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Cultivating Seeds of Peace, Global Day of Action to Support Iran Deal


Cultivating Seeds of Peace, Global Day of Action to Support Iran Deal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Rallies took place in cities across the globe on Saturday in support of the historic nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers.


“These days there are proponents of war in the U.S. spending millions of dollars to kill this agreement,”–www.alternet.org/world/how-netanyahu-has-turned-members-us-congress-his-marionettes

Best wishes to the peacemakers all over the world!


We have to expand this “deal” to include every nation on the planet (the USA and Israel included) that have and use nuclear weapons to threaten other nations. The planet will never be safe until nuclear weapons are banned and a powerful international inspection team (similar to what Iran has submitted to) is in place to ensure compliance.


Petition, “Stop War With Iran”:


There was a time when Connecticut politician Joe Lieberman owned the title ‘Senator from Israel’. Now it belongs to Chuck Schumer. It should come as no surprise that the bought-and-paid-for NY Senator should inherit the mantle… His pro-torture and pro-Iraq-war cheerleading were pretty clear indications of who his owners were. Now, he’s taken a (scripted) stand to jeopardize the peaceful future of our children by opposing a diplomatic approach to deal with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. There must be something in his water.