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'Cruel' New Proposal Shows Trump Wants to Punish Immigrants Who Receive Public Benefits

'Cruel' New Proposal Shows Trump Wants to Punish Immigrants Who Receive Public Benefits

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a potential policy change that immigrant rights advocates and anti-poverty groups warned could threaten the healthcare of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, a leaked draft proposal obtained by the Washington Post on Wednesday revealed that the Trump administration is considering making it harder for im

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can trump possible come up with anything more aggregious and hateful than this? he must stay awake at nite dreaming up these awful things


I hear Dante is creating a whole “new” level of Hell, just for Trump.

Burn Baby Burn.


Trump and his group think of illegal immigrants as parasites on the American economy when in fact it is absolutely clear each year when it is harvest time in states like California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas has hard work available for field workers. And most of those field workers are immigrants from Mexico. So the next time you enjoy a salad think of the poverty level immigrant field workers that harvested your salad. If there wasn’t a dire need for such workers to fill those jobs, they would not be coming across the border for work and pay.

That perspective is never considered in most immigrant discussions and debates. They fill a need and without them who would we have to fill that need? With Trump it is easy to say he has Black and Brown phobia as a flaming racist. Add sexism and you have the most under qualified president in US History. If you hate and discriminate against a huge portion of the population, then you are totally unfit as president to serve ALL OF US.

Those “illegals” will work circles around you. Why, they might even make you appear to be lazy.

I remember working orchards for friends / owners of the orchards, and then finding myself on my own with a huge ladder to go up and get apples to throw down in a cushion spot. Then the immigrant field workers moved in with FAMILIES. The kids would climb in the trees and throw apples down to their grand parents and parents. They were much faster than us Americans. When they left they were saying goodbye to us in Spanish and all of us Americans were waving good bye to them. I had to leave all politics behind and just respect them as good families.

Excellent post mountainmike!!! I agree totally!