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Cruel Separation of Families 'Rooted in the Racism' of Bannon, Miller, and Trump's Xenophobic Base


Cruel Separation of Families 'Rooted in the Racism' of Bannon, Miller, and Trump's Xenophobic Base

Julia Conley, staff writer

Trump critics argued on Monday that the debate over President Donald Trump's policy of prosecuting asylum seekers and separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border should be centered on the driving force behind the practice—the racism and xenophobia of top Trump officials and those who constitute his political base.


This is wrong.

Xenophobia and regressive, discriminatory immigration policies are not new. The Idiot of Orange and the scum that make up his administration are just refining SOP for public relations purposes. Just look at the immigration policies and practices of the Obama Administration for recent evidence.

Also look at NAFTA, the maquiladoras, the Bracero Program, the concentration camps for Japanese, the treatment of Chinese railroad slave workers, etc. for further historical origins.

And don’t forget the big ones: the effects that the genocides against the First Nations and chattel slavery had (and have) on families and children.

Trump and his kind make up a festering scabby wound. And when you rip away the crust they exposs the white supremacy, patriarchy and classism that define the United States.


This article seems on target. This is of cause a racist policy and is designed to placate Trump’s base which got fed up with Republicans talking about the immigration issue but doing nothing. Every American is a just as American as the racist hoards that support Trump. You don’t have to have Muslims, Hispanics, black, Jews, etc, to be an American. You can actually want to live in a diverse society also be an American. In fact, the Constitution and a long history of welcoming immigrants is consistent with a diverse American society. To understand somewhat how the extreme Trump supporters think an article about a reporter who pretended to be a white nationalist to learn more about the group is worth reading.



KKK wear white helmet and mask, Official soldiers wear black masks.


Of course this regime is based on - rooted in - racism! The ginger pig used frank , open appeals to racists and bigots and neonazi scum in his campaign carnival of lies and racist hatred - and defended them!. His _entire_regime is made-up of actual racists, financial usurers, morons, corporate parasites, corrupt greedy examples of the absolute worst examples of ignorance, self-interest and mindless destruction - the utter obscenity of the “conservative” vision of life, with a little help from the so-called “Christian” community…what would Jesus do?


Turn their tables over on top of them, if precedent is of any predictor…


The morality is the law.

Even when it is a law made by the descendants of illegals from Europe? The special animus these hypocrites hold for desperate people from Latin America is because they resemble and are indigenous peoples the very same they thought they had worked so hard to eradicate so they can establish their white “christian” nation.


And corporate heads wear suits and ties.

This may be why Trump claims it is the Democrats’ fault since they made it “law”, pretending he has no other choice:


Whip their ass.


Immigration courts have up to a five year waiting period and facilities are full. (that is why immigrants are sent all over the country) For illegal immigration the Criminal justice courts actually provide better representation. They are hiring more immigration judges and building more facilities but is that really the best way forward.

The same people provide the services to both.


This has nothing to do with Native Americans and that is farmed in a colonist perspective.


There is a problem in your classification of people here.

Native Americans are a sovereign people and injustices were from immigrants. It is precisely because they wouldn’t submit to something like a Bracero work program that makes a big difference. If you went to Mexico you probably wouldn’t either.


Kristjen Nielson is on the tube right now telling America how great this policy is and whose fault it is for any flaws. That slimy little blond is just as fake as her hair color. A Stephen Miller apostle. The CULT disease has, in fact, metastasized. Trump was just on saying: “Give my wall’ and then we may talk.” Nichole Wallace says" What the hell are we doing?" Good question. They are riding this Kim Jun Un thing right into our moral grave. He soiled the American flag by hanging it next to North Korea’s and insulted all our allies in less than a week. He must be tried for treason. Tom Steyer is right, the man isn’t stable. Melania may be the only sane person in that whole crew. Why did we do this?


Ordinary christians in rural areas voted for the values of a New York real estate agent wanting to keep their own piece of the American dream. Now Bible thumpers are making it a crime to flee US funded destabilization, stealing thousands of children and giving finance wizards huge tax breaks. The rural conservative people could have voted for a New York mega financial foundation pushing war policies against Russia but that New Yorker called them deplorables.

Non voters watch the political ball batted back and forth, they are flabbergasted. Conservative rural voters are part way through the first grade of an eye opening education. Put those two with independents and socialists and now we can figure out how to take the helm. Human is mature and will evolve something new for the still dark dawn of Aquarius. Evolve to a new way or go extinct.


Please…everyone at the least go to childsworldamerica.com, read their statement and sign their petition under one of three categories: mental heath practitioners, organizations, or general public.

It’s an excellent statement and already has over 12,000 signers.

Call and write your congresscreeps and put on the pressure. Call DOJ and DHS and ream them out. Sessions is a plague-carrying rodent and Nielsen is the very embodiment of pustule. Call your governors. Newspapers. Media stations. SQUAWK! The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

And light a candle for Miller, Bannon, and Dump to get C.diff and die.


Ok. Why isn’t SHE speaking out against these Nazi practices of separating children from their parents AND breaking apart sibling groups?


I hope Stephen Miller falls face first into a bear trap.


I needed that laugh.


How should people be managed when a mass of immigrants arrive at the border? This is a world issue. Italy pushed the boats back out to sea. Southeast Asia keeps them in camps.

  1. Let them in. Keep them in camps in family tents just inside the border while they are quickly being processed.
    a) This should not take months and years. Have enough help to do it expeditiously. Provide the same level of services for the immigrants as for the processors, hospital, school, housing, food.
  2. Just say no. Go away. No entrance.
  3. Categorize immediately. Have programs for each type of person, criminal, unskilled, family, skilled workers. This is difficult due to varying inflow, economic means, job skills, availablr resources. And absolutely offer free birth control.
  4. Be prepared to transfer some to other countries.

Really, should any country in the world be compelled to accept all numbers of people regardless of need, health, background? This is preposterous. But putting them in confinement, separating couples, elderly, children, is equally preposterous. This is a UN issue. A worldwide problem that will worsen with global warming and creeping war.