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Cuomo Order That Sent Estimated 4,300 Covid-19 Patients to Nursing Homes Denounced as 'Single Dumbest Decision Anyone Could Make'

No I hadn’t heard that one. Thanks. The real deal, to borrow a phrase from the senile one, is not these microcorruption scams, but is the deep structural corruption between the state and whole sectors of the capitalist economy–the petroleum industry, pharma, military, high tech, finance, incarceration, media etc etc. The condition for this is the induced passivity and repression of working people. Of course the case you cite is certainly a “real deal” to the Navajo.

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Thank you! It’s a great article! Paul Street is amazing as usual.


(I saw someone use the above trick for entering a link here.)


That Paul Street article is like an innovative form of literary torture. It starts out with a couple of things you think Obama might even be capable of, very gradually turning up the improbability (oh, I dunno, maybe possible because of the bug?), until the last steps get so off-the-chart impossible for our smooth, iconic predatory fraud… Then it dawns on you: Street’s been pulling your leg all along, the scoundrel!

Street satirically makes the Calvinistic point: For some of us there could never be any redemption. It’s just out of reach from way down there.


If they were well enough to leave the hospital, in-home care would probably be appropriate. It’s also cheaper than nursing home care, although I don’t think that Medicare/Medicaid will pay for it, so there’s that.

Nursing homes are full of people with very low immunities.


I can definitely see that of course in some circumstances but in these specific cases I understood, maybe wrongly, that the recovering elderly were so weak as to need far more care than home care could feasibly provide. Especially as many of them lived alone or with another elderly person and could not make it to the bathroom or portable potty without serious danger of falling. Home care, at least in PA as I am familiar with it (with my mom and my elder sister) is not 24/7 unless you fork over the money yourself and it is ungodly expensive…

I’d love to slam Cuomo for anything at any time but for this I feel like he, Wolf and the others who did this were kind of between a rock and a hard place with an immediate need and no good options. ( of course that lack of options I have no trouble blaming them for but that is beside the point in an emergency - it had to be handled no matter where you place blame) .

And Andy is being considered “Presidential” material.

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Read Paul Street’s article in CounterPUnch MAY 22, 2020 How Obama could find some redemption.

People remember this when some misplaced “liberal” starts praising Cuomo for Prez in 2024. This guy is no better than either Clinton and probably worse than Obama.


Cuomo has" real appeal " among the real estate developer class in NY state, it seems.
Maybe they could call him Governor " Gentrifier " Cuomo, if you would. After all, he’s capable of following the science of tax law, the science of urban renewal and planning, the science of cost shifting and above all, the science of future campaign fundraising. And, with the MSM adding their scientific expertise in propaganda posing as public relations and news, he’ll kick Bill Nye " The Science Guy " to a curb somewhere in NJ, where he belongs.

Oh dear gods, just shoot me now…


Teachout, AOC can’t throw Cuomo out. It’s up to the people of New York. It’s up to the voters. And personally, thinking of how bad and corrupted and pervasive our corporate-owned media is, I doubt these New Yorkers are going to wise up and vote for someone who is actually competent.
AOC in office is a fluke.

Too many stupid, ignorant Americans.

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Why can’t we just house these Covid-19 patients on cots in the Governor’s mansion? I’m sure Cuomo has some extra room in his pad! If he doesn’t have space, we set up a camp for Covid-19 patients on the White House lawn- or better still, in the White House. We could also house them in the Senate building, where they could hang out with Mitch McConnell. I mean, we have to put them somewhere! Maybe our political leaders would finally care about the pandemic after having a good, long meet and greet with the infected.


Mebbe phatkhat a slight modification and qualification of your statement that “I think it’s more like human life can’t sustain Capitalism any longer.” More likely that human life and Apex Predators can’t sustain Predatory Capitalism any longer.

However, long after we humans and Apex Predators are gone back to dust, a less rapacious form of capitalism\opportunism will be one of a few balanced dynamics contributing to the homeostasis of whatever species are evolved well enough to survive. That species, albeit I’m rooting for us humans, will have to figure out the measure of altruism and cooperation that will have to balance the cut-throat sectors where that capitalism\opportunism dynamic eats through bio-dross and felled life without up-ending the model whereby human economies of scale work for humans rather than humans work for market makers and financializers.

