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Cuomo Order That Sent Estimated 4,300 Covid-19 Patients to Nursing Homes Denounced as 'Single Dumbest Decision Anyone Could Make'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/22/cuomo-order-sent-estimated-4300-covid-19-patients-nursing-homes-denounced-single


definitely not something any doctor taking care of nursing home patients would have signed off on.

Sorry, this has been standard practice in the private equity-dominated long term care industry for years. More bodies, more invoices.


Cuombo said he (state) was following Trump’s advice. Now that is DUMB!

In future dictionaries the definition of dumb will include ‘Trump’. Like: Cuombo is a Trump Ass.


They sure can PICK ‘em, can’t they? Who’s their next choice, Vlad the Impaler? Watching Cuomo, daily, really did bring Camus’ perceptive, sardonic, wry novel to mind? We figured, de Blasio simply had too many billionaires pissed of at him, to get any national airtime? Howcome, they dun waited so long to feed him to their 0.01% donor’s “Liberal” media?






Capitalism cannot sustain human life any longer.


Wow! An actual article on CD critical of the god-like Andrew Cuomo. Look at all the News Stories and Views posted on CD and see how many are critical of Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC and the rest of the Dem neo-liberals. Almost none. Almost everything is anti-Trump as if he is the cause of all the problems in the world and there were no problems before he took office. The readers are much more realistic and critical, as is evident by the many reader comments critical of the democrat establishment. How is there ever going to be reform of the bankrupt politics of this country if those problems are not recognized and discussed seriously? Where are the articles about the hopeless Biden and the horrible people behind him such as Larry Summers and Rahm Emanuel? Where are the articles about all his lies and deceptions. His coups and wars? His buoying of the surveillance state? His backing of the prison complex? Am I being too selective in my perceptions? I don’t think so.


another white man ruled by his arrogance. I am continually grateful to now be a resident in California where leaders on every level were watching what was happening and acted quickly to shelter us in place, where we still are for the most part. be safe everybody.


But, Cuomo isn’t a doctor, he’s a Governor. What part of " to govern " R U having a hard time with, here?
He’s guilty of causing unnecessary deaths, that’s been apparent for quite a while. Did you miss his tantrums about the money ( six billion ) from Medicaid, and his stunt with Bloomberg, on the subway " cleaning " fiasco. Which was, according to the CDC and Dr. M. Ohlstrom, a giant waste of $ and energy.
Cuomo, along with De Blazio, are NY hotdogs and jacks. Who needs any more of that?


Adding insult to injury, in one of his daily televised briefings about a month ago he reminded the audience that “M4A is too expensive”.

Later in April, after AOC called foul on the second CARES legislation’s travesties Cuomo admomished the New York Congressional delegation to “not come home if they didn’t get any aid for states in the third CARES”. Unfortunately he failed to mention that the star of that delegation pushed for bringing that aid home and would have succeeded if the rest of Pelosi’s group thinkers hadn’t shirked their duty.


Governor Corona







Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending Cuomo. I’m talking about the economics of greed in the long term care industry. I have no use for Cuomo or De Blasio, who are every bit as guilty as Trump–at least if we’re talking about January-February–of dropping the ball on a corona response. That has been rather swept under the carpet by Cuomo’s performances, and I mean performances, in his briefings and on CNN with his brother. And Cuomo is a right wing neoliberal who should be thrown out of office by Zephyr Teachout or AOC.


Capitalism is working pretty well for the top .01 %.
For the rest of us, your statement is correct.


Any idea how many died in those same facilities starting, say, two weeks after the first of the 4,300 arrived? What are the actual consequences?


I don’t think it is quite that simple. The instruction - which Cuomo says was following CDC guideines, do not say the nursing homes HAD to take recovering patients if they did not have the capability. But it did say that they could not be turned away if they were stable enough to be discharged from hospital. Remember there was a critical need for hospital beds. The homes were also supposed to have designated COVID areas.
As far as the number of deaths is concerned, I read yesterday that 81% of deaths in Michigan had occurred in nursing homes. It’s the norm, not the exception.

Cuomo’s excuse does not hold water. Placing people back into their homes with windows open is the way to go. It is dollar less expensive than the nursing home. He was trying to gain medicare federal dollars to pay for these peoples.

He darn well knew many would become re-infected and at least half would die if not more.

Rest homes can be plush to dormatory, army cots side by side style. It is warehousing, not rest. The owners are for profit and even religious owned need to break even. THe beds became empty because of C-19 victims and Cuomo was gonna use those spaces instead of Javit.


The Lombardia region of Italy has been abut two weeks ahead on New York in coronavirus epidemic development. Unfortunately the decision of sending untested potential coronavirus infectives in nursing homes has been made in Lombardia too, probably before Cuomo’s decision. The result has been dramatic. A large fraction of Lombardia’s coronavirus deaths has occurred in nursing homes. It has been a terrible terrible mistake (or crime?).


Trump versus Biden

Serial sex offenders

Trump versus Cuomo

Serial killers

(Okay - you can file Joe Dough in that category as well)


I think it’s more like human life can’t sustain Capitalism any longer.


CD is really not bad when you compare it to DKos, AlterNet and RawStory. All of which were decent a long time ago before they were subsumed by the Dem establishment. The commentary is much better at AlterNet than the articles. Raw and Kos seem to be inhabited by the Blue MAGA crowd. I just wish the replies here were threaded rather than … whatever you call this format.


Nice post. Thank you!

I’d go farther though. Why leave Obama off the hook? Obama and Michelle remain undeservedly at the top of the untouchable list. They are heroes to most Democrats. Unless and until Democrats stop worshipping him and his administration, the Democratic party is unsalvageable.

The myth of Obama and the reality are almost entirely non-overlapping. He was and is a faithful servant of the elites who operate our country. He was a warmonger, a pusher of the treasonous TPP, and a protector of Wall Street, pharma and the rest of the healthcare industry. He has been well-rewarded for his services to our overlords. Any good he did for the rest of us was accidental.

We the people have paid the price for Obama twice. We paid the price at the time and we are paying the price for the aftermath of his administration: Trump. The failures of Obama’s administration led directly to the rise of Trump. Democrats must not seek the return of another Obama administration. Two terms were too many.