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Cry Me a River, Aetna


Cry Me a River, Aetna

Wendell Potter

You might be thinking, based on what insurance company CEOs have been saying over the past few weeks, that carriers are awash in red ink because of Obamacare and would surely go bust if they had to keep paying the medical claims of their Obamacare customers for even one more year. You might even be shedding a tear or two for their poor shareholders.

Here, for example, is the grim news Aetna’s CEO, Mark Bertolini, delivered to Wall Street financial analysts a few days ago:


No profit is never enough with these greedy orginazations......Single payer is the only way...Put insurance companies out of business who cares about them I dont...fk them and their huge profits.


Agreed! Single Payer. Accept no substitutes.


Thank you, Mr. Potter for this comprehensive article's analysis and facts.

Very illuminating.


Let 'em hear you, Wendell! Let THEM eat cake, I say.


Yep, appropriate posting for Baucus, where he can strategize with people who understand that the business of government is business.


Wait a second...WE have a mandate to BUY this useless s**t, and they don't have a mandate to STAY IN THE SYSTEM? This country's "health care" system is one of the most IMMORAL SCAMS in the world.


Insurers are making out like the bandits they are due to the ACA, as they made sure they would. Some just aren't ever satisfied with their bloated bottom lines.

Potter agrees that they're greedy, but seems to feel that's fine, as long as they dial back their überavarice a mite.

As someone who's had to deal with Obamacare for the last couple of years, and did without health insurance for years beforehand because of the death grip these bastards have on our well being, and isn't oblivious to the far superior situation in other developed nations (at least before austerity became all the rage)

I beg to differ.


The ACA that was submitted to Congress only vaguely resembled the ACA that ultimately came out of Congress. Keep in mind how bills are mind.

As a candidate, Obama often pointed out that the only way change would be possible is if the people figured out what they want, organized, got to their feet, and demanded it from Congress. I think that what we found out is that we don't agree on much. We're deeply divided and subdivided by class and race today.


Obamacare does exactly what it was designed to do: enrich the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Some members of the public were thrown a bone but now insurers like Aetna are going to snatch the bone back.


Therein lies the entire problem. The healthcare of the people (citizenry) should not be in the hands of private insurers. Healthcare is a "commons" and should not be entrusted to the for-profit healthcare industry in which the ruling elite capitalists benefit (profit) off the ill-health of the citizenry.

The "commons", including healthcare, should be under the control of the people and for the benefit and use of the people ... not for the profit of an elite few.


Honestly vaquero - I wasn't "cake" I had in mind for these greedy bastages to eat.


Raking in obscene profits from peoples' illness is as immoral as it gets. Big ag, big pharma, big insurance, and big war are scourges of the Earth.


You are correct. We are under a state capitalist system, and therefore the
corporations are entitled to make a profit off of our medical care.

ACA will eventually collapse because government subsidies to the
corporations will become more than the Congress is willing to fund.

State capitalism will eventually collapse because have-nots will get
crushed, and the predatory capitalists will make our planet uninhabitable
for everyone, even though the world's biggest insurance companies this week
are demanding that G20 countries stop bankrolling the fossil fuels industry.

The love of money is the root of all evil, so step right up folks,
it's the American Dream, you too can become filthy rich -- no matter the
cost to people or planet.


A proper US health care system would not even include the insurance industry. They serve no valid purpose.


Great clear example re privatization of your water supply. It really perfectly illustrates what the future of the capitalist world is now and will be going forward.
Perhaps I reached the end of optimism that people anywhere in the 'western' world will wake up and rise up but frankly I think we ALL need to stop 'hoping' for changing and making impotent 'demands ' that the 'looting must stop'. And I am as guilty of that as anyone here.
It seems to me that this endless 'demand' that things must change and the endless ( and excellent in most cases) repetition of examples of the horrific nature of what is going on worldwide just reinforce our powerlessness in the face of profound apathy on the part of the millions of people needed to actually institute profound/sweeping change.
While not any sort of 'prepper' at all in any category I think we all ought to be spending our mental angst and energies on how to survive the corruption and idiocy, financial shenanigans and looting instead of railing on things we, let's just face it, will never be able to stop. At least maybe we ought to be giving a lot more page space to how to survive and to how to help our progeny to do so as well because that is looking even worse. I do not have any grandkids yet as mine have just recently graduated college( one with a job and one stuck in part time retail - actual three part time retail jobs) but their future and that of potential grandkids is what keeps me up at night....
Sorry - don't mean this to sound scolding on anyone here. Not at all - just trying to move into a more productive thought pattern for me and mine... Cheers all.


Thanks, merf, for your thoughtful post ... I appreciate it as I have been thinking about this issue for the last few days and I think we need both....

  • Advocating and working for a better way than under global capitalism that rules and exploits (people and resources) the entire world, and

  • Learning how to exist and successfully survive under the vast injustice, inequality, domination, exploitation and oppression under capitalism ... especially vulture capitalism that no government on Earth is powerful enough to tame.

Capitalism has had 500+ years to create and instill its ways. Change will take a massive amount of education, effort and time to bring about the change we yearn for so much.

As a result of my contemplation recently, I posted the following quote on two of my websites on anarchism:

The Reality of Anarchy
It’s quite likely that none of us will live in an anarchist society, but that doesn’t mean we can’t act like anarchists now. To be an anarchist is at least as much about the ways in which [we] engage with the world and how [we] treat people as it is about what fantastic utopia [we] hope to one day live in.

Strangers In a Tangled Wilderness

By the way, I don't think being realistic is being negative. :slight_smile: