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"Cruel:" Trump Admin. Moves to Take Land of Mashpee Tribe—Whose Casino Plans Irked President's "Special Interest Friends"—Out of Trust

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/29/cruel-trump-admin-moves-take-land-mashpee-tribe-whose-casino-plans-irked-presidents


Beyond cruel, the Trump regime is evil.


I think the time has come to realize that the original inhabitants of the American continent will never have justice from the descendants of the European colonizers.
Same is true for the blacks and the browns (some token rich among them notwithstanding).
Same is also true for the other systemically oppressed:
palestinians and kurds, tibetans and rohingyas, kashmiris and uyghurs;
the list goes on.
eff liberal “democracy”.



IIRC, one of Massachusetts senators has been nicknamed “Pocahontas” by Tweetle-Dumb.   I’d like to see her side with the Mashpees, schlapp a lawsuit on Bernhardt, and SCALP the whole rotten bunch of them!


No comment from her or her team so far.


Crises amplify the extremes. Along with a vocal outpouring of support for the Wampanoag, there have been some extremely hateful attacks. ^https://www.foxnews.com/politics/warren-backing-tribes-luxury-casino-plan-over-cash-strapped-towns-rival-bid

Here is a petition: ^https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/stand-with-the-mashpee


all of the casinos in southeastern New England are not doing well because there are already too many of them. The Mashpees (also the Narragansetts in Rhode Island also denied a chance for their own casino) should be given rights to share in the existing ones as part payment for their lands being stolen


My sense is that she will issue a statement. But I doubt that she’ll take any action - particularly because a sizable number of voters in Massachusetts have been very critical of the Mashpee Wampanoag’s plans for a casino and Warren took a hit the last, earlier in the year, when she backed a bill supporting the efforts of the Mashpee Wampanoag for casino.


Folks in the USA who call themselves liberals today, do not want to grok this, but liberalism in fact did this. The colonizers were liberals, breaking free of the strictures of the old order, venturing into the world as “free men.” Pirates were liberals, demanding the right to “free trade” to compete with the Crown in the buying and selling of human slaves, spices drugs and other commodities. Corporations were a liberal invention, freeing investors to put their money into colonizing ventures with “limited liability,” putting at risk only the money they invested without accountability for any lawsuits or charges for crimes carried out by the corporation (the original investor-owned, limited-liability corporation was the Dutch East India Company).

Colonization, genocide, enslavement and “grand theft continental” were the fruits of liberalism, “The Enlightenment,” and the Scientific Revolution.

Neoliberalism is aptly named, returning to the kinds of absolute economic license granted under this branch of liberalism.


Actually, at this point there’s almost no point in the Feds taking the Mashpee’s land, as all of the casinos are or will be shut down due to Covid-19, and are likely to remain shut down for several months — after which almost no-one will have any money to spend at a casino for a VERY long time.




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“The past is not dead. The past is not even past.” William Faulkner

When you reduce indigenous land and ruin their ancient means of livelihood and go for the kill now in expropriating what little they have left and do it so obviously and callously to benefit your pals you cannot snicker about their new ways of using casinos to survive.

We destroy these people at our own peril.


He and his cronies just get worse
and worse–I cannot fathom it. He’s like Presidential Slime…vote him out! Public financing of elections! Take care of all of us, and prepare for pandemics! Green New Deal! Medicare for All! Yipes…I losing it, ok, but still…


After lowering himself to a new low, our crouching pussy cat is now only three inches tall (short).

Capitalism itself was birthed of liberalism, as pirates and other entrepreneurs fought to get free of feudalism and the Crown. You need to study the ACTUAL history of liberalism, with all its branches, not just the liberalism of mid-20th Century USAns who fought for women’s rights, civil rights, the environment, and against war. EDIT: John Locke, the philosophical godfather of liberalism, coined the phrase “Life, Liberty and Property.” And i’m sure you know, the liberal “Founding Fathers,” including Jefferson who changed Locke’s phrase to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” were mass-murdering slave-holders…

i very highly recommend “The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in 17th Century North America and the Caribbean” by historian Gerald Horne. Again, there is very good reason why today’s dominant economic regime is called “neoliberalism.”


And thanks as always for the respect and care with which you engage others in this forum.


