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'Cruelty Was Always the Plan': Pressed on Mass Family Separations in Final Debate, Trump Smears Victims as 'Bad People'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/cruelty-was-always-plan-pressed-mass-family-separations-final-debate-trump-smears

It was good last night that the head of the Democratic Party at least acknowledged the existence of kiddie concentration camps.
And all well and good that Joe feels we’ve wronged those immigrant families. But will he and his party address the reason so many people are migrating north from central and South America? Will he end the Neoliberal US policy of destabilizing entire nations in order undercut socialist leaning governments and promote American fascism. While this intentional destabilization has been taking place for decades, it has really been exacerbated by the long droughts and intensifying heat in tropics as a result of global warming.
There will soon be a permanent sub class of climate refugees wandering north to south with the seasons, like migrating birds, Buffalo, or caribou.


These are the kinds of crimes against humanity that prompted the Nuremburg tribunals. Trump, Sessions, Miller, John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen, criminals all.


C’mon MAN? Our “victims” are always BAD hombres; who, George Washington suggested, must be extirpated? We’re pretty much ALL climate refugees, voting with our feet, as Saint RayGUN told us? Stocking the Ohio & Potomac with piranhas or recycling their collapsed bridges into nuclear powered bug-zappers ain’t likely BEFORE this “election?”

~https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/p/no-matter-who-wins-the-war-machine (NYT’s lying lies about the “debate’s” lying is mysteriously FREE, this morning? Go figure?)






The first time I heard Trump use “bad people” it was like being cut by a dirty razor - something you never forget. The sheer dismissal was then laid bare as an entire sphere of “externalization”/denial so essential to hiding the scale of destruction so necessary for the existence of this institutionalized system of criminality.
IMHO - until the “public” is made starkly and undeniable clear about the destructiveness of the strategies, schemes and ideations of a failed model, we will continue the path through their hell.

We have an entire universe of options, but the societal capacity to THINK outside the so assiduously constructed mental prison is indispensable to prevent that box from solidifying into a permanent prison.

The privatization of prisons is a travesty. To PROFIT from the failings of the failed model??? We have been disenfranchised from from one of the most essential components of the justice system … now also in the process of ṕrivatization’ by monopoly lobbyists and dark money. Insensate privilege cannot prevent the natural consequences.


Kudos for a sane and accurate appraisal of the immigration problem. I thank you for it.


I must confess I tried, and very hard, to watch that debate. But, after about a half hour, a time span filled with Trump’s clumsy lies, however delivered in an adderall soaked calm manner, I decided that watching two very mediocre football teams was preferable to this comic but oh so serious debacle of a president.
When the president of these United States says," not many teachers have died" or that red states have declining numbers of infected and only blue states have rising numbers of infected, when the exact opposite is true, well, the Giants and the Eagles become preferable.


Somehow a United Nations coalition is going to have to form to address the main issues, which are all inter-related, and form together the threat to the continued existence on Earth of civil society.

  • The crash in biodiversity is one of these ‘main issues’. E.O. Wilson has suggested that one half the Earth will need to be set aside as a protected area if we wish to preserve something like 85% of the species now in existence.
  • Climate change/global warming is one of those ‘main issues’. James Hansen has suggested that atmospheric CO2 be reduced to something like 350 ppm. Best practices must be designed to accomplish this over the next hundred years or so. A combination of natural drawdown methods, peat bogs and re-forestation and re-wilding, for example - and artificial methods to directly air-capture CO2 and store it - will have to to be co-ordinated amongst the nations on Earth - according to each nations assets, people and position on the spectrum of development. Alternate methods of energy production, it goes without saying, need to replace the old ones. I would not discount energy and resources from space, and I personally believe we cannot succeed without both of them - but that is a personal belief, as I said.
  • Per-capita reduction in resource consumption will I think be also a ‘main and indispensable issue’. A combination of economic de-growth, and an exploration of spacing children out three to four years apart, may work together, if properly presented to the peoples of the world for their consideration - from the United Nations. New ‘steady-state’ type economic models will have to come to the fore, to replace the outdated and lethal model now in existence everywhere - that of GDP Growth.

NASA’s original mission statement -

"to understand and protect our home planet"

seems a good one to convey to the peoples of our world a practical, real way forward, filled with possibility and challenge.

Jacques Cousteau once said “only the impossible missions succeed”.

The United Nations already has in place international bodies examining climate change and biodiversity.

Now we need to act on what they have learned.
@BigB @Earthbound


Yeah, same here, although did make it a bit over an hour on the debacle, debate. The last 5 minutes of the football game were pretty good though.


Barack Obama deported more humans in his first term than Trump has in his.

Will resistance to these outrageous bipartisan policies continue once Uncle and Kamalacop are ensconced in the Offal Office, or will protest go quiescent/be silenced?

Three guesses.


Let’s be real, after watching Biden last night, I can see a lot of “collateral damage” (lots of kids) in a future Biden administration. Add Biden to the war (past and future) crime list. His morals seem no better than Trump.


Hmm. Did anyone ask Coney Barrett about the Trump policy of forcibly sterilizing women detained at the border? One might imagine that such a policy is inconsistent with Coney Barrett’s religion-infused “originalism.”


You are probably correct as your comments are reminiscent of when liberals took to the streets when Bush invaded Iraq but were, for the most part, curiously silent when Obama, that alleged agent of hope and change, dropped 500 lb. bombs and drone missiles upon countless numbers of innocent people in seven countries. Liberals do not seem to realize that the people in the Middle East and Africa were not going to be relieved that their families were killed and maimed and crippled by Obama’s militant actions instead of Bush’s. And then one sees the nauseating sight of liberal talk show hosts such as Trevor Noah who are quite eager to give fawning interviews to such people as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.


Once in office, Biden will need a first 100 days like FDR’s, probably bigger. That will also mean that Congress will have to be ready too, and that means changing some rules, like ditching the filibuster.

Will Biden and Congress be ready for that?

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I don’t think that will be the case because in our present economic system the one percenters are not jumping out of windows as in the 30’s.


And one suspects that the One Percenters will have little to fear from Joe [Mr. MBNA] Biden.


A terrific source for initiating conversations about options is entitled precisely that:

The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming
Edited by Paul Hawken

Example: why are all major projects on energy storage centralized rather than distributed?

The indigenous peoples all over the world are walking encyclopedias of their biomes - but they must have the right to and protections of their traditional territories.!


Once in power, Uncle’s policies will mimic those of Barack Obama and George Bush, not FDR. Expect war with Iran, continued escalations against Russia, China and all the others on the Neocons’ Enemies List. The bombing of innocents in seven Muslim nations, instituted by Obama and continued by Boss Tweet, shall continue apace.

Domestically, the Democrats will suddenly be worried about “fiscal responsibility” and will use that to invoke austerity to crush long-suffering Amerikans. Expect cuts and privatization to come for Medicare and Social Security, in a return of Obama’s ugly “Grand Bargain”.

Meanwhile, “progressives” will go back to sleep, as media around the country bray that our long national nightmare is over, because “the adults are back in charge”.


Hillary Clinton’s legacy (and Obama) lay at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.


And the dims will also be supporting the right wing take overs of countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil etc. which contribute to the the exodus across our southern border.