigated, agents with President Donald Trump's Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Tuesday reportedly hit women, children, and journalists near the U.S.-Mexico border with tear gas, smoke, and pepper spray.


The USA has never been about human rights. It is about money rights. If you have money, you have rights…


From the US/Mexico border today to your hometown in the Heartland tomorrow. Brought to you by Trump and the Republicans.


sadly, milgram was right …


Thanks to Janet Reno and Bill Clinton 80 people with women and children burned to death because one of them said he would show someone how to saw the barrel off a shot gun. A woman and child were shot to death at ruby ridge by the FBI because that is what they do. Four students at Kent state were shot to death for peaceably assembling and petitioning their government for redress of grievances.

We illegally occupy a piece of Cuba where we have an on going program of torture unaddressed by human society. The head of government agencies are or were the leader of a black ops prison where we secretly torture anyone we want. We drop MOAB on tribal people in Afghanistan for a test and to show what damage we can do.

Jake Johnson where is your story about MbS using Sudanese children to fight in Yemen and the US and Saudi program of stealing a country by starving its people to death. In your eyes are all the problems we have because of Trump or are you a political hack.

Tear gas? Really? Like you fail to understand that this is what capitalistic fascist governments do. For example read some about France and yellow vests.


I just posted the below this elsewhere. What do you think the chances of any Trump voter seeing themselves and realizing the truth about themselves? I would say slim to one but what I really think is NONE.

THIS is your country on Trump. Thank every single racist pig Trump voter( and they are ALL, to a person racist pigs so stop right there with the other whining excuses ) you know for this…
Don’t you love how they are so “shocked and appalled” when you call them what they are - ignorant ethno-racist haters? They are the imbecilic Hitlerites of homosapiens. And they are only History Channel literate so they have no idea of what that actually means the poor hate wired fools. They love to say… sputter sputter sputter… but… “The Law” - which they , interestingly actually no nothing about except some blurb they hear on TV …but but but… “I am the least racist person in the world” but but but… it’s fascinating how unself aware these idiots are…
Ethnoracist hatred is what spawned Hitler, Mussolini, this bozo in Brazil, the apartheid regimes in SA, the protofascists in Hungary today and so so so many more. and it is alive and well in all strata of American society in 2019. Good times…


The right has been vigorous and consistent in dehumanizing non-white migrants and portraying them as presenting existential threats to the US.

Now, large numbers of the US population view migrants as a threat and reject the notion of providing them with asylum.

This follows a similar pattern which resulted in many in the US blaming parents of migrant children for being separated at the border.

I haven’t seen polling, but living in Trumpland, I know that many people blame parents for the deaths of migrant children in US custody, support the gassing of migrants, and would likely support the use of lethal force against migrants.

The US mainstream media will only give short term superficial coverage to this issue. If the messages of dehumanization of migrants and rationalization of violence against them, are to be countered, progressives have to speak out,consistently, cogently, and passionately, to broad segments of the US population.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, It is now past time for everyone around the planet to recognize that the US Gubberment /sic and by extension that everyone here is participating in total EVIL! There is only a difference in degree and not in kind! You can track this back to the time of Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) a lesser version of the one and only Fallen Angel. Most of the people here are minor players in the evil done in our names. That makes us the “GOOD GERMANS”!!! I definitely am one of the GOOD GERMANS! Each day that passes I become complicit to a greater extent. A rather comforting thought at this time of the year, at least for some. A quote from the bard of Avon “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”. William Shakespeare


…also known as The Golden Rule: Those who have the gold to bribe “our” elected representatives make all the rules. Now, for a small consulting fee I have a plan that will save Trump a small fortune that can be used in lieu of “The Wall” along the Texas portion of the U.S./Mexico Border and be far more efficient in keeping unwanted immigrants at bay simultaneously. All he needs to do is import a bunch of alligators from other parts of Texas and Louisiana and dump them in the Rio Grande thus creating a moat out of the river. That’ll keep em out, especially the slow swimmers. /s Back to reality…has there ever been a bigger more bigoted asshole to ever walk the face of the planet than der Pumpkinfuhrer? Tear gassing desperate men, women, and children that have traveled thousands of miles on foot just so they can anticipate waking up alive every morning rather than trying to survive at the mercy of criminal gangs, drug cartels, and criminal governments, all of which U.S. law and policies have helped greatly to create (thanks to our overthrowing of democratically elected governments in South and Central America that don’t conform to the ideals of U.S. brand capitalism, the war on drugs, etc.) reflects just how “Christian” Trump and his rethuglican lap dogs really are. Smh.


It would behoove the people who support our current actions along the U.S./Mexican Border to remember this little tidbit…whatever the CBP, ICE, Homeland Security, etc. do to the immigrants seeking asylum they will do to us as well if need be and never give it a second thought!


I don’t know. I know that Bull Connor used to blast little kids with fire hoses and biting police dogs in the civil rights days.

Maybe somebody will write a sarcastic sequel to that video game where you mow down as many pedestrians as possible in your car.


They need to lob some tear gas canisters into the White House and smoke out the vile creatures who took it over, load them up, and pack them off to jail where they would all be charged with treason.


Lock him up !


Off the top of my head, I can think of a few that are at least as big.
Netanyahu and his cadre of butchers and racists, doing the same things to the Palestinians, the Saudi government, the asshole we put in charge of the Ukraine to do the same thing to Ukrainians who don’t follow their SS party line.
*A couple of hours of websearch would probably bring the names to the fore of the various fascists we have put in power in South and Central America to do our corporate dirtywork for us.
*I grew up before and during WW-II, which the world fought to eliminate fascism and Nazism from the world and to limit Imperial Japan’s expansion.
*WE WON! HA! Now I am living in a growing Fourth Reich which spends what money it doesn’t steal to finance and support the fascist governments we have put in power after destroying anything with a hint of humanity.
*What the Hell is next? Pull some Mexicans out of their cells, dress them in Mexican uniforms, kill them and use the bodies to stage a false flag at the border so our Wehrmacht can launch a "defensive " action against Mexico?
Why not, it worked in 1939 on the Polish/German border. Look at how much our billionaires made during that one!

Today, you’d have to use an electron microscope to identify any good to inter with their bones.




All I know, is… HELL IS NEXT! With a criminally, insane and impetuous person with his tiny hands on the nuclear trigger, the next 2-6 years will definitely be pure hell!


Why not? After all, that is how we started the Mexican War in 1846. What did that get the US? California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and parts of Texas. This after Mexico graciously allowed American settlers into Texas if they agreed to convert to Cathliocism and to own no slaves. (Which the American settlers “agreed to on paper” with their fingers crossed.)

Read your damn history and don’t go giving the Trumpers any ideas. SMH.


Oh, I’ve read my history, skeezyks. Lived through a lot of it in the past eighty-odd years, as well. I’m sure, with Bolton et al to remind him, that any nasty, vicious thoughts that haven’t occurred to him gets planted and watered regularly.


Agreed. Local newspapers are a good place to start, along with radio programs. Write and call.


More brutality and lies to cover up the Hateful Eight year Olds policies of bigotry.