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Crying Children In Cages: This Is Not Somewhere Else

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/12/crying-children-cages-not-somewhere-else

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Look carefully at that film clip. Apparently it was put in NYC Plaza.
There is nobody there! One small portion of the film looks like there may be a police fence around the perimeter keeping the people out, or perhaps we’ve been so poisoned that we no longer notice cruelty, crying children, exposure, starvation.
*Perhaps all we see is green paper, blowing in the wind. If so, perhaps it is time for us to go, for we have forgotten that we cannot eat and drink money. We have forgotten empathy, compassion, brotherly love, charity.
*Those are the things that make life worthwhile, that create joy and hope and love.
*We seem to be getting closer and closer to Dachau and Auschwitz. We remember the sacrifices made to eliminate (we thought) that sort of thing from the world.
*We are in our eighties, we lived through that and remember. Our time is almost up, but our hearts go out to the children and youth growing up in this nightmare. We hope that the youth movements to heal the planet, to eliminate greed and power lust as a raison d’ etre, to eliminate or reduce pollution, to end cruelty, to promote freedom of speech, thought, religion, opinion may prevail.
*As a nuclear veteran, I have seen and been haunted by what I see approaching us from the wings. When we are finally gone, there may be nothing left behind to replace us.


Such qualities as those are antithesis to competitive capitalism where our fellow humans are nothing more than a resource to make a profit from. We must change that paradigm to one of cooperative capitalism.

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