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Cynthia Nixon and Ocasio-Cortez Blast 'Cynical' Cuomo-Backed Women's Equality Party for Endorsing Male Centrists in New York


Cynthia Nixon and Ocasio-Cortez Blast 'Cynical' Cuomo-Backed Women's Equality Party for Endorsing Male Centrists in New York

Julia Conley, staff writer

At an event held by Mic on Wednesday, progressive New York candidates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon shared indignation but not surprise over the failure of the Women's Equality Party to endorse either woman in their high-profile 2018 races.


How do people not vote against Cuomo alone because they are just tired of this type of bullshit? How do people see this, his obvious corruption, and vote for it? Stuff like should repulse people, provided that they are wired like people with strong senses of justice and empathy (which Lrx lacks, can’t wait for his bullshit comment) