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Cuban Asylum Seeker Describes Vicious Pepper Spray Attack on Hunger Strikers at ICE Detention Facility

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/cuban-asylum-seeker-describes-vicious-pepper-spray-attack-hunger-strikers-ice

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Are the people hired by ICE even "human?"

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From the article:

“‘When I come here to the United States, to the freest country in the world, the first thing they do is imprison me,’ Bacallao said.” (emphasis mine)

You poor chump. Some of the best and brightest USans want to get out.


The people that swarm here these days are hell bent on being capitalist, successful, and free.

“Bacallao told Searchlight New Mexico that he fled Cuba as a refugee seeking a better life, but has been treated terribly since arriving in the United States” - the treatment is appalling and inhuman and must be condemned in no uncertain terms. At the same time - by his own admission, the Cuban ‘asylum seeker’ Bacallao is NEITHER an ‘asylum seeker’ NOR a ‘refugee’; he is an economic migrant. Julia Conley, staff writer, is doing genuine asylum seekers and refugees no favours at all by this false labelling!

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