“It begs the question, what is driving our federal trustee’s crusade against our reservation?” he added.

Nothing new, the terrorists of greed have been stealing the Native Americans land ever since 1492!

  1. As usual, the Colonial Mafia has it both ways. Originally, if an “Indian” or tribe were named on a piece of paper, they were being targeted for “removal” one way or another: now they have to use old Mafia paper to prove they’re “Indian” at all. Where is the sacred and mighty “rule of law” when colonizers can change it according to every greedy whim?

  2. This needless and cruel decision resembles the 1887 Dawes Act (ironically sponsored by then Massachusetts senator Henry Dawes), which intrusively shifted tribal ownership of land—sharing it—to individuals, who could then be manuevered into selling it off piecemeal to land-greedy whites, and resulted in Native peoples’ losing almost 2/3 of their holdings under the guise of “helping them to assimilate” (i.e., to stop being Native peoples). “The objectives of the Act, as the US Supreme Court has noted, ‘were simple and clear cut: to extinguish tribal sovereignty, erase reservation boundaries, and force the assimilation of Indians into the society at large.’ Indian tribes had no say in the matter and were not even consulted.”

  3. By the 1830s, reckless land exploitation and mismanagement had stripped all but the last few trees from this landscape—yet Mashpee tribal lands were still forested enough that whites began to intrude and cut wood without Native permission. Conflicts and crooked courts brought about “The Mashpee Revolt” in which Native people defended their land, to the point where Mass.‘s governor was ready to call out its armed militia. But, "the confrontation brought change. A delegation sent from Boston to investigate the dispute produced a scathing report. By March of 1834, Boston abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison had taken up the Mashpees’ cause. He helped pressure the legislature to create the Indian District of Mashpee. For the first time in nearly 200 years Indians living on Cape Cod gained the right to govern themselves. Mashpee was incorporated as a town in 1870."

  4. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Plimoth Pilgrims’ landing in America—and as every history book knows, Plimoth would not have survived at all without Wampanoag help. Now we’ll see what the colonizers’ memory and gratitude are really worth.


Cmon Liz! I sent you money because I saw you were a fighter and because I too have Native blood in me that I’m damn proud of, so step up and prove us white girl “descendants” of a great heritage aren’t just pussies in the wind!


More of that “Free market” at work with those in power working to ensure their buddies do not have competition.


Liberalism is not monolithic. Neither is libertarianism. There are market libertarians and there are civil libertarians. Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller and the rest of the Transcendentalists were civil libertarians. They emphasized a civic model of what freedom means. In their time, though, and ever since, there was another group of thinkers who identified with liberalism/libertarianism, and who emphasized financial/economic freedom over civil freedom. For them, freedom to do as one pleases with one’s property and money is the essence of freedom. This view naturally tends to privilege those with capital over those without. This is the liberalism of the corporation, of the slaveholder, the wealthy merchant, the plantation owner, the latifundio. Denying the existence of this strand of liberalism is denying history.

One would be wise to remember, too, that the Marquis de Sade — the libertine who kidnapped girls from poor neighborhoods, then held them captive and raped and tortured them — was extremely liberal in his political views. Liberalism, for him, meant “freedom of the powerful to exploit the powerless.” He believed that the wealthy have a natural right to enslave and abuse the poor. His sadistic libertinism was decidedly and unashamedly non-consensual. Twentieth and twenty-first century market libertarianism — neoliberalism in social philosophical terms — is a direct outgrowth of the liberalism championed by de Sade and his wealthy peers. This version of liberalism predicates the value of human life on wealth, and expressly privileges wealthy persons over non-wealthy persons. In this, it runs contrary to Enlightenment thinking — against the grain of Utilitarianism and Kantianism, both of which are predicated on humanism and the idea that all human beings are equal as a matter of principle.

It is a mistake, a historical and philosophical mistake, to insist that only the humanistic versions are “true” versions of liberalism. Liberalism based on liberty of economic transaction is just as “genuine” as liberalism based on liberty of civic action. When the Wall Street bankster calls for freedom from government regulation, freedom to gamble with other people’s life savings, he is expressing a liberal view. When the coal baron demands freedom to dump his mind tailings into a river, he is expressing a liberal view. When the slave traders in contemporary Libya demand freedom from government interference in the slave market, they are expressing a liberal view.