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Culture Shift: Redirecting Humanity’s Path to a Flourishing Future

Culture Shift: Redirecting Humanity’s Path to a Flourishing Future

Jeremy Lent

Originally published in Open Democracy

What do all these ideas have in common—a tax on carbon, big investments in renewable energy, a livable minimum wage, and freely accessible healthcare? The answer is that we need all of them, but even taken together they’re utterly insufficient to redirect humanity away from impending catastrophe and toward a truly flourishing future.

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“Correctedness, as a foundation for Human Flourishing.”

A great mantra for our government.

If only.

We are told that humans are fundamentally selfish—indeed even our genes are selfish

This easy to read short pamphlet debunks such claims


Great article about a conflicted confused and species.
While we have separated ourselves from nature , the dominating themes of our culture (capitalism & competition, winners & losers), have adopted a one-sided distorted view. Capitalists sing about mimicking nature in the sense of survival of the fittest within a live or die scenario. Pretending this is all nature is about, the authoritarians then proceed to implement their winner take all ideology. Works well for the few in charge.
But nature is much more than solely winners and losers. Nature is not just about killing the other guy. Nature shows many many examples of how cooperation leads to greater survivability. Some examples of cooperation even appear to resemble virtuous behaviour! Cooperation works best for the majority.
The culture shift we need NOW is to recognize that emulating animals and deifying competition is not in our best interests. A fundamental shift in our operating principles is badly needed. Centrist politics has no interest in structural change and will maintain the pervasive ideology that poisons the world and corrupts interactions amongst people.

This is a brilliant article and very true. In referring to a culture of connectivity, different from the prevailing modern, western culture of dominance over nature and separation from the “other,” you are describing the age-old eastern traditions, articulated most clearly in Hinduism – this awareness of connectedness is in line with the worldview of virtually all the older and wiser peoples of the earth, still remembered by Native Americans and many others. May we return to this wisdom.