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'Cruelty of the Occupation Knows No Bounds': Israel Demolishes Covid-19 Clinic in Epicenter of West Bank Outbreak

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/cruelty-occupation-knows-no-bounds-israel-demolishes-covid-19-clinic-epicenter-west


The deterioration in relations between Israel and Palestine in recent weeks has hampered the region’s ability to combat the pandemic, the United Nations [said] Wednesday.

Then send in some Peacekeepers for chrissake! Talk is cheap.


Data point number billion and one.


Never let a crisis go to waste. Always use it as an opportunity to do a little more genocide.



WHEN IS THIS “occupation” (lower case ever-so-polite-midiaese) NOT GENOCIDE?

The Israeli “majority” in its violence and aggression has become the nazis to the Palestinians.

Political ‘majorities’ today - under the “grand chessboard” of predatory capitalism in which representative governments are owned by corporations are the opposite of representative. They are twisted, arrogatingly delusional puppets for blinkered parasitical infections of the body politic.

The parasites are destroying the host [ THE PLANET ] at exponential speeds.


The leaders of the State of Israel have zero care for the well-being of Palestinians, including innocent women and children. Everyone is conflated into a member of Hamas. The UN and Amnesty International are complicit in Israel’s war crimes. So are most on the citizens of Israel, the members of the US Congress and all our past and present presidents. Read Norman Finkelstein’s “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom” to get the real story unfiltered by the Israel propaganda machine.


In the United States, hundreds of evangelical churches swore that God was going to protect the righteous and punish the wicked. The virus blew through most of these churches.

The parishioners told themselves that herd immunity would protect them. In reality, herd immunity applies to some diseases but not to others such as colds and flu. So they just got sick.

Mr. Trump said that it was no worse than the flu. Some believers took permanent medical damage that they will bear to the ends of their days.

Israel believes that if a tall enough wall is erected, the covid-19 virus can’t scale the wall. That’s not how the covid infects people. Palestinian workers by the million flood through checkpoints to their jobs on the Israeli sides of the checkpoints, and many of these workers will be asymptomatic. So, if the virus destroys Palestinian lives, it destroys Israeli lives about two weeks later.

The only way to stop the covid is to test and trace. That’s what was destroyed.


Hi WiseOwI, and I read today that a 93 year od German man who was a jailer in the Holocaust----oh my–why is it that the holocaust only appIies to Israel? AII these years after Israel stiII prosecutes peope for acting against them —yet no one prosecutes Israel for the harm that they are doing to the worId----The saddest thing is that America and Israel are both nations without pity or concern or any ability to see themselves as they truly are. : (


“Zionists” maybe— not Jews as a whole, a significant number of whom are working for justice for Palestine. Please do not tar the whole tradition with the cruelty of the occupation.


Hi commonvoice1:
But the maddening things is that people Iike Schumer and other politicians in America do not speak up for the wrongs being done — and done nonstop , to Palestinians… How many peopIe in the 1930s worId knew what HitIer was doing—but said nothing. I think this is often true today of many nations—incIuding America.
And when Trump moved the embassy to JerusaIem------- WHY did Jewish Americans not speak up? Jerusalem beIongs to many worId histories --starting with the Jesubites that Jerusalem was named for. I think that Ottoman Empire probably he’d that and the Iongest. sigh— and people keep saying that"possession is 9/10s of the Iaw---- but no-----
no it’s not. BIowing up a covid 19 testing center for the Palestinians—what kind of people do that?


BDS! Start with Sabra hummus, if you can’t buy Caterpillar heavy equipment.


I’ve been hearing quite a bit of protest from Jewish Voices for Peace, from the youth group If Not Now-- and even from J Street. Local groups like Citizens for Justice in the Middle East have active Jewish members who are fighting for justice in Palestine. I also get many emails from the Shalom Center in terms of climate, social justice, and including rights for Palestinians. And, I guess, I must include Code Pink.

