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Curious About Who Refuses to Back the Green New Deal? Follow the Fossil Fuel Money


Agreed with Marcetic. In fact, as I wrote Feb. 8 at Daily Kos:

Obviously, the Green New Deal will be devilishly hard to pass. But to those on the left who argue it will be impossible to pass and impossible to implement if it does pass, let me just say that No Can Do is not a progressive value. Nor is the idea that we dare not move too fast in addressing climate change. That option is long gone. The question now is “How can we move fast enough?” Every day we waste in delay makes the possibility of an answer to that question iffier. […]

Progressive energy needs instead to be focused on putting flesh on the Green New Deal bones and persuading hesitant Democratic footdraggers to get with the program. Many of them couch their criticism in assertions that we must be “realistic.” In other words, don’t ask for too much. This is bogus. Realism can be found in the ever more alarming reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other studies that inform us we have little time to get ourselves on a track that leads us to a carbon-neutral status if we are to have any hope of ameliorating the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Realism means we’ll literally be in hotter water if we accept the conventional “wisdom” that says we risk overreaching.

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In California, the state where they have the most members and have been on the ballot for 27 years, the Greens can count one mayor and two city council members, and you’re counting on the party to deliver a Green New Deal? The Greens have a good platform, but no path to state power, much less national power.


I read the whole article looking for the list of the Wall of Shame. Not one name was given.


Mother Earth does not need help saving itself. It has been around for billions of years and is very capable of healing itself.


True. The Earth will survive–without humanity—the poison on the surface…

“Also a day will come when the earth Will scratch herself and smile and rub off humanity.” Robinson Jeffers

“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel and our shelter and surround us with beauty. Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it.” – Vedas Sanskrit scripture-1500 BC


If they can live at all through the world that climate change, the polite euphemism for the world that — whatever you choose to refer to it as —is coming down hot and heavy on all of us.

They can’t deny it away.

That we will someday to be in a position to tell the deniers and opposers “we told you this would happen.”

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What happened, did you get bojoed by Markos?

Actually, I lurked over there prior to the mass bannings, and admired your contributions greatly. Sure hope you show up here now and again.

As for the Greens, you’re right, they have no path to state power as of now. But I’m going to work with them and any other Independent alternative after years of watching the Dems shifting right.

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A direct tax on carbon is so fundamental to taking action on climate change, I will believe the GND people are sincere when they push this in Congress.


Capitalism is so suicidal in its attacks on Nature that McConnell may take us all
with him – including the planet!

Secretary General/United Nations just said that “in the next two years we may begin
to see runaway inflation – and that will be the beginning of the end.”

Of course, the UN recognizes the Vatican as a sovereign nation with voting rights
though it is a one square mile, all male inhabited area.

The Vatican/“Christianity” underpins Elite-Patriarchy and with “Manifest Destiny” and
“Man’s Dominion Over Nature” gave them the license to exploit Nature, Animal-Life,
Natural Resources – and even other human beings according to various myths of

For instance, the Vatican labelled native people here – 112 million – as “pagans …
only fit to be fed to the dogs”

The genocide here was carried out under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill” natives here
and Africans already enslaved here.

All reminiscent of their precedent-setting violence and tortures in The Crusades,
Inquisitions, and Burnings at the Stake.


Biden is a pervert and they owe him a great deal for putting the first GOP pervert
on the Supreme Court – Clarence Thomas.

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And did you happen to see the latest New Hampshire, democratic poll? Biden is leading the field and is 8 points better than Bernie who is second!


Washington state had a tornado this year—hmmm how did that happened? Maybe the change in the polar areas is changing the jet stream—which could change everything too. Once upon a time the ME has lots of greenery , so maybe climates will be moving and switching all over the planet. Maybe that will force states into nation states, and like ancient Greece---- with wars and thefts going on constantly.
And as for the rich, when the children of the many die-----when all feelings are gone, I’m sure that the bereft will come for you the rich and your children too. Absolute power-------- as in absolute corporate power— really does corrupt everything and everyone completely, doesn’t it. : (


The Fossil Fools will control the planet … until they kill it. They have their sights set on VZ right now. The Gas & Oil Party, the corporate dems, and the corporate media are all on board. And the sheeple continue to eat their shtt right up. The GND has been in the making for 50 years. Never give up!


AOC appears to be one smart cookie. Wait until she REALLY learns the ropes!


They are practiced liars.


The writing is on the wall. We won’t notice until it is too late. Many of us have been attempting to “Wake up America” for many years. My effort began in 1980. We have a Rip Van Winkle deep sleep happening.
Mostly because of manipulating the people. With war, fear, illusions of prosperity, and keeping a middle class spending cohort barely alive.
Most people struggling to survive or even to get ahead, are preoccupied and don’t recognize our downfall.


Don’t for get Religion the opioid of the masses and the physical opioids etc. advertised or pushed on t.v. and
made so available to the public.