Check the OECD indices of qualities of life sectors of the economy, like Education, Health, Housing, Social Welfare, Telecomm and Life Sciences that any Public Interest centered human centered society or nation-state should be privileging in policy instead of the Corporate Caliphate and so-called yet-to-be-found Free Markets (that is free of market maker and other Private Interest player rigging borne of conflicted interests and institutional corruption including regulatory capture).

Finland for over a decade of some very hard economic hits, like Nokia losing its global share of telecomm markets to Apple design and Foxconn contract manufacturing.

Other major Finnish Global Market players in the supply chains of electronics, cyber gaming, mineral processing, transportation and hardware have had to adapt to keep their full-time Labor demand up and support the Social Democratic safety nets that should be teaching the rest of the world a few things about economically housing the homeless and thereby cutting down on costs of Public Health National Security Threats.

Along with mending the other major social safety nets and infrastructure that the U.S. has allowed to crumble in the race to the bottom of our duopoly’s acceptance of Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrines like SHRINKING BIG GOVERNMENT (until it resembles Third World and Underdeveloped government).


We’ll also need to be evolved enough to know how much cooperation needs to balance competition for natural selection to drain the bathwater while leaving the baby alive and well if dripping wet.

One hopes the Finns with the Russian Czars on one border until the Bolshevik Revolution and eventual Soviet Union Empire as a continuous 200 year major predatory enemy of Finland’s sovereignty and their indigenous language(s) and culture(s), institutional regulation, judiciary system, social welfare systems, educational systems as well as productive presence in global economy with a diversified economy that never succumbed despite the challenges of paying for that kind of national security and independence by making any claims to FINNISH mytho-poetic EXCEPTIONALISM. Although the runic KALEVALA gave the Finn’s ancient culture more legitimacy to such a claim that the New Nation that Washington claimed to represent eventually from sea to shining sea to Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes and the Canadian High Line.

Sweden’s kingdom on hemmed in Finland’s western border presented similar challenges as the Russian negation of Finnish language, culture and national statehood.

All as Washington’s domestic Public (Dis)Information\Public Diplomacy campaigns have convinced so many of our body politic of, namely that fallacy known even today as AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Despite our crumbling institutions, a judiciary that has granted unlimited immunity to white collar crime, political malfeasance, tax evasion and hoarded capital flight along with more Daddy Warbucks global saturation of weapons exports than the next 10 nation-states combined. All this and anti-trust enforcement hiatus for half a century now, concentrations of wealth well beyond any in recorded history, erosion of democratic participation and rectitude, lack of political representation for the vast majority of citizens living as Wage Slaves on the Planet of Clock Punchers near Main Streets siphoned dry by the Corporate Caliphate and Feudal Lords of High Finance and Surveillance Capitalism (see former Harvard Business School Prof Shoshana Zuboff’s 2 decades in the making kiss off to her Ivy League faculty position and any presence on Google, FaceBook or MicroSoft’s monopolistic bid-net models as explained in the Dutch Public Interest TV documentary in English with Dutch translation that is now also posted on Google’s cash cow and monopolistic cyber-cornucopia U. of Tube dba YouTube. Search under Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary
•Dec 20, 2019

All the while Washington’s Shadow Government and sometimes outtside of government entirely operating under the private business clients of the DULLES BROTHERS aligning U.S. with some of the most barbarous and least democratic or republic-like governments in the Authoritarian and Totalitarian world.

With Washington or the National Fruit Company aka Chiquita of Cincinnati or At&T doing the actual junta organizing and coup d’etat military supply lines feeding our Shadow Government’s preferred clients and dictatorial death squad ruling hierarchies.

