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'Cruel' 'Ruthless' 'Morally Bankrupt': Collective Outrage After Trump Admin Detains 10-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Directly From Surgery


'Cruel' 'Ruthless' 'Morally Bankrupt': Collective Outrage After Trump Admin Detains 10-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Directly From Surgery

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Rosamaria Hernandez is recovering in federal custody after her ambulance was stopped by border patrol agents in Texas

Rosamaria Hernandez


…how does one vomit, cry and scream at the same time?..a little girl, disabled, fresh out of surgery and all she wants is her Mother…this could be your little girl, your granddaughter…well, how does one ____, ____and ______?


This is how fascism works: The most marginalized, most disenfranchised first. And then the rest who dare being dissenters. The Patriot Act and the NDAA designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution leaving the people with no legal protection but open to the despotism of government.
I hope this little girl is gonna be alright.


America, your country has become a sick joke. A country feared and mocked far and wide. A country absolutely despised across the globe and for good reason. A country that shops its lethal and unwelcome “freedoms” to other countries and them demands others do nothing but take the abuse. A country where children can be slaughtered ( Sandy Hook) and the answer is always - more guns. A country whose idea of democracy is a sham. A country which peddles fear of Islam and Muslims while ignoring the Christian Taliban’s war on personal liberties. A country where right wing shock jock entertainers serve to radicalize and promote white supremacists.

To the good Americans who understand this - I am afraid that it is too late for America. There is no turning back from this horrible mess. It is not just Trump, it is American foreign policy and a police force all too ready to defend the top 1%. I suspect America will be isolated on the world stage. the hypocrisy can no longer be ignored. I have no real answers but I know were I American I would be getting the hell out.


PURE EVIL is at work throughout the filthy, dingy WH to Congress to SCOTUS…and these ghouls regale in their wanton abuse of power at home and around the world. The current administration/congress/cabinet have done so much destruction in 276-plus days that our nation and all life on the planet may never recover…not over millennia.


this is sending a clear message to all undocumented people in the US. there will be no mercy shown. there is now a monster in charge of the most dangerous country in the world.


I fully agree. The US has always been fairly socially and even in some ways technologically isolated, but now it will be economically isolating itself as other countries blow the US off in disgust and establish trading relationships elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I am 61 years old - actually one of the younger commenters here. Unless things get so bad that another country accepts me for asylum or as a refugee, I’m stuck here. I was at least hoping to sell my house and retire in a low-cost-of-living part of Canada like Nova Scotia, but even that is impossible. Residency is not given to someone of my age and especially not retired persons, and the limit for visitors is 180 days in, 180 days out. Even if I flaunt that rule, I run into tax issues, and problems with covered medical care being hours-away.


These people sicken me. When will it end?


Every day, this horrific administration goes to a new low point! DHS, ICE, Border Patrol are very close now to becoming the American Gestapo. The fact that Americans do not care enough to demand a stop to this persecution of those who pose no threat to us whatsoever, contradicts everything that we supposedly believe in. A nation which professes to be “Christian”, yet allows this to happen, is hypocritical, delusional and doomed.


Thank you! I think non-Americans know us much better than we know ourselves! This American veteran can find nothing in your post to disagree with. All you say is true, much to my sorrow.


The Trump admin are scumbags! hurry up Muller!!


Yes I am afraid it is too late. Trump is just the latest monster to inhabit the White House. The USA was founded on genocide and slavery and has never come to terms with that past and has only continued it around the world now. I can only hope the rest of the world boycotts and lets the US go to hell where it seemingly belongs now. I wish I could get the hell out of the US but my partner and I are caretaking her 95 year old mom who has numerous issues but could go on for a few more years according to her doctors. By then it will be too late to leave and most civilized countries don’t welcome retired folks from the USA. I guess I will end up watching the USA burn in my final days.


The USA is pure evil at this point. It is akin to Nazi Germany now with no end in sight.


heartless bastards! This child is a Dreamer, not a threat.


Those who detained her are the real threat!


I didn’t think police could legally stop an emergency vehicle let alone for a suspected immigration violation. Don’t people have any rights in Texas?


Looks like this gets posted twice this evening:

New Survey Shows No.1 Fear of US Citizens is Government NOT Terrorism – Oct 23, 2017 – Matt Agorist – 21stCenturyWire

An extensive survey of hundreds of adults across the United States has just revealed that the thing most Americans fear—more than anything else—is their own government. In fact, according to the survey, no other fear even comes close to the percentage of Americans who worry about their corrupt government officials.


I have to believe that Trump is a reflection of millions of American people. I don’t see how he could get away with these type of things if millions did not approve. While there are inhumane actions carried out in wars all the time that is a different context with different standards. This girl was in no way an enemy of the United States or living in a country that was an enemy in of the United States. There seems to be only one rule for undocumented immigrants, get them out of here as fast as possible and nobody will ask questions on how you do it . There have been many disturbing stories about the actions of the border police and ICE police. They seem to be operating without professional standards for police. And again, this must have wide approval from millions of Americans. What is occurring clearly demonstrates how important the norms of society are. Once they are attacked as political corrected decency and humanity are quickly abandoned for baser biological instincts that evolved before civilization but now must be curbed to live in a free democratic society that is welcoming to all. Resisting the fascists must be a high priority for those who want to preserve the best aspects of America.


The part where the thug agents were nearby while the young girl Rosamaria was in emergency surgery, and in the room while Rosamaria was in follow up medical procedures, and not allowing the young girl Rosamaria fresh out of emergency surgery to be with her mom. WTF! I am angry that the doctors, and nurses allowed the thug agents to bully Rosamaria. I can remember a time when those thug agents would have received a major barking, tongue lashing from the doctors, and nurses, and would have been escorted out of the hospital. America, grow some cajones!


But, sometimes (more often than we realize, I suspect) hospitals are dealing with police who are irrational; and sometimes violent, as in this recent case that you’ve surely read about?

Utah hospital to police: Stay away from our nurses – Sep 5, 2017 – Fred Barbash and Derek Hawkins – WaPo