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Cruz Folds as Trumps Vows to Show U.S. How to "Win Bigly" Once Again


Cruz Folds as Trumps Vows to Show U.S. How to "Win Bigly" Once Again

Jon Queally, staff writer

"We're gonna make America great again."

After thanking his family and calling his ascendency in the 2016 Republican primary race a "beautiful thing to behold," Donald Trump didn't waste any time employing his most popular campaign slogan on Tuesday night as he claimed victory in the Indiana primary – a win that nearly assures his nomination at the party's convention after his closest rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced he was ending his campaign.


And Bernie Sanders is kicking ass tonight.


I can't believe this headline, I just finished blasting MSNBC and CNN (on another thread) for cutting short Bernie's comments after his win and giving hours to Trump and Cruz and now this on CD. I simply am dumbfounded, what is going on? Where are these people's priorities? I don't give a tinker's dam about either of those jerks.


Jill Stein > Bernie > Trump > Hillary > Cruz


It is time for those Republicans to wake up and support Kasich. If nothing else he knows how to balance a budget. The world can't believe Americans are stupid enough to vote for Trump and many Americans can't believe it either. Is this what Jeffersonian democracy leads to? A baffoon-in-chief. Head twitterer. It is not surprising that search engines are reporting record number of searches for real estate in Canada. Who will be the first Trump migrants?


Talk about a chicken shit post, Bernie wins a primary, a primary that earlier you said he couldn't win, and you post on these pages what the worthless Republicans should do. Get lost!


What a delusional character. All that puffed up foolishness reminds me of some of my little first grade guys. Wining "bigly" with not a clue at this stage of the game in this country and on this planet of how or what that really might mean.


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5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout


Jill Stein > Bernie >>> (Trump or Hillary) > Cruz


hmmmm. I have a nice well-kept house in Winnipeg to tempt them with. Hardwood floors. Nicely landscaped. On bus-route. Close to shopping. Small yard minimizes the snow shoveling. Wind keeps the mosquitoes under control on most summer days. Almost the geographical center of the continent. All this for under half a million.


I see you were hesitating on Trump vs. Killary. It's a tough call. Trump at least has the merit of being better on trade and jobs than Hillary. We can at least agree that Bernie and Jill Stein are way better than Trump or Hillary.


It looks like there is no more suspense on the Republicsn side of the each. The battle between Clinton and Sanders is still up in the air though mainstream media news are still reporting it as if Clinton's delegate and superdelegate count is too big to fail. The big media who have been enabling the Trump phenomenon because of the ratings it's been getting are going to have to face the prospect of a Trump run for the presidency that could actually win. Hillary being as unlikeable as she is. There are now stories that polls are saying that Sanders would be the more effective candidate to oppose Trump, but the Hillary enevitinility train just keee going,

None of this bodes well for the immediate future of the US -"Free" World who is likely to need someone who can manage and coordinate a dual economic and ecological crisis, be someone who can inspire the populace not to lose hope and to not degenerate into uncertainly driven violent anarchy, the shoot-'em-uo free-for-all with a thermonuclear end game that the world has been edging towards for a long time.

And the problems to be faced don't have easy solution quick fixes. Income inequality can only be addressed by talking money away from those who have it, and there is no currently known way to persuade them that it is somehow in their best interests to give it up.

And there is no easy way to cut back on carbon emissions. "Just say no," won't work unless there is a detailed engineered plan to transition and replace all fossil fuel powered devices to renewable sources without letting loose a kind if global social disruption that is unpresent.

Who among the surviving candidates has what it takes to guide us through all that. I truly hope that things aren't as bad as I think and that it will all clear up somehow.


That's also true. Trump wants Russia to be a partner of the U.S. Hillary would just start a nuclear war with Russia.


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Matt, you are one of my favorites. I like where your mind goes, and respect the suppositions, even when the premise for your suspicion proves a false alarm, as in this case. Cheers! To intellectual vigilance, with perhaps a cynical thumb on the scale...


Trump's resume, like that of Bush the younger, has several businesses pushed into bankruptcy under his stewardship. Bush the younger at least had some experience governing before running for President. I do not know if I can trust a word that Trump utters. Trump's lack of experience and impulsiveness are concerns. He is somewhat less establishment than Clinton. I do not know if I can trust a word that Clinton utters. Still Clinton's infamous proven record, and FIRE and military industrial connections are enough enough to make me waver between her and Trump. Yes, either Bernie or Jill Stein are far better choices.


Hey Donald, Leonardo says "!derif er'uoY".


You don't need experience so long as you know how the system works. That being said, Trump doesn't know how the system works.


I guess Ted's big Money Backers decided its time to stop writing him checks.