Washington insiders and outsiders were overthrowing and regime-changing even democratically elected representational governments while Washington backed despotic regimes and military-run economic centralized systems that violated every rhetorical Cold War doctrine of advancing Market Principles as tax-payer subsidies and often illegal and\or cut-out flagged enterprises in concert with Washington’s Shadow Government (see especially after WW II under Eisenhower who left the White House after his two civilian leadership terms and decades heading military operations by getting on national television to directly address the tube-fed citzenry warning of the “MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX” and its threat to what few democratic structures might hope to check the imperatives and resources of Daddy Warbucks and the Shadow Government. Exported via Black, Gray and White propaganda systems like The Mighty Wurlitzer that U.S. law directed to be targeting only our Cold War rivals but in fact were issuing the main source of government contracts to public and private universities and their business lines.

For more on that see Christopher Simpson’s SCIENCE OF COERCION and the book of essays he edited with contributions from many colleagues in his discipline of Communication and other disciplines that took form with federal funding as unmarked if leaned-upon appendages of Washington’s and the Shadow Government’s roughly parallel objectives. See UNIVERSITIES and EMPIRE.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Would that be like small pox laden blankets provided to Native Americans?

Yes, it certainly would. ProPublica’s reporting on this story is available right now.
If you think POTUS Trump & Co. aren’t cashing in on this COVD-19 pandemic, you’re missing the real point. Please look to why he’s using PPEs, et al; really anything he can leverage to extort, and seek ransom ( blackmail ) from the 50 states ( Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C ) by forcing a bidding war for PPEs on to the various governors. Private enterprise by and for your political patrons, etc. A backdoor way to cash in.
What we do to Native Americans ( First Nations ) is actually a type of negligent homicide. It’s also an international violation, possibly an unlawful action similar to a war crime, like genocide, imo.
It’s as disgusting and depraved as its historical counterpart, small pox infested blankets. WTF?


Ah, schools were closed in every neighborhood affected by COVID-19. There are closed and shuttered shopping facilities in almost every community, as well. They are already plumbed, have lighting and electric connection to the grid, parking and what have you.
Where’s your imagination? Thinking on your feet is a lost skill in New York and Pennsylvania, apparently. Sounds like a bad case of Potomac Fever. Better go see a doctor and skip your next appointment with a political consultant/scientist.

Sometimes your words are like smoldering lava in your descriptive thoughts on various topics(this being nursing homes). I believe your message is brute, and meant to convey this is who we are. The great shining house on a hill can give a rat’s ass about it’s the ones who made us great? We are soon destined to be delivered to the trash
heap of countries that didn’t give a f— about caring for their people. So sad.


Caring for other people, besides number one – that’s a foreign concept in USA. This becomes a problem for the survival of cultures which cannot learn that human pathogens don’t much care what kind of Homo sapiens they’re allowed to prey upon, so long as human prey is plentiful and vulnerable.

Truly historic genocide, I do mean on the level of Nazi atrocity, unfolds today in USA’s migrant concentration camps, where fate selected Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejia, 57, at Otay Mesa Detention Center, as the first known to have perished from deliberately lethal neglect. That’s all this genocide requires. No need for gas chambers, thanks to the microbe’s assistance.

“Other than that call, they have never reached out. They have never said, ‘I’m sorry for his death,’” Del Valle said. “Nothing.” The following Monday, an ICE attorney told the judge who had denied Escobar Mejia’s bond that his health had taken a turn for the worse — the government lawyer suggested praying for him.

At 2:15 a.m. on May 6, Escobar Mejia was pronounced dead.

Following his death, Escobar Mejia’s family learned that it would cost $1,700 to cremate his body. A small network of immigration attorneys helped Del Valle to raise the funds and organize a funeral service.

ICE Detainee Who Died of Covid-19 Suffered Horrifying Neglect
by Ryan Devereaux

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That is truly sad to hear. I know what is happening here at detention camps(and also in prisons) is not how a civilized country is supposed to care for it’s detained. But alas, this is not a civilized country(any more). This is something else…

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Associated Press conducted their own count at 4,500 to rest homes to make room in hospitals.

Cuomo = dumb move: coulda used Javits, Navy hospital, suburbs, cleared out VA hospitals, etc.


We will never have an accurate count for The dead from the virus itself, those with previous health problems like heart or kidney, exposed needlessly like most of the 4,500 persons found to have been transported to rest homes.

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