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Cutting Social Security to Offset Paid Parental Leave Would Weaken Retirement Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/14/cutting-social-security-offset-paid-parental-leave-would-weaken-retirement-security

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It would be stupid to cut social security, when it’s the military that doesn’t know where their money went. Maybe they do know where it went---- but they aren’t telling.
It is insane to ask workers to contribute to their retirement------------ and then start carving it up before they retire----and this is happening when the military has more money than the dragon, Grendal!
It would be easier to tie SS cost of living rates to the same percentage raise that Congress votes for itself! : )
And again as to the military, whenever a new general comes in, the old one has to show a balanced budget, and if that general can’t do that, then that person can work in the basement of the White House until their budget is clarified and balanced!
Geez, what morons the government must think people are----You can’t give anymore money to the military until they can produce a budget where they show what they have and what they have spent the money on . Or—It also might be fun to send the criminal ones to Guantanomo until they can unravel all the missing money since keeping them in office still doesn’t show where all that missing money—like the palest full of missing money in Iraq! : 0


Cut all of the Congress Critter’s benefits, and let them pay for it all just as we do.

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Let’s go to the central subject; rich people are rich because they tap into social wealth owned by humanity in common.

Paid parental leave makes the economy stronger be contributing to healthy youth growing to become productive adult citizens. Paid parental leave is an investment that pays off big. The problem is, no rich people can get their hands on it directly. All boats rise together with social investments. Private yachts rise with privatized Earth wealth, including harmfully redirected human labor wealth.

Social security and universal health care provide confidence to imaginative individuals who may become great inventors, artists, scientists and business leaders, as well as good moms and dads.

This kind of wealth heals Earth with human rights.

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IMO this is nothing more than an attempt to weaken Social Security, something repug’s have been trying to do for years. Does anyone here believe they give a dam about parents or kids?

GoFundMe is behind this scheme. Parents who trade their earned benefits for leave will need to finance their retirements with GoFundMe.

For a rapidly growing number of Americans GOFundMe is their defacto medical insurance (and their only medical insurance).


I believe a new law must be legislated, passed, and put into effect right away that stipulates if an individual has monetary assets totaling $2 Million or more, businesses included, that individual or business is not qualified to receive any government benefits, and, to illegally accept any benefits would be a felonious crime subject to strong criminal penalties.


I’d add that we need an accounting of forty ears of usurpation and off-shoring of the commons by parasites living in the giant vampire squid.

Time to be including critiques by Thomas Piketty; Dr.Richard Wolff; and others

Additions noted, accepted, and recorded.

Thanks Goat.

Kathleen and Kathleen.
“guaranteed benefits” and 'insurance policy" in your article are both big errors on your part.

Social Security is paid out to orphans, widows, too many disabled and eligible retirees. The amount is not guaranteed from the day i started work in 1947 or at anytime in between until now. Congress can increase, decrease, cancel. amend, create new rules, require an audit, - and permit inflation to take all recipients into hunger.

Social security is not insurance. Who the heck told you that. It is a pass through tax that workers pay into regularly and the money immediately goes to recipients. We do have a trillion+ dollar rainy day set aside to handle the boomers - until…

There have been articles and proposals to add a ‘net worth’ qualification for retirement. The original idea was that the workers house would be paid off, the farm owned free and clear. Since then, our cities have a larger percentage of citizens and most are renters.

This changes the whole standard of living downward. As we are now, I think legalizing the three generation household may be our best immediate fix.