I definitely agree that blowing up a clinic is egregious. It’s just that the earlier comment implies it is all Jews who support this, when I know many who are working to undo this.

I also would note that (unfortunately) our Saudi allies have also done this in Yemen, and a Doctors Without Borders cholera clinic was bombed by the US, I believe. (This is not justification – only that we also need to clean house!!!)

I have a strong reaction to comments that link the actions of some to the whole group – as frequently happens in corporate media whenever a person of color or of Muslim tradition does something terrible. And if they are the ones who died innocently, the reputation trashing begins.

Although this rather lengthy response in grounded in my desire for equity in comments on any group – I strongly reject what has been done in the occupation and I reject the US support of many, many breaches of human decency and international law, including financial support to make these happen.

This particular action is only one of many obscene actions by the current Israeli government. Yes, I would like to see more people speak out. I am just saying that there are many who do so.


Come on world, get together and help Palestine build a wall. We are sick of watching Israel act like our early settlers killing and stealing lands for expansion.


Hi stardust, the 93 y/o man you are referring to is the perfect example of how Germany as a whole has internalized collective guilt. I know from personal experience that - without minimizing the Holocaust and it’s continuing trauma - collective guilt does not work. Instead, it will breed new resentments in some of those who are age wise far removed from the Nazi era and who question why this guilt is put on them and then as a worst case scenario turn out to become part of the never ending cycle of Crime and Punishment. A much more sensible solution is to teach people about the political back
drop and how fascism, the ideology of hatred and fear, poisoned the minds and lives of many. This now 93 y/o man was 14 y/o at most when the system put him to work as a guard in 1941.


Charlie6 has made an anti-semitic comment, as commonvoice1 indicated.
I have flagged it as inappropriate, and hope CD monitors remove it.

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Where did you get the idea that Jewish Americans didn’t oppose the embassy move, or indeed the announced West Bank annexation and this latest outrage? By accusing all American Jews of doing nothing, you are arguably doing something Charlie6 did, but in less inflammatory language.

Commonvoice1 has eloquently rebutted your false thesis. And note that this story quotes IfNotNow,
a group of American Jews opposing the occupation, and an organizer with the British anti-occupation group Na’amod – another Jewish group.

Just because Israel claims to act on behalf of all Jews doesn’t make it true.

P.S. I suggest reading your posts carefully before pressing Reply.
Or at least edit your numerous typos after you see them posted.

You are more or less correct about the Roma, but your claim about Jewish victims
amounts to Holocaust denial and should not be permitted on this site.

I won’t refute your other wild claims, but will point out that the 20 million dead
(not just casualties) of the Soviet Union (not just Russia) included many people
of religions (including Judaism) other than the dominant Christianity – or no religion.

That would require critical thinking and challenging millennia held belief systems.

But hey ,they won’t go there as it puts a mirror up
to their culture and the principles ( myths ,fallacies) that are used as guiding principles;
the real cause of separation and disunity.

What did one mirror say to the other mirror?

“Its all done with people.”

We are all just copying each other ,imitating each other our offspring too.

Transcend Organised Religion return to Spirituality and we might find a way home …

I read somewhere that the word ‘sabra’ means ‘cactus’ and is a nickname for an Israeli settler. The connection is that settlers often live in sites that have old cactus growing nearby that was planted there by Palestinians long ago. Cactus is from the American continents, not the Middle East, but Palestinian villagers used to plant it because it provided food. The Zionists leveled the villages but left the cactus.

I haven’t eaten a ‘Sabra’ product for 3 years, now.

Jews as a whole acquiesce to the radical conservative pogrom of Jewish genocide against the Palestinian people in order to drive them off of the land Jews covet. A few liberal, sane, moral Jews stand up for what is right but they are too few in number to redeem the race. Every time a Jew asks me to remember the holocaust and how Jews were treated unjustly, I instead remember how Jews are treating the Palestinians… With my tax dollars.