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CVS Quits US Chamber of Commerce Over 'Craven' Ties to Tobacco Industry


CVS Quits US Chamber of Commerce Over 'Craven' Ties to Tobacco Industry

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

CVS has announced it's ending its membership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce following reporting that the powerful trade association was doing the bidding of the tobacco industry by working to thwart global anti-smoking efforts.

The Chamber has been described as "the lobby group for Big Business."

The New York Times reported last week on how


The mainstream media, big pharm, the medical community and the government(four organizations of questionable adhesion to ethical practices and the truth) have been screeching non-stop about the evils of smoking for decades.

I can’t help feeling that they protesteth too much, and so might be trying to sell us a bill of goods.

If “benefits of smoking” is Googled you’ll get about 152,000,000 hits.


Smoking has no benefits – only health risks to the smokers and those forced to breathe their second-hand smoke. Whoever suggested to you that smoking is beneficial in any way was blowing smoke up your butt.


No one in history ever died of second hand smoke until 1991, the day after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (above) started shrieking about the nasty nature of tobacco; now it’s the leading cause of death in the solar system.

The propaganda dispensed by the mainstream media can have a majority of the population embrace or reject anything it chooses. It’s that efficient.


Googled you’ll get about 152,000,000 hits…
So that is the extent of your scientific research?


How about a bit of tolerance? We have forced companies to ensure there is no smoking even when some of these businesses enjoy smokers. To protect who? I am tired of the nanny state. Smoking is an Native American tradition from prior to invasion of the foreigners, like myself who call are selves American by virtue of birth. OK - then what ever happened to free choice. Our jails would have space for people who damage other people if the victimless criminals were let out. Is a smoking parent worse than one who feed and instills the love of mega sugar to their children in the form of sugar laden drinks with every meal?


If there were any justice, tobacco industry CEO’s and their tobacco chemists would be tried for genocide.