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Cyber-Security Firm: NSA-Linked Spyware Found in Hard Drives Worldwide


Cyber-Security Firm: NSA-Linked Spyware Found in Hard Drives Worldwide

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


And that’s how you get to keep your asylum status in Russia. Holding on to the cool stuff that isn’t on Mr.Greenwald’s hard drives.


“I’m sorry you feel that way Dave. There’s really nothing to worry about” - HAL


I always thought this was the case… but, I guess. they would do that to a computer I’d have… I’m really too boring for them… but, this is very interesting… just goes to show… they are everywhere…


The Obama Administration is even more deternined to and more successful at mobilizing the whole world against the US empire than was GWB - and that is saying a whole lot.



Oh shut up. Can’t you think of something more interesting to say other than the same old shit. Obama this liberals that. Does everyone in this country default to idiot blame poltical spewage. Same old redundant shit. Ugh.


Apparently when you signed up you missed the notice of community standards for commenting on Common Dreams.


Stories from the Snowden archives, and this now from Kaspersky, show that the level of overreach and invasion of personal privacy by the American paramilitary black operations now exceeds even the most dystopian nightmares.

The lack of reaction on the part of the American public to clear violations of the U S Constitution no longer surprises me. It is on par with our general response to the deeply troubling science of global warming. Too overwhelming for rational thought or response. Not that humans are particularly adept at reason, nor in our ability to formulate coherent strategies to deal effectively with impending likely catastrophies, climatic or political. But the combination of unfortunate default-mode characteristics may well keep us in a bare dog-eat-dog survival existence for centuries yet to come.


There. I repaired it. Thanks for the heads up.


“News that the U.S. spy agency had manually implanted personal computers
with surveillance technology was also revealed in documents leaked by
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.”

What exactly is your point?


This “Peeping-Tom” government has to go.


Perhaps the analogy is missed by you, but your post shows deference to those who have set up this breach to a number of established Constitutional protections, not the least of which is the right to privacy (or being secure in one’s own home and person).

How many citizens know about this?

Did you bother to factor in the extensive use of PR campaigns largely now using Hollywood films that endlessly push the narrative of “good guys/bad guys” in a war against “terrorism” or films like “Zero Dark 30” and now “American Sniper” that glamorize war and killing, itself?

Entertainment and culture work to influence collective mores. The CIA and NSA know this well having learned it directly from the Nazis they imported, covertly, after WW II. It seems to me that their ideology now runs the U.S. through its deep state apparatus and operations.

Since mass media is 100% propagandized, very few Americans know the true story of current events… but I suppose you’d fault them for this outcome, rather than the engineers of deception. This deception, like a cloud, runs so thick that those who DO see and speak the Truth are increasingly attacked, put under scrutiny, or “taken out.”

Have you considered how deeply the culture of porn and the degradation of women factor into this psychological depravity that feasts on mass murder the way the vampire does blood?

Or that these programs are no longer American. NATO and the elite entities that run things on a global scale are behind the massive spy campaigns. Ultimately, their targets are any who oppose THEIR agenda.

But go ahead and follow this site forum’s favorite chorus line: that of turning EVERY significant breach of authority and acts on the part of its MIC/government/big business enablers into the problem of citizens.

You also apparently missed how intensely the screws are tightening–fiscally–on most American families and the pressures that adds to already existing pressures to keep food on the table, the heat on, and a roof over the kids’ heads.

Yeah! Blame The People! That’s a genuine and compelling call to Solidarity! (Not)


You seem to be minimalizing rape. There is no order of rank here. It’s a moral injustice and dangerous to any Democratic (or would-be Democratic) society if big brother looks in on the THOUGHTS and expressed beliefs of arguably free citizens; and it’s wrong that there is a backdoor rapist (actually, thousands of them); and that the boy is being hell-fired with a drone in Yemen or anywhere else. And all 3 acts reflect a supreme masculine view of the world, one based on the use of aggression in order to control others and play god with their life or death. Shorthand for it is unchecked militarism running rampant over all sacred and living being… as in Mars Rules. THAT is the dis-ease and it’s an epidemic.


Stuxnet seemed at the time to be like a Trojan horse that we were inviting our enemies to hop aboard. Want to shut down our grid? This will help. If the behavior of my own machine (MacMini) is any indication the load of profligate malware is seriously threatening the net, all networks of social and economic transaction. Stuxnet is the perfect spirochete… Enjoy.


That’s fine with me. The quicker the US power over others declines, the better.


Interesting to note that when I tried clicking on this article, three times I might add, my computer went back to my inbox…OK. national sh!t agency, eff off.
Paper and pen and postage are seeming mighty retro cool about now…