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Cuomo Wants to Privatize Penn Station; That’s a Bad Republican Idea


Cuomo Wants to Privatize Penn Station; That’s a Bad Republican Idea

Richard Eskow

New Yorkers face a “summer of hell” as Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie seek to hand over the city’s historic Penn Station to private investors. This “hell” is the result of our leaders’ “bipartisan” reluctance to invest in needed government infrastructure.


This is classic… Take a vital piece of public infrastructure, totally defund and hobble it, then turn around and say: "See? “‘Socialistic Big government’ can’t do anything right!”

But take the completely corrupt, and terrible, but Capitalist-owned vital public communication infrastructure in my area called “Verizon”, where the service is awful unless you are willing to fork over more than a hundred dollars a month for crap you don’t want, and it is nothing but praise for “the magic of free market innovation!”.


Here we go again! More of the same old mythology that private is always better than public. Forty years of this, resulting in the general public’s acceptance of this b.s. as though it is some natural good law.!
Every time they trot this out, the first questions should be; better how? better for whom? Conservatives always do this. First they cut the funding for something they target for privatization,
thereby making quality of service inevitably decline. Then up ride the “good guys”, investors who
buy it on the cheap, usually with profit margins guaranteed, who we are supposed to believe will always fix it, and, at the same time, produce excellent returns on investment.


The government worker’s mind set is a little placid.
There are at least 30% of private sector workers who will severe your limbs to climb the ladder.

One of that 30% is not making enough money currently.
The tax base revenue is mandatory and massive, and the greedy retards cannot get enough of it for themselves.

Our monetary system is dysfunctional and broken.



Protest what injustice we know should not continue.
Also Propose what we should do instead as well.
(propose even more than protest)
The papers are signed.
The NW Columbia River Basin is now a sacrifice zone for our military.
And for those who profit off fuel oil consumption distribution worldwide.

Shouldn’t we know what decentralized energy systems ​can do? Or how EVs become portable power supplies? Or how market-based Uber would own robocar EVs and leave whole neighborhoods of households without such a backup supply in an emergency? Follow the money to self-driving car hype, ruse and fraud. Penn is already a fine Station. Denver Station ought to plan for 12-daily train routes, new lines to Salt Lake City, then Portland and/or Las Vegas and lala land, north to Yellowstone, south to El Paso.
‘TWO’ Sacramento-Chicago runs daily instead of half that meager amount.


I am working on an app that assigns value based on, among other things, participation commonality and Environmental Enhancement.
Hopefully I can get to some sense of completion before I die.


In my younger days, as a construction worker advocating energy conservation method, reduced a ‘projected demand’ to build 4 nuclear power plants in Washington State and decommission the Trojan Plant in Oregon. The future world I see does not envision self-driving cars.
We drive too much, too far, for too many reasons at too high cost and impact.
We fly and ship and truck basic goods too much too far.
Electrically, it’ll be so much less unconscionable?


I keep suggesting to the folks in the PNW on this site that we should meet, but then I get really strange reactions.


Just do your best, wherever you live, Bauron, and treat fellow
advocates with respect.
In the Pacific NW, Mister Warren Buffett is a douchebag. Him and Bill Gates
both douchebags.


Thank You sir.
I agree with you on your comments on cars - I am in Eugene, my daughter lives in Olympia and meet her in Portland.
With cheap labor being the only motivation for manufacture, and the control of the product completely handed over to the bean counters, pride of work is not even on the radar.

The traditions coffee shop in Olympia carries humanitarian and cooperatively created goods.
We need more like that throughout the world.
The country fair goods peddled by the makers of the products themselves are a good beginning.

Thanks, again.


My beef against Buffett is his mishandling BNSF for fossil fuel shipment.
My beef against Gates is Microsoft’s psycho-babble, mind control and crappy
Gates charities donated computers totally expecting and got a big payback
in sales.
Seattle has very little positive impact due to Bill Gates. Just more
which explains Mr. Buffett’s fossil fuel addiction.


Yours was a polite reply and thoughtful.
Thanks for that.
This Oregonian designed a transit system for Seattle,
‘The Seattle Circulator Plan’ on record at City Hall.
All-electric transit downtown, with Denver’s 16th St Shuttle type buses.
Streetcar back on the Waterfront to First Hill.
A 6-mile 6-car 14-station destination, Single-track monorail.
Estimated cost $500 million. Relieving traffic downtown: Priceless
(The Seattle Circulator Plan is still blacklisted in Seattle)


I would enjoy a meetup, but later when I have more time.

Do you ever go to the Our Revolution Lane County meetings at 11 Sat mornings at Theo’s coffee shop? the old cozmic pizza place.


first I have heard of it.
will try to be there one of these days


I’m not always there, but a good group of people.

Looks like we can’t PM and i don’t like to post public email.


No worries
I am with my daughter in Portland this weekend.
Maybe there in the upcoming weeks.
Perhaps we can catch each other then.


yeah, a bad Republican idea being pushed by a …Democrat.

Neoliberalism is the dominant ideology of both parties when it comes to economics.


So Were you there yesterday?