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Cyber Threats Call for Cyber Diplomacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/21/cyber-threats-call-cyber-diplomacy

Unless Biden prioritizes bringing Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice post haste (as in January 21) GOP operatives who have been complicit in enabling serial cyber attacks will not just continue their half century crime spree, they will accelerate it.

More likely the Murcans need to conduct cyber-diplomacy with their own intelligence services.

The naivety of an article like this is so extreme that it’s hard not to laugh. Does the author not realize that nobody in the world, aside from the kennel of Euro-poodles, any longer expects the American government to honor any diplomatic arrangement whatsoever? That the US, regardless of which hologram inhabits the White House, is viewed by most of the world as a massive out-of-control rogue state that cannot ever be assumed to behave in a civilized and respectful manner?

We would do well to realize this. I do hope the young wokesters do. If not, then the future is dark indeed.

Now, now, don’t sugarcoat it.

In addition to your points, the author would also do well to appreciate that the US fiat currency printing mechanism is the only perpetual motion machine in existence, defying both physical and moral logic.

Harris and Biden may, over their guaranteed minimum two-term occupancy, trim back ever so slightly on, say, munition sales to the Gulf States but cyber capabilities shall be monetized exponentially to account for this difference in the defense budget … and the author is playing the part of an unwitting Pied Piper in laying Manufactured Consent groundwork here … .

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Did you ever notice how these “cyber threats” occur during times of transition or waning support for war? To me it seems like a perfect false flag operation to insure that we don’t stop funneling all of our resources to the alphabet agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.) and Pentagon.

Sort of a ‘cold war thaw’ avoidance mechanism. We need to have an enemy for them to focus our attention on. Even better if it is nameless and/or unprovable. I think it is just another grand hoax to keep money flowing away from the people and into a few select pockets.

Oh, and this entire article is complete BS on so many levels. It is more of a whitewash than an exposé. Read up on Stuxnet as an example…


I agree in full with everything that you wrote.

I think that I beat you to it, though (see above) … .

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