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Cruz, Instagram, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program


Cruz, Instagram, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program

Pat Elder

A young Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, posted the image shown (above left) on his Instagram account. The date is unknown. The orange tip on the end of the gun signifies he is holding an “air-soft” gun that fires BB-like, spherical projectiles that are typically made of plastic. American youth are introduced to these guns at an early age.


Thank you for bringing up the CMP, though the long lede about Nikolas Cruz is mostly irrelevant. I noticed this “poison pill” in the last military funding bill and shared your alarm. I hadn’t heard that the hold on the pistols had been lifted. Sheesh, not even this “militia” is to be well regulated!


Ahhh. Refreshing to learn how well we groom our future mass shooters. All one needs is the mind of a >12 year old.

When will the first 3rd grade mass shooter gain international infamy, because TPTB are ruthless backstabbing capitalists?


Shame on the article. Let’s begin. The CMP has very strict guidelines to purchase firearms. On top of background checks, you must be a member of a gun club, and in the case of the 1911 you need to have a certificate signed by law enforcement or certified trainer that your competent to handle a firearm. Once you purchase the 1911, it’s sent to a FFL where a second background check is done. On top of that, these guns will probably be over $1000. How many “kids” will go thru all these hoops when they can go to a gun store and buy a gun cheaper and with just one background check.

How many guns crimes have even been traced back to CMP m1 garands and m1903 bolt action Springfield’s? The author should do research before writing articles they know nothing about.


If you really think it’s a good idea for the government to release these weapons and thereby further saturate our society with even more military weaponry, you are part of the problem.


A 45 caliber 1911 is a military weapon? It’s a handgun that holds 8 rounds and is semi automatic. Again no criminal or “kid@ will go there the process or expense to get one. Clearly you are just repeating what your hear.


Everybody in the photograph hopefully had their guns loaded.
Hopefully the next time they shoot such a photograph, they shoot their guns in that position as well


On top of the issue of the very flawed discussion of the marksmanship rifle, is this author or the CD editor really not aware of guidelines not to name or post pictures of the shooter? I thought we were supposed to be better than the rest of the media.


Yes. The original, designed by John Moses Browning for Colt, was so simple and effective that it’s considered by many firearms experts to be the finest combat pistol ever. It’s been copied by major gun manufacturers around the world and continues in production today. It’s become the handgun of choice for generations of competitive shooters for good reason.


Newer versions have managed to increase the capacity within the same form factor (using staggered double column magazines), to 14 in .45 ACP and 16 in .40 S&W.


Does nobody have a problem with the fact that this is straight up a libel, and that the writer/s should be ashamed of themselves for it.

Before we start, no, I’m not some ridiculous alt rightist, or some gun crazy, right wing 2nd amendment supporter, but I have to say that this article is rather ridiculous, and straight up lies about youth being able to purchase CMP firearms, or handguns in general for that matter.

First off, to address the elephant in the room, calling someone a liar is a big accusations after all. The main talking point, and indeed the first sentence of this article, “Soon youth like Cruz will be able to buy these extraordinarily lethal, semi automatic weapons” This is a straight up indefensible lie. No Mr.Pat Elder youth like the shooter (I am not going to say his name cause that son of a bitch already has enough publicity) will not be able to purchase these firearms, under the GCA (Gun control act of 1968) anyone under 21 years of age, indeed, cannot purchase handguns (which is what the 1911 is) or even ammunition for pistols for that matter.

There are huge signs in all gun shops that explicitly state these laws as they are writ in the GCA circa 1968. Not to mention as a journalist the least you can do is do some basic fact checking or even googling for that matter and is completely indefensible.

Now I know many people will probably think, “Well what’s the big deal? Sure the guy may not have any journalistic integrity, but his intentions are good, after all there is a huge gun crisis in America” and I agree that there is a huge gun crisis in this country that sadly is allowing sociopaths to have their way with innocent people. But this constant bad press on guns as the sole problem in this country, and articles like this that straight up lie, just so they can push this agenda, makes life incredibly difficult for legal gun owners who are law abiding citizens, who merely have an interest in guns for any number of reasons that are harmless, and have not even the slightest ideation of causing harm to others, let alone killing scores of Innocents. (And also straight up lying, or at the very least publishing false information for the sake of stirring up further controversy in this already divided country, is just bad optics on the publishers part)

Now people, such as myself, whom are law abiding citizens who will most likely go their entire lives without having the slightest thought of hurting someone, are called "psychopaths “Gun nuts” “Racists” “Moral less hillbillies” and other things of that nature. Now normal everyday citizens are the sole targets of the entire nations progressive communities ire, for the acts of a maniacal few, and yes I say few, because survey’s conducted by The Pew Research Center in February of 2017, showed that about 34% of Americans owned guns (roughly 109 million Americans) there were only 15,549 deaths as a result of gun violence (including suicides) last year, though still… A tragically high number that cam never represent the amount of pain and suffering those murders have caused. (And yes, as a gun owner myself, I consider ALL accidental shootings murder. After all, as a gun owner, it is YOUR sole responsibility to keep everyone around, and in your guns effective range, safe from harm. And if anyone, including yourself comes to harm or is killed, then that’s on YOU for not ensuring everyone’s safety)

Second, the comparison between an airsoft BB gun, and the shooters AR-15 rifle is ridiculous, and I would argue, added with the intention of making people think that airsoft guns, which are in essence, toys for teenagers, are somehow just as deadly as a 5.56mm bullet that is designed for creating perforating wounds, is rater preposterous. A slingshot can fire from 164 f/s to 492 f/s (50 m/s to 150 m/s) but that doesn’t mean that slinging a rock at someone is going to cause it to tear through their skin, rip through muscle, and shatter bones before exploding out of their body causing irreparable damage and causing extreme blood loss. Bullets and plastic ball ball bearings fired from plastic airsoft guns, are incomparable

Again I must state that, no, I am not a right wing gun supporter, or any of that riff raff. Though for full transparency, I am a legal and responsible gun owner, who legally purchased his antique firearm at a gun show, after passing a thorough background check. Nor does my gun ownership affect my reasoning for writing this comment, I am only in this for the defense of good journalism, and to expose libel such as this

Good day