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'Cynical' as Well as 'Insultingly Illegal': Critics Blast Anti-Immigrant Trump for Exploiting Naturalization Ceremony at RNC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/cynical-well-insultingly-illegal-critics-blast-anti-immigrant-trump-exploiting

I did read the article, but oh the picture!

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Wait, what’s that sound? Oh, that’s the sound of republicans demeaning progressives on national tv. But what is that other sound? That s the sound of the Democratic Party dismissing its progressives for yet another election cycle.
Progressives screaming about Trumps mafia-like administration is worse than chicken little screaming about the sky falling. The GOP certainly isn’t listening, but the DNC has earplugs in as well.


This trump regime has never had respect for other than itself, for extremist “conservative” views, corruption, and crony profiteers; not the public - the “little-people”, not the much-touted office of the Prez,, not regulatory agencies to protect the public they intentionally destroy, not “precedent”, not our common environment, clearly not public or medical worker health and safety, and not truth that is at the center of integrity and moral compass. “There is no religion higher than the truth” - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

A regime and prez of malignant fantasy and fabrication; of pathological lies and hyper-distorted reality in the extreme - as their convention speakers clearly demonstrate.

The spectacle of the trump/republican contempt, manipulation, and ignoring justice and equality for a narrow hyper-partisan agenda for wealth, profits above all else, and exploitation, not the Common Good, not public health and NOT for a free and honest election, doing everything their malignant minds can come-up with to suppress and deny the vote to millions!

THAT is the vision of society and governance the Republican/trump/“conservatives” hold! A vision they promise to continue for the millions struggling to survive while billionaires and multi-millionaires, usurers and polluters they serve destroy and exploit all? Cynically wrapping themselves in the flag but having demonstrated contempt for the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, for law and precedent shows who they are and what they really stand-for - all else is a false marketing charade - like use of flag as just another prop, lie and deceit!.

The only thing more reprehensible in many ways is the utter failure of the entrenched Democratic hierarchy to define and represent the opposite to the trump Republican evil purpose - what they are supposed to stand-for but do-not - without their own mealy-mouthed deceit and complicit agenda they also support and represent - an entrenched political party and agenda different only in nuance, not basic intent or actions. It is tragically, the only viable mechanism we currently have to end the reign and existential threat of evil and corruption in power - and that must also end!

"What is an evil man? The man is evil who coerces obedience to his private ends, destroys beauty, produces pain, extinguishes life." – Jack Vance, 1964


I’m just doesn’t seem all that “illegal” when you keep getting away with it.


I will start caring about all the illegality being perpetrated by the dumbo and his evil minions when the Dems actually start DOING something about it, instead of wringing their hands and going oh my, oh my, with a tsk, tsk thrown in to show those meany repubs they mean business this time. Given no consequences, they will continue to destroy all rule of law. So Dems, shut up or get serious!


And what can they do? Seriously. Since mitch can stop any bill the democrats, which he has done over 200 times now, there is nothing except for bringing it forth and telling people.
W/o a majority in both houses and the presidency, they have no power.
Mitch has made it clear that any house bill is dead upon arrival.
So unless there is some magical means the democrats can wave their hands and it comes into being, nothing can be done.

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They could continue to impeach the fucker on all his illegal actions. Yes, the Senate would likely not convict, but to say there is nothing the Democrats can do it a bit disingenuous. At least it would continue to force the Republicans to show they have no regard to any law in the USA. The Democrats chose to impeach the fucker on the least offensive charge they could. There were about twelve other counts they could have gone after him with that were more egregious. And they could refuse to fund his illegal activities, but no, the Democrats are only too happy to give him more money than he asks for when it comes to the military. And the Democrats passed the CARES act without demanding any oversight on how it was implemented and spent. It seems that the Democrats are actually happy with him in office as they continue to enable the fucker.


More theatrics revealing the hypocricy.

As I have said hundreds of times, the “D” and “R” are both sock puppets of the Oligarchy, doing what they are told to do. The Oligarchy does not care which one is in “power” as they both do what they are told to do, and their other function is Kabuki, to con We the People into thinking that we have the choice as to which “party” is in charge for the next four years. The result is always the same. We the People wind up poorer, hungrier, and with less freedom than we had during the last “administration.” The Oligarchy comes out richer and more powerful than they were last time around. If this were a sports event, the score would be very close to Oligarchy 100, We the People 0. And, of course, the Oligarchy wants it all, and they want it now!


It sickens me to my core to see this ahistorical “Divide & Conquer” (Hate, Inc.*) garbage proffered as journalism.

In this Orwellian, gaslighting bit of “Two Minutes Hate,” Jake Johnson writes that “Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf… was instrumental in authoring administration policy that separated thousands of immigrant children from their families.”

I’m sure that Wolf has been atrocious, indeed, but anyone who actually gives a damn about the plight of immigrants at the U.S. border knows full well that it was the Obama administration that authored this policy, separating thousands of children from their parents/legal guardians and caging them years before Trump elected to continue the practice.

Immigrants’ rights groups deemed President Obama “The Deporter in Chief” as he brutally deported some three million immigrants – including refugees from war zones Washington created – more immigrants than were deported by all 20th-century presidents combined.

President Obama’s administration also drew up the so-called “Muslim travel ban” that Trump has tried, unsuccessfully, to implement (which isn’t a “Muslim ban” anyway, since it does not pertain to Muslims from dozens of nations, including the most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia; the ban specifically targets anyone traveling from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and a few other nations that the U.S. has attacked in recent decades).

It’s as if Common Dreams just wants to divide Americans and fill its readers with hate. If they wanted to take on the U.S.'s monstrously cruel and despotic policies on principle – policies that long predate (and frequently exceed) Donald Trump – I would celebrate their reporting more often.

Instead, it seems all CD’s editors want is to throw “red meat” to rabid partisans and watch the nation tear itself to pieces – on the basis of disinformation.

It seems they want their readers to be delusional, neoconservative Democrats, voting “Blue No Matter Who” even when the “Blue” candidate is a lifelong white-supremacist and one of the key architects of the ongoing holocaust of Muslims in the Middle East.

(* Thanks to Matt Taibbi, author of “Hate, Inc.”)


And they will get it all as their two corporate parties do their bidding. The only thing left is massive general strikes and boycotts. But that would take the citizens waking up and realizing they are being played to hate each other and caring for each other. Not ever likely to happen in the USA which has the most stupid citizens per capita in the world. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that we are living in the end times now. My heart is beyond broken every day I wake up and see yet more and more violence against each other, mostly implemented by the right wing armed to the teeth MAGA hatters.

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The Democrats hold the purse strings, so if they had leadership in the House they could do plenty. But with Neal and Pelosi, there’s nothing in Trump to oppose it’s all about grabbing for self with both hands.

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Trump and administration fu _ _ ing phonies.

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Oh My, Oh my…~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE4j_4sfXak

Everyone was overwhelmed with the POTUS involvement, until the five went home and unrolled their naturalization certificates, which were blank.