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Crusading Spanish Judge Sets Sights on Corporate and Environmental Crimes


Crusading Spanish Judge Sets Sights on Corporate and Environmental Crimes

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Famed Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón, known for having put Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet on trial for genocide in 1998, has reportedly "set his sights on widening the definition of international law to target corporations that carry out economic or environmental crimes," the Guardian reported on Thursday.


Just a glimpse of that better saner world where corporations do not commit crimes with impunity. That world where decency is the norm and not the exception. Where destroying the grounfwater for thosands or poisoning rivers and streams from which people get their water from is a crime.

That world where there is logical way of doing things that isn't based on plunder and explotation. A world that we all wish for... so this is what it would look like? That positive world of the future where courts prosecute corporate crimes against humanity as actual crimes.

Just a glimpse of a judge who actually respects the law and not the politics. Bravo your honor!


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Muchas gracias Juez Garzon. Que Dios lo bendiga.


What we need is a new paradigm for our enemies, how about a war on environmental terrorists.


Baltasar Garzón, The first world people's judge!


It is far past time to declare things illegal. Let's start with nuclear weapons. Just because they could be developed didn't mean they should have. Many of their developers struggled mightily with that conundrum. After, or alongside, nuclear weapons, let's add hate, apathy, and anthropocentrism. That might make the detailed list less lengthy.


Garzon's efforts globally might find common cause with those of CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) in the US legally empowering local communities to wrest decision-making authority on issues that directly affect them from corporations and recognizing rights of nature.


Indeed! Were it within my remit, I'd appoint him Chief Justice of SCOTUS.


Every individual victim, human or other form of life, should be a single count in the charges against the corporate criminals. And forget plea bargains and fines. The corporate decision makers should be doing hard time on the rock pile.


Others (aligatorhardt, poiticscorner) have already made passing references to this, but I want to state it very explicitly: the new law developed by Garzon and other courageous crusaders against corporate crime should effectively target the individuals responsible for the actions of the corporations, including obviously the CEOs but also the major shareholders who often have a voice in appointing those CEOs. In other words, there should be no limited liability bullsh*t that will protect the worst criminals among us: these are criminals with names and addresses and the resources to hide behind all sort of legal shields, and I hope the new laws are good at uncovering all these cockroaches, and dragging them into the public light.


Agreed about liability of decision-makers. Time to end this practice of CEO and board member sociopaths hiding behind their corporate status. Also, end the practices that prioritize shareholder profits over everything else when making decisions (I guess that is written into their charters - so change the charters).


If threatening the very existence of life on our dear planet is not terrorism, the word has no meaning.


So if corporations are people we should be able to hold not only the CEO and the shareholders responsible, but also the corporation itself. Send the CEO and shareholders to the guillotine and then dismantle the corporation.


Lol ...Vote for Bernie... and just maybe we'd see some judges that are true judges and dispensers of justice and not partisan hacks.

Go Bernie!


Just maybe all of us Baby Boomers that grew up in the deliberately orchestrated "Cold War" years should collectively sue the United States Government for all of the undue stress it caused- Now that would be one hell of A class action law suit-
And if we won, the debt could be wiped clean with Nuclear Disarmament!


Yes, I am sure getting sick of these wanna-be Bush appointed Judges- They have literally destroyed the "Rule of Law" in this country....


Now if only the 99% could somehow arrange for impeachment proceedings against Obama and his cronies for the Treason he is committing with these "Free and Secretive" Trade Agreements- This has to qualify as Treason in some way, or in many ways....


Baltasar has been in the right place at all the needed times.
He has lead the direction of inquiry against the Bush/Cheney War Criminals

And when they couldn't smear his reputation, here he surfaces again.
Clear Concise Judicial Oversight. He needs to tutor Scalia in reasoned thought.

My favorite of his sayings related to the Bush/Pinochet prosecutions is that
"Criminal Injustice is usually swift and easy to accomplish while Justice is difficult and may take many many years to Accomplish."

Viva Baltasar ! Viva Justica !


Muchas gracias Juez Garzon