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'Cutting Social Security Is Murder': Flood of Public Outrage Greets Trump Proposal to Slash Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/cutting-social-security-murder-flood-public-outrage-greets-trump-proposal-slash


Every member of the Democratic party , be they a Senator or member of Congress knew that when they voted YES to that obscene military spending bill , that the Republicans would savage Social spending programs using the deficit as an excuse.

BOTH Parties are culpable.


This proposal is idiotic. It creates more bureaucracy, the costs of administration will undoubtedly exceed any ‘gains’ that might be garnered by throwing people out. Cruelty is obviously the point.

Unfortunately, for the idiots on the far-right, it is ‘exactly what Trump should be doing’. I have heard that phrase from several Repugs over the last few months to justify all the horrors. Fed to a moronic public via Faux News.


And the lousy dollar drenched democrats yawned and said “tell it somebody that gives a flying fu$k.” The article is right about one thing…this is only the beginning. Now that your employer can sign you up for retirement accounts that one must opt out of if they cannot afford it. Richard Neal described as one of Pelosi’s most trusted lieutenants worked with republicans to get this through. It is a Democratic Party initiative telling the press that they were worried that people were not saving enough for their retirement.
Of course, most working people need every penny to get by and not end up on the street. But wall street needed more gambling cash so let’s steal it from minimum wage workers. Added, bonus, it undermines social security and sets up an alternative where employers get a tax break for setting up their employees and do not have to contribute anything to the funds like they do with social security.
This is the opening salvo and they did I all of this while large numbers of American idiots bought into their impeachment circus.



“An attack on any part of Social Security is an attack on the entire system.”

The entire system NEEDS to be attackedthen dismantled and a new one built in the vile ashes of the current one!

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The politics of cruelty.


In his First Term the Pre-Historic Barbarian will do what Reagan and Bush were unable to achieve, Cut Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Benefits for our Neighbors who are struggling to survive.

The Sadistic Ogre needs to reduce the deficit in order to justify the Enormous Tax Cuts to His Friends at his Mar A Lago Country Club and his buddies running Fortune 500 Corporations.

In His Second Term Trump, the Mentally Defective Bigot, will attempt to Achieve what every Republican President has been trying to do since 1936, take a Meat Cleaver to the entire Social Security Administration and end this Entitlement Program completely.

Republicans consider Social Security Benefits a Welfare Program but in essence it is a Forced Savings Plan and it is our own money that is withdrawn every month.

I think we have seen enough of the type of damage a Greedy Deranged President can do when he or she decides to dismantle decades of Humanitarian Progress.



Will this perhaps get people out on the streets a la France?


THis is just a foot in the door. If Caligula and the Reich get away with this, expect the rest of Social Security to disappear too


I would not want the current crop if insane Fascists anywhere near a rebuilding of SS. That is asking to get screwed


My comment:
Cutting social security to millions of disabled people is diabolically cruel. And for what? So that the already grossly wealthy can get a tax cut? So the bloated Pentagon can have more to spend on life destroying hardware?

Enough! This attempt will not be forgotten nor forgiven and mind that you are pushing the general population who is not asleep to the brink of a hot revolt. Monsters everyone who supports this!



They’re carefully staying away from cutting main SS benefits to seniors–for now. “First they came for the disabled.”


“If implemented, the rule change would require people categorized by the federal government as Step 5 recipients—typically older individuals with serious physical ailments or mental illness—and others to re-prove their benefit eligibility every two years.”
Well, mr. Trump, in my opinion this was not a good time of year to propose something so unChristian. It could be very bad luck.

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Right on. Just like the Jews in Germany then everybody else they didn’t like.


The Nazis also came after the disabled. Same playbook.


Just a reminder, Obama put Social Security and medicare on the auction block twice. Remember his GRAND Bargain? Clinton was also willing to give social security to Wall Street. Impeachment stopped him only because Newt Gingrich didn’t want to cut that deal while impeaching him. Democrats are every bit as bought as Republicans.



Please recognize that since the neoliberals took over the Democratic party with the DLC and the Clintons, the attack on entitlements is bi-partisan cruelty.


Strange how Trump insists on making himself unelectable. Of course he is so delusional he doesn’t realize that. It has always been a fundamental principle of campaigning not to mess with Social Security.
The question is will his Democratic opponent have the guts to confront him over and over on all this crap. Bernie for sure; Biden don’t count on it, he is too compromised himself after catering to the financial industry and enabling Clinton’s draconian drug laws.


I very much doubt that it would mainly because most people including seniors simply won’t learn about this until after the fact. Many seniors that I speak with have no idea that Trump wants to do this type of thing. They actually think that he is on their side. People like us seek out the news but most people do not and many actively avoid learning new things that might shake their poorly informed positions. The years of AM radio and Fux News blasting liberals has taken its toll. The media is conservative but claims that it is still too liberal every chance it gets. The price we pay for that is an uninformed public who often votes against its own interest just because it didn’t know any better.


Republicans who think of themselves as Christians should consider the following phrases uttered by Jesus, Himself the Son of God,“The Father and I are One.” And: “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto Me.” Some food for thought.