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Cuckoo D'État


Cuckoo D'État

Randall Amster

In case it wasn’t already evident, by now it seems clear that we’re living in a moment when the lunatics have taken over the asylum. If you’re still not convinced, consider that the specter of plunging the world into the “fire and fury” of nuclear war wasn’t even the worst thing that happened in the last week or so. Instead, while political tensions and environmental conditions threaten to boil over everywhere, we have a President who can’t even muster a lucid response to the most obvious forms of abject hatred.


Nazis weren’t a different species.


Cuckoo D’État is an excellent addition to the language. Amster is always worth the read.


But they believed that they were - a ‘superior’ species.


"Fascism is pathology writ large. It is dangerous both because of its cold calculations and mercurial machinations alike, being immune to reason and incapable of being swayed by appeals to justice."

Very powerful words, along with the rest of the piece. So why do I feel stuck between a very large rock and a very hard place? A poster on another thread mentioned that the white supremacists have come out of the woodwork today and are taking over message boards on local newspapers. SO TRUE! I was amazed at the sheer numbers of new posters on my local big city paper. There are usually a half dozen R/W trolls. Today there were at least a dozen new ones! Where are these people coming from? In short, I have never seen such an outpouring of hate from my fellow Americans!

“May you live in interesting times.” a Chinese proverb (or is it a curse?)


Excellent piece of writing Mr. Amster.

This isn’t Germany after the Great War in the throes of The Great Depression, and stewing under the conditions of an unfortunately constructed armistice. I have, at 64yrs, come to completely reject the notion of attaching exceptionalism to our national experiment. But, if there is even a trace of something exceptional in our collective existence, now is the time to identify it, nurture it, to state it and defend it. Despite an also unfortunately constructed National Constitution, this national endeavor has inexorably moved toward greater inclusion, toward equal rights regardless of color, nationality, religion, or sexual identity. Those that continue to reject this cultural and societal march of progress nearer justice and tolerance, are in a minority. Such as these will probably always exist, but they are a minority none the less. I do not believe that, like Germany of the '30’s, the US will sleepwalk to totalitarianism.

I’m neither black nor a Christian, but it is my opinion that there is no better guide and champion for today than Reverend Martin Luther King. More than his words, which powerfully expressed a true and honest mind, but his example of constructive non-violent resistance and advocacy in the face of rabid hate-filled violence. “…It (fascism) tries to defeat others by either intimidating them into submission or goading them into more desperate responses, which can then in turn be used to justify the need for further incursions…”

Those that are organizing against the forces of hatred being marshalled by Trump should be on their strictest guard. Mindful not only of potential agent provocateurs, but of righteous abhorrence morphing into reactionary retaliation. MLK’s constructive non-violence was not just a tactic but a fundamental organizing principle. He saw clearly the path to the moral victory of justice. The minority that would drag us all back to an uglier human past will infiltrate and subvert vigils, rallies, marches and other demonstrations and instigate violence to try to prove that “the violence on the left” is equivalent to the violent bigotry of the alt-right fascists.

We have, in MLK and all those who marched and struggled with him, black and white, a national inheritance that belongs to all of us. His and their victory was not just of “negroes” but of all of us. He, what all they then accomplished, was exceptional. That is where, in my humble opinion, hope lies.


“Where are these people coming from?” Well, I went to work for the non-profit activist campaign group
the PIRGs out of college for a few weeks, and never stopped following campaigns by groups like that, especially Greenpeace, Oxfam, etc. The Reagan Administration marked a major change in the face of American politics, and the landmark of the return of Corporate Executive power in full to government policy. The taxes on the rich went down, and anti-social policies began to be inserted, until deregulation was spread as far as it can go. Michael Moore has brilliantly traced several trends beginning with his movie Roger & Me and with major insight in his 2010 film Capitalism: A Love Story. Chris Hedges has been talking about the “long, slow coup d´etats” by corporations.

So, these people are coming from the socioeconomic inequality perpetrated by a profit-maximizing corporate business ideology and its system of Big Shareholder control. The GOP has thrived on fomenting victims of the system by turning their rage to other victims, and thus getting the racists etc to vote against their own interests. Shows like the Walking Dead and the zombie craze aren´t popular for nothing. They are the metaphor, the zombies, that is, of what some large number of people have become. As for what Average Americans may identify with, they may id with the human characters, but many of them are clearly making the “immigrants” the zombies. Hollywood´s metaphors are vague enough that they work both ways. Yee hah.


Thank you.


And we must begin at the beginning: The genocide of the indigenes, theft of their land and the kidnapping and enslavement of the African. This was where the injustice began. This is what we must revisit and atone for it.




Like the zionists


Several months ago, Bill Maher described Don and company as “a slow motion coup.”
Sure enough, that’s what it is.


skeezyks, America is in a fevered delirium, and it’s getting worse…Right wing think tanks, Right wing media, Right wing politicians,and Right wing religionists have been conditioning (and exploiting)
the public for four decades now. It was only a matter of time before this brew would start a chain reaction. The Obama years, the forever wars, and the hollowed-out economy brought things to a boiling point. The Trump campaign, which has never ended, was the catalyst that finally let the monster loose. All those years of hateful indoctrination have finally succeeded in a harvest of toxic and bitter fruit. We are on the cusp of something very dangerous, I fear. I don,t think the creators of this situation gave much thought to how to control it or scale it back.

I sincerely hope I am wrong. We may be in for a very rough ride. Even if Trump departs the stage,
the very significant minority thus afflicted will still be with us.


Here’s the line up for next week’s Sunday Talk Shows: Bill Smith from The Cato Institute, Bob Smith from The Heritage Foundation, James Smith from The Hoover Institute, Stan Smith from The Atlantic Council, Gerald R. Smith from The Woodrow Wilson Center, Daniel Smith from The Kissinger Group, Lawrence L. Smith from The Brookings Institute, John R. Smith from The Podesta Group, Zane Q. Smith from The Councill on Foreign Relations, Peter J. Smith from The Rockefeller Foundation, Samuel and Seth Smith from the law firm Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith & Smith, …
The question today gentleman is, " What’s making women, especially women of color today, feel like they are not being taken seriously?


Benito Mussolini defined fascism as the blending of the power of the military with the power of the state.


"This Mindset…entails

Displacement of Blame,

Refusal to Accept Responsibility…

Gloating over Perceived Accomplishments…

will go On the Offensive whenever Challenged,

use Threats to Pre-empt Contestation to its Ends.

It strives to cut off Access to Information

and Undermine the Formation of Alliances that could Mount Against It

…and draws False Equivalencies to Justify Behavior."


in other words:



These “people” could be bots. The right wing supposedly uses them frequently. They say about 20% of Twitter posts are by bots. I think things were a lot better when it was just letters to the editor. The paper calls you up to see if you really wrote the letter. Now you don’t know what to believe. Facebook is full of fake news. Algorithms apparently can’t tell the difference or not programmed to do so. Facebook saves tons of money by using algorithms instead of qualified people to assess what is being posted. The right wing has taken great advantage of that.




The Prez Is Pond Scum!


Right, throw in a little Putin bashing to fuel an already growing Russiaphobia after this government has launched a new cold war.

I thought this guy was the Director of an organization dedicated to Peace and he’s stoking the furnace of antipathy with Russia?

What happened in Charlottesville was despicable and Trump’s response is disgusting. But that all pales into insignificance compared to the growing lust in this country to fight Russia.

Why couldn’t he have critiqued Trump’s disgusting response without placating the “Let’s Bash Putin All The Time” crowd?