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Cruz: Brussels Attack Means US Police Should 'Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods'


Cruz: Brussels Attack Means US Police Should 'Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Ted Cruz on Tuesday called for a freeze on the U.S. accepting refugees from regions where the Islamic State (ISIS) and al Qaeda have a strong presence and said local law enforcement should be allowed to "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods."

The Republican presidential candidate made the comments within hours of the bombings in Belgium that killed at least 30 and wounded hundreds more. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack.


Recall Cruz


Cruz: Another idiot Neocons try to push as an alternative to Trump…leaving only some fannagling(which they will do) to push Paul Ryan on us…(God help us then)! Ryan might actually have a chance of beating Slick HIllary…& THEN we are in trouble… Watch how corporate media thinks Paul Ryan is a Terrific solution, if somehow it comes true…


Fear is the only way Republicans get elected. Fear of Gays, fear of Mexicans, fear of blacks, fear of Isis. Yet they call themselves Christians. Ye of little faith


That would be the areas where NATO members Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been funnelling weapons to them. Supposedly there is a war on terror, and yet …


I thought Cruz was not qualified to run for US presidency since he is a Cuban or Canadian born. Besides he is clearly suffering from some serious mental illness. As Sanders has proposed helping people with mental illness might have prevented idiots like Cruz early on so we wouldn’t have to suffer as they are left untreated.


they should also patrol the neighborhoods of fear mongering, power hungry, fundamentalist politicians. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


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yes ad finitum.


Dear Ted: If we threaten to send YOU to the middle east, EVERYONE will surrender. That’s how scary you are…


So many Cubans came to the US as political refugees. Certainly times have changed, and Cuba is as free as any place, and better managed than most. So, it is time for the refugees to pack their bags, and get on one of those nonstop to Havana. They need to be grateful for harboring them all these years, but certainly it is time for them to go home. Senator Cruz needs to realize that he too is no longer a refugee, and should book a flight. He can go first class.


Automobiles directly kill a million humans a year worldwide, including 30,000 in the USA.

We need to increase police patrols of all front seats, driveways, and automobile dealerships.

Logic. It’s so refreshing to see a politician exercising logic!


I would like know the thoughts of a mother who lost her child in the shooting at West Nickel Mines School. What does she think the Belgians should do?


Yes, let’s alienate Muslims in the U.S. Let’s ostracize them and make them feel unwelcome.

That will definitely help prevent domestic terrorism.

In Bizarro world.


I gather that in the USA one has a greater chance (8 times higher) of being killed by a USAian policeman than by a self-detonating Muslim. Therefore, perhaps Muslims should patrol the USA’s police stations to keep dangerous policemen confined to barracks?


“patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods.” Well Ted is nothing if not predictable. Now about that statement, is he saying that Muslim neighborhoods are not being adequately patrolled to insure their safety from right wing reactionaries, or is he implying that curfews be created and enforced with checkpoints at key intersections? The first one makes sense in this growing right wing protectionism and the second is what he probably would envision.I think that the Muslim community is in more danger from wackos ramped up by the Party of Fear and Loathing then the other way round.


Cruz and his party hacks are what Sinclair Lewis wrote about when he said that when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and be carrying the cross.

They may call themselves Christians but they are christian fascists. If anyone is the paradigm of the anti-christians…they are!

Don’t fear Muslims, fear these ignominious, bible thumping, flag waving, corrupted and hypocritical politicians who are wolves wearing Christian clothing!


Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist!
There is no etc., for this.


Or perhaps Christians wearing wolves clothing. All of which besmirches the wonderful wolves who know how to live within their ecosystem and devour vermin rather than becoming them.


I see only one whose hands are dirty, not two which is what the saying is implying: both sides are equally bad. I wouldn’t think you intended to equate Islamic followers and Muslim neighborhoods as equal in evil to these politicians, right?