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Cyclone Amphan Is a Warning for the United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/21/cyclone-amphan-warning-united-states


The major impediment to this is the intertwinement of money and politics. It has so corrupted Washington, DC that only a small percentage of lawmakers seem to really be able to hold to their core principles. Even when they do, with the sausage-making style of the legislative process, they often have to vote “for” things with they find abhorrent or “against” things they champion.


So true, right now in congress that “small percentage” is 1 out of 535. 1 person voted against the looting of the treasury.


Basav Sen is correct regarding this particular cyclone not getting much attention by the UScorpMedia due to all the shtt that is happening in this country right now. They have gladly moved the ongoing climate crisis to the back burner. It just hit over 100 degrees F in Siberia above the arctic circle.

On a side note; the term Global South is really confusing … such that there are economic Souths in the geographic North and Norths in the geographic South. Apparently, the World Bank and their ilk no longer favor the terms “Developing Countries” and “Third World”. Absolutely lame.

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Hi Hayduke:
And, don’t forget the Sarah Sand Storm is this way coming too!

Thank you for this article.

The author of this piece is totally right.

The height above sea level of big parts of the East Coast and likely, also Gulf Coast are so low that a really big storm could kill huge numbers of people.

People should also be aware that many maps elevation figures are inaccurate expecially under tree cover. Typically older maps overstate the elevation substantially. Your home’s actual elevation may be lower than you think. The best way to get an accurate reading is to use a more modern GPS in conjunction with a base station to substantially improve the resolution. Some newer cell phones contain a raw data capable GPS which can be accurate to just a few millimeters under ideal conditions. However getting such accurate readings requires some configuration, it also is likely to require you sign up for data access to access GPS data from a nearby geodetic data base station. The closer you are to a stationary station of known location the more useful this data is.

Even a non-surveying GPS is likely more accurate than old flood maps or even Google Earth.

A tip to get a more accurate reading with a generic consumer grade GPS logger is to let it warm up for as long as you can (the best would be 24 hours, alhougl that time it can be anywhere it has a view of the sky. Don’t turn it off.

If it can then be brought to where you inted to make your measurement. Leave it still before you take a critical reading. Take the elevation reading in a clear area, not near buildings or trees.

In coastal areas which have storm surges, your elevation and the elevation of any flood escape routes are really important.

We need to help solve these extreme weather problems for the people in poor countries. living right near sea level. here in the US too, low lying areas.

We need to build - mass production, concrete and steel shelters that can get people up away from the water, to save their lives.

Houses, other property, are not as important as human lives.
We need to get our priorities straight.