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Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Dead at 90


Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Dead at 90

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former Cuban President and revolutionary leader Fidel Castro is dead at 90, his brother Raúl Castro announced late Friday on Cuban state television.

"At 10:29 at night, the chief commander of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, died," he said, without giving a cause of death.


Fidel's presence will be sorely missed by all who struggle for civilization and justice. Let the bourgeoisie rant, we must learn from his example and continue the struggle. I posted my thoughts -- and his on my blog.

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!


Yet another great symbolic person. 2016 has been a Hell of a year.


Cuba before the Cuban revolution misery, Cuba after the Cuban revolution beautiful, wonderful, special. What the Castro brothers, Ernesto Che Guevara, and all the brave courageous women, and men of the revolution were able to do for the Cuban people, and for all of Latin America, and around the world is something courageous, beautiful, special. Please check out Fidel Castro's book, "My Life: A Spoken Autobiography," enlightening.


How dare the Cubans run their own country!

The children of the children of the expatriated rich still bear a grudge and grind their axes. Watch out Cubans you are in the crosshairs for creative destruction.


South of the Border
Oliver Stone


I have never been to Cuba, but my nephew spent some time there not too long ago. He told me that the Cuban embargo has hurt Cuba in many ways; nevertheless, he claims their healthcare is second to none.



Fidel, RIP


" We do not need the (American) Empire to give us anything."

When Fidel kicked out the American Empire from his country, in 1959, Fidel was excoriated as a communist. Fidel cost the oligarch's billions of $ in business losses. The US Empire came very close to a nuclear war with Russia which was only averted at the last minute by Kennedy and Khrushchev.

What that tells me, is just how insane are the oligarchs about their losing their empire that they were willing to risk a nuclear confrontation with Russia over the Cuban revolution.

Unfortunately, this same cabal of criminals are still in charge of the American Empire. And if that does not scare the hell out of you... nothing will!


I was in high school during the fight to oust Batista and the Mafia and all the other corruption in Cuba. I had boyish dreams of going to fight for Fidel to help free his people. Instead I allowed myself to be drafted in 1967 to fight the Vietnamese in their own country and in their struggle for freedom. Oh how I wish instead of fighting for the Capitalist Pigs I could have fought against them! One of the great regrets of my life.

Don't forget it wasn't only Castro and Cuba who won their fight against US imperialism but also the Vietnamese. Long live the struggle against the capitalist imperialism!


Maybe when Raul is gone the Cubans can have an election to see if they want to continue the type of government they have. My brother just got back from Cuba, said it was a beautiful country.


From the NY Times, quoted in CD's article above:

After he embraced Communism, Washington portrayed him as a devil and a tyrant and repeatedly tried to remove him from power through an ill-fated invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, an economic embargo that has lasted decades, assassination plots, and even bizarre plans to undercut his prestige by making his beard fall out.

As usual, the vile capitalist press tells only half the story, leaving out the most important part and reversing the sequence of events.

When Castro visited the US - NYC to be specific - in April 1959 he received a hero's welcome. I watched it on TV. NYC went wild for him. We Americans were still proud of the role the US had played in "defeating fascism and making the world safe for democracy," and we saw Castro's overthrowing the corrupt dictator Batista and kicking the mafia out of Havana as of one piece with the tendency toward liberation.

But the celebrations lasted only a few days. Castro was given an ultimatum by the powers that were in Washington at the time - you can keep your revolution but you must let the mob back into the casinos, back into the business of prostitution. Castro said no, very eloquently said no, cut the visit short and left.

The US cut him off and "portrayed him as a devil and a tyrant" etc. THEN he turned to Russia, like the NY Times article states, after omitting the entire backstory and inverting the actual sequence of events.

And the mob decided to move their money and their operations to Las Vegas, a rather quiet small town in the Nevada desert.


Hey, Jaded_Prole, just as we discussed on TD, your comments and blog are right on target, and mine are in agreement with you:

My first comment at 6:30 this morning to the NYT article on Castro's death as a Revolutionary:


"Fidel Castro was a lifelong Political Revolutionary against Empire.

While he initially employed violent militarist means to overthrow a foreign imperialist; gangsterism, violence, and financial looting that all Empires employ against 'subject' people, Castro ultimately was able to employ the simple non-violent power of truth to continue to 'call-out' and expose Empire, even though a sophisticated new form of disguised global capitalist Empire appeared to be winning the war."

And here's my second comment later this morning posted on NYT comments re Castro and Bernie:

“Finally, white doves were released to signal Cuba’s new peace. When one landed on Mr. Castro, perching on a shoulder, the crowd erupted, chanting “Fidel! Fidel!” To the war-weary Cubans gathered there and those watching on television, it was an electrifying sign that their young, bearded guerrilla leader was destined to be their savior.”

Surprisingly akin to when Bernie was making a speech and a bird landed on his podium in Portland Oregon:

One young Socialist Revolutionary against Empire and one older advocate of a “Political Revolution” without an 'object', yet to be defined as 'against Empire'.


Farewell, Fidel

Hacer la revolucion para siempre!


If you've never seen this film, "Havana" [Director Sydney Pollack with Robert Redford, Raul Julia, Lena Olin] here's the trailer --- it's very worth seeing:

One of my half dozen favorite political films, with Dr. Strangelove, Bulworth, Being There, Edge of Darkness, etc. --- Havana is often compared with Casablanca but with a different time, location, and empire.


The mob was already in Las Vegas before the revolution. Check out, "The Godfather 2" especially when Michael Corleone meets Hyman Roth in Miami and they travel to Havana. Look at Michaels face in disgust at the floor show he was brought to witness in Havana. Fidel, Raul, Che, and countless women, and men of the revolution fought to end the misery of hunger, disease, prostitution, no education, secret police torture and murder, etc. by the capitalist pigs and mob bosses etc. The film, "Havana" with Raul Julia, Lena Olin, Robert Redford, Alan Arkin etc. is also very good as Hollywood films go in depicting the period of the revolution. As Fidel stated many times," In Every Neighborhood, Revolution! "


Watch the film. Raul Julia, and Lena Olin are my favorites. Mostly Lena Olin


Can't wait to see Sen. Rubio tell Ol'Small Hands it's payback time for Miami Beach ex-pats' votes that delivered ( possibly) his election. Resentment politics is why these patricians are so much like the supporters of the Confederate flag in the Deep South. Fidel & Company really put a bunch in their undies for 6 decades. So many small victories that yielded big results, as well. And, plantation owners around the world really hate it when the peasants win sometimes, as well. I look forward to seeing who, from around the world, attends the national funeral services. Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Che, Gandhi, Ho Chi Minh, Allende ... the first leaders " who wanted to take their country back " from colonialists, post WWII. Hope and determination, blood spilled in the street, tough men and tougher choices. Vaya con Dios, Fidel Castro.


Point taken. Wikipedia dates mob activity in Vegas to the building of Hoover Dam in the 30s, providing entertainment for the almost exclusively male workforce.


It was the Cuba Libres ( rum & cokes ) and cigars that gave him the strength to persevere. Do you recall those 7-8 hour speeches he was famous for? Between Fidel Castro and Louis Farrakan it's hard to pick the bigger windbag. Great characters both, though.