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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Macron is Just the Beginning of a New Fight for France and Europe


Curb Your Enthusiasm: Macron is Just the Beginning of a New Fight for France and Europe

Mark Weisbrot

The media response to the French election reads like some people had too much cannabis. From the first paragraph of a front page news analysis of the New York Times: “It was globalization against nationalism. It was the future versus the past. Open versus closed.”


That's what I said yesterday!   Instead of celebrating Macron's victory, we should be taking heed that fully 1/3 of French voters supported a Fascist who is ideologically to the right of Tweetle-Dumb!!  Nearly half of all Dutch voters also support a Fascist, as do apparently more than half of Hungarians and Fins!!!

This was not a VICTORY, it was a WARNING!!!!


Glad to see Weisbrot has got his thinking cap on here, as he usually does. McRon is a cut-out doll for Brussels and the same failed neoliberal policies that have led France and the rest of the 'free world' to their current impasse. What Weisbrot fails to point out is that there are positive signs of "new left" emerging from Melenchon's party and other smaller ancillary ones, one that will only gain in strength as McRon institutes his "reforms". Hopefully this new left will draw away some of Le Pen's working class support. Still, Weisbrot is pretty spot-on in this piece, as in this concluding statement:

"Macron’s deficit reduction and structural reforms are part of the problem, not the solution. They may worsen French income distribution and create more economic insecurity."

And you can literally take that to the bank.


Like the song says: 'what a difference a day makes '. Barely hours after Micron's declared victory over fascism and separatism...the great blow struck for a humane united front...police invaded a camp of some 1000 or so Afghans and Africans outside of Paris to evict them. Unlike the daily headlines about the war on terror preceding the run off...the optics on this action required the election be a done deal.


And the there's the small issue that France gets 75% of its power from nuclear water boiling, just waiting to get Fukashimaed...


I do worry about that...


They had two lousy choices just as we did. Many stayed home in France just as here. Until we get the fascist neoliberals out of power, The Trumps and LePens of the world will continue to be what people turn to in face of economic inequality that is not working for them.

"However, in just 100 days it is now clear Trump represents a continuation of the same US neoliberalism–with a nasty social twist of anti-immigrant, anti-environment, anti-social program overlaid on traditional pro-business tax cuts, deregulation, and bilateral free trade proposals."

The Democratic party will continue to lose elections; Bill Clinton, Obama and Hillary and Co. need to be in the dustbin of history as they are THE problem, fighting any move to a real social democracy.

Macron will make sure that the fascist neoliberal EU maintains their austerity measures for France as shown in what the EU has done to every other member country.

"The class war is back in business – the class war of finance against labor, imposing austerity and shrinking living standards, lowering wages and cutting back social spending. It’s demonstrating who’s the winner in this economic warfare that’s taking place."


After the 1% purchased the Washington DC politicians they started purchasing politicians in other nations, especially European politicians attached to the EU. Like Washington DC, the EU has become a convenient one stop bribing station to put regressive legislation in place that affects all member nations and beyond. I wonder if they have an equivalent of K Street in Brussels ?


Its amazing how this French election was like the US election---nationalism vs neo-liberalism ---but even in Greece the elected left party seems to be in the control of the bankers. If Hillary Clinton had been elected she would be making some deal with Ryan on medicaid and social security.

I disagree with the comments about debt------debt is used to enslave people and limit choices. The interest on our debt is about 400B every year-----think what this money could do----and what is the reason for this debt----WAR-the military.

I read a story the other day how the ACA has been the driving force in creating many jobs in areas that have been hurting economically. Take money out of defense and put it in community health centers-----wanna see the GDP go up-----pay people a decent minimum wage---wanna see the GDP go up------All this crap that is going on isn't happening by accident????