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Cruel and Stupid, Again/Still


Cruel and Stupid, Again/Still

In another crime against women and science, this week marks the anniversary of what advocates call "a clear killer": The Anti-Choicer-In-Chief not just reinstating, but expanding, a Global Gag Rule that denies U.S. funds to international health non-profits who offer - or even talk about - abortion, which in turn curtails access to contraceptives and other services. Advocates marked the event with a lightshow on Trump's D.C. Hotel declaring, "It doesn't take a genius to know family planning works."


It never ceases to amaze me how a person or organization or country can support killing men, women and children at war by the tens of thousands, for something their leader did or might do, but at the same time be so steadfastly opposed to means of birth control.


Has this man in the article ever done a sane act?

There was a time in this country when we can to the aide of those with less. Now we crush them. Is it any wonder then that China and Russia are sweeping in to take our place. It is my guess that the money “saved” with right to the MIC to do more killing. How very sick.


Back before Roe vs Wade, poor women could get a rusty coat-hanger in a back alley and probably die of sepsis.
*A wealthy woman could take a nice “vacation” in Sweden.
*Under the new fuehrer, I’m sure white, (Aryan) women will have no problems, especially the wealthy ones.
*All others will just have to start trolling the alleys looking for someone with a coat-hanger.
*This nation’s regression is appalling and somehow must be stopped.


I would prefer my country contribute financial support without Bible-thumper strings attached.

On the other hand, there are other countries and NGOs who can deliver family planning and women’s health services. It’s time to sidestep the US, a country who seems hellbent upon isolating itself except where fighting Israel’s and Big Oil’s wars are concerned.


One of the main problems is that most of the countries and organizations that could provide such services have either been bombed, in many cases to rubble, or have been raided by agents of our Oligarchy, which no longer makes any bone$ about it. They want it all, now!
*This country has devolved into a Juggernaut that wants to see the UN, and any group that wants to cooperate or help, destroyed. Our government puts a lot of effort into isolating or refusing refugees, because there are so many of them and they desperately need a place to live. What is not mentioned is the fact that, to curb the number of refugees, the easiest way is to stop making refugees!
*Quit bombing small countries into rubble. Quit sticking military bases into every spare square inch of land around the world. Chop a few hundred billion off the bloated military “budget” and use the money to help humans, both here and around the world. Help rebuild what we have destroyed.
*Let people around the world feel that they have a chance to live their lives, have a future, free of drones, missiles, invasions, targeted kill lists, nuclear threats.
*Given that, most of the refugees would gladly return home, to rebuild their lives and futures. If they could trust us to keep our word. (“Aye, there’s the rub.”)


I was actually referring to organizations like this: