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Cuba’s Demands for Reparations and Closing of Guantanamo Are Reasonable


Cuba’s Demands for Reparations and Closing of Guantanamo Are Reasonable

Mark Weisbrot

President Obama initiated a historic change when he decided in December to begin normalizing relations with Cuba. It was an acknowledgment that more than half a century of trying to topple the Cuban government through invasion, assassination attempts, economic embargo, and other efforts - mostly illegal - had failed.

It was also a concession to the majority of the hemisphere, which had informed Washington in 2012 that there would not be another Summit of the Americas without Cuba.


Cuba represents a potential laboratory for sustainable development. It has NOT been ravaged by predatory capitalism. It is large enough to have resilience, small enough on which to "experiment (using the precautionary principle at EVERY turn)", and beautiful enough to inspire. I hope that humanity recognizes that the Cuban people and the ethics they represent (free exportation of high quality medical expertise) are a great asset. My wishes are with you, neighbor.


Unfortunately the corporate government will never apoligize, much less pay reparations for the years of terrorist attacks, illegal embargoes and political isolation at the hands of these very same corporate fundamentalists. Keep in mind that the only reason that the U.S. will officially start political relations with Cuba, is simply because one aspect of corporate America, Big Agriculture, has lobbied for thsi normailization of relations. Big Agra, like it has done previously in the Ukraine, looks at Cuba as a land ripe for colonization replacing locally grown crops with seedless GM crops thereby increasing their market share while devastating the local farm system there. Once land becomes available for purchase, Big Agra will also buy up all of the available farmland ensuring their grip on the populace. Eventually, like in so many other countries around the world, Cuba will depend on a handful of Big Agra conglomerates to feed their population.
The good news is that Big Agra couldn't care less if the U.S. closes Guantanamo nor do they care about reparations... as long as they're not on the hook for any financial outlay. Big Pharma is also looking to exploit the situation there, eternally upset about the ability of Cubans to pay reasonable prices for medicine. At the same time, the U.S. will not allow any Cubans into the U.S. (except for the 1%) giving the country no tangible benefits for opening up a dialogue with corporate America i.e. the Federal government.
While I hope we don't have any "Regime change" in Cuba anytime soon, I do hope that we can have regime change here in America.


Will capitalism spoil the Cuban people?