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Curious About Who Refuses to Back the Green New Deal? Follow the Fossil Fuel Money


Curious About Who Refuses to Back the Green New Deal? Follow the Fossil Fuel Money

Jon Queally, staff writer

With advocates in the midst of a nationwide blitz to pressure lawmakers to commit fully to the vision of a Green New Deal, a new analysis shows that if you want to see where members of the U.S. Senate stand on the issue the best place to start might just be their campaign finance records.

"If your greatest fear at this point is that the Green New Deal is too ambitious, you're not just on the wrong side of history; you’re on the wrong side of humanity." —Marko Marcetic, Jacobin

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All those corrupt democrats that will obstruct and make the Green New Deal " A TOUGH VOTE" need to be excoriated by progressives and eliminated from Congress!

They have no conscience and they do not deserve to say they represent us when they represent the fossil fuel industries.


The Green New Deal is a very big deal to start the ball rolling towards saving our Mother Earth. The rascist in the White House doesn’t know a good deal if it slapped him in the face. We all must deal with this situation the best we can by rejecting the propaganda and telling the truth, then we will bury the climate deniers in a pile of their own foolishness. Support only those candidates not taking fossil fuel $. Peace


After Mitch McConnell is long dead and gone - our children and their children will have to live with the mess he and his ilk has helped to create. We know he doesn’t care. Do we?

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Hilarious to see Biden in that photo



Just look at the faces of the guys behind AOC. Pretty much sums up where this Green New Deal is going. They’re smirking. Conflict of Interest is the bare minimum of what is going on in the political cesspool we call our government.




Well the media whores keep telling us that Biden is " the most electable" and being in the picture with AOC, he probably figures it enhances his chances.

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He’s not in the photo.


I was on the fence about bothering to bring what is merely a resolution up for a vote.

But now I’ll be thrilled to expose the Dems who see no urgency on this all-important issue.
Whatever combination of gutlessness, corruption, or stupidity drives their votes needs the light of day.


Huffpo’s Kaufman sez:
“The donations come from the powerful, deep-pocketed industry …”

Inigo Montoya sez:
“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Another surprise moment here? Of course not, everyone knows that exactly nothing will change, nothing will be done until they see a mass movement that refuses to lay down and wait for this to materialize. Anyone blocking action on climate change needs to know in no uncertain terms they will be held accountable for this onrushing disaster.


What photo did you bring up? Biden was definitely in the photo I looked at, right behind AOC.


Every one of these Politicians accepting money from the Fossil Fuel Industry will insist that this money has no effect on their policies.

They will also tell you they are honest.


Corporate capitalist, fossil fueled backing /backed Democrats and Republicans playing good cop/bad cop with life on earth.
Mother (Earth) Fuckers !


When will Americans wake up to the fact that corruption fell the USSR and it is doing the same to America?

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Damn! You are correct.
serious synaptic misfire on my part. Thanks for the correction

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If you vote Green you won’t get anything but a sense of pride.


That is Mike Thompson, Democratic Representative from California.


Sad reality, too late to prevent some really bad impacts of climate change but certainly not too late from stopping it getting much worse, catastrophically worse. There are those driven by nothing but insatiably greed, ego and lust, who want to cause as much harm as possible, as an expression of their power, the ability to destroy the rest of us and they are currently running the US into the ground, no country is more impacted by climate change than the US, yet the insane policies continue.