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Crushing Dreams Will Not Stop the Rush from Africa


Crushing Dreams Will Not Stop the Rush from Africa

Vijay Prashad

Two sides of Africa plunge migrants into deep despair. Thousands from the continent's central belt head to Libya, load themselves on boats bound for Europe, and never reach their destination.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State group abducts Ethiopian migrants and murders them. The militants of the IS do the work of European fascists, who would rather see these forlorn men and women dead than on their shores.

At the other end of Africa, reckless statements by Zulu leaders send equally wretched men and women to riot against migrants.


I’d disagree: H1b.

What actually benefits the rich and hurts the working class is capital mobility. Stop capital from leaving the country and labor from entering, and problem solved.

Hanging some Capitalists pour décourager les autres would help too.