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Current Farm Crisis Offers Opportunity For Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/17/current-farm-crisis-offers-opportunity-change

LOVE Jim Goodman and his down to earth perspective on farming and food production. Unfortunately, our small, local farmers have been driven out of this economy along with the 99%. This has been going on for 40 plus years with the advent of the globalization of industrial agriculture run and owned by the capitalists for profits only to them.

Not sure what the answer is at this late stage, but Jim has nailed the problem as a supply side problem that is destroying the soils and making the climate emergency much worse.


Mr Goodman has it right. Supply side management is key and coupled with all of his other sound proposals will lead to a safer and healthier food supply. Industrial farming has to be eliminated. Food much be raised locally as much as is practical. Concentrating food production and processing in single large complexes is done , not because it makes food healthier or protects the environment. It done because it eliminates labor and returns larger profits to shareholders.

Just as housing is in a crisis state because the house is seen as a revenue generating opportunity first and foremost , farming is in a crisis because it all about a handful extracting the largest profit that they can.

This is what CAPITALism does.