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Crying 'Voter Fraud,' Roy Moore Challenges Alabama Election Loss


Crying 'Voter Fraud,' Roy Moore Challenges Alabama Election Loss

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This entire lawsuit is a taste of what Trump and Kobach's rhetoric and conspiracies lead to, and potentially a preview of what could follow if Trump loses in November 2020."


When is this stupid SOB going to go away? You LOST, Loser!


They sure are insane down there in Alabama. I wish toy boy Roy would put his gun to his head and do the USA a favor. Otherwise put Moore and Trump together in a padded cell and let they play with each other. As much as I can’t stand either party in the USA, Roy is the new poster boy for the GOP and how they play politics in the USA. Come on Roy, do us all a favor and show the way for your parties future.


“Evangelical” delusional pathology on parade…speak lies/fantasy so long, the highly malleable and nutters believe them…


Just wipe them all out and put them out of my misery! :sob::cowboy_hat_face:


The republicans do have SOME good ideas, even if totally misplaced. Wiping them out smacks of 30’s Germany. I think we should work on sequestering them as the domestic terrorists they are. Private prisons would be one way. Personally, I think we should give them an entire state to call their own. No need to be too cruel, so we can give them a beautiful state – Idaho comes to mind. Then, simply build a wall around Idaho, kick it out of the union, and patrol its borders to insure that no terrorists can find their way into the US. There need to be safeguards for children born in Idaho. I expect, given the terrorists’ views on birth control, that they will breed like rabbits. I also expect that many of these children will grow up abhorring the politics of their parents. Therefore, we should allow children, once they reach the age of 18, to apply for asylum in the US, with extreme vetting of course. Idaho will become an experiment of sorts. Republican terrorists will have free reign to pursue whatever politics they want. We will get to see if they can survive their own policies. If that sounds too cruel, too fucking bad. I say let republicans live out their fantasies, only not where they can harm the rest of us.

Another way would be to declare defeat in the Civil War, tell the south that they are on their own, and build the wall a few hundred miles north of the Mexican-US border.


Although Lincoln had an excuse for fighting the South when they wanted to secede (fear of California going with the Confederacy), today there is no reason the South can’t be allowed to secede.

Prior to the current GOP tax cuts the 1% had enough money to sue whoever they wanted. The tax cuts give them even more money that they can use to sue.


the only lesson here is that Roy Moore, unsurprisingly, is an entitled douche.

How many more times do we need to learn that?

Let’s move on to something more important. The only person taking this challenge seriously is Moore and 5 dudes from Breitbart.


And the irony is that he was the first of four (incompetent) “horse’s asses” of the Apocalypse.



Excellent point!


This is the strategy they use. Regardless of common sense and logic they will fight to the end with absurd claims hoping they can get power any way possible except for legitimate elections. The democrats so often just cave in to the republican zealots - remember Al Gore and Florida in 2000. Elections are not the “republicans” thing - just getting power in any way they can is and democracy be damned.


As in “Only in, not out”? :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you mean – you thought I meant all Republicans when I actually meant just our reptardicon elected terrorists. As for your idea of giving them Idaho (or the South in general) and building a wall around it has real possibilities – we don’t have the whig or tory parties anymore so why don’t we just ‘erase’ the 2 current parties and tell everyone who wants to run for office that they must run on a new party ticket; to wit: the only place Republicans are recognized is in Idaho. The other possibility is sending these elected terrorists to ‘Club Fed’ (it could be at least a decent prison, although I would prefer they were sent to Gitmo) to live out the remainder of their lives incarcerated with no chance of parole.




Exactly so Shanti! All the best to you (and us all)


Just goes to show how the “Dracula’s” (corporate shills) of today are never really gone, after being caught and cornered and removed. “They” just remain un-dead.


Of course Hitler never said that, except as an anti Semitic charge. Hitler always claimed to be speaking the truth to German people when he lied. He accused others of the Big Lie. Like you know who.


Roy Moore is to the Republican Party what Harvey Weinstein is to the Democratic Party.
Both parties refuse to admit what they’re willing to put up with for control of the Federal Government. This just played out with the signing of the new tax bill for Republican political advantage. Since a portion of those extremely large cuts will end up back in the campaigns of their candidates, especially at the local and state level. Given by anonymous donors who leave no paper trails. It’s even worse than that, but you get the picture…
As for the Democratic Party; well, taking money from large donors like Weinstein and others of his ilk is in direct contradiction to their stated goals of campaign finance reform, sunlight and transparency in party campaign rules. And, here’s the kicker; the the most important structural framework ( planks ) of the DNC and their formal leaders stated party platform. It is the height of Democratic Party hypocrisy to allow the likes of The Clintons and Obamas to bleed the DNC and state party organizations of their money. Then set up foundations and private entities for their own personal enrichment.
Moore and Weinstein are poster children for the viruses and poisons inflicting our body politic. One is batshit crazy and the other is a vicious and conniving sexual predator. Both are still using their power to plead their bankrupt cases through the MSM.
POTUS Trump is a hybrid or composite of both the above bastards, which probably means the situation is bound to get much uglier and worse, sooner rather later, too.


In which state did Democrats run Weinstein for the Senate? Your complaints about big money in politics rings hollow in view of your cheering for Steyers funding of a vanity impeachment campaign.


Roy Moore is the new face of the Republican Party.

Losers, the lot of them.

Embracing Corruption, Pedophiles, Sexual Deviants, is not the Face of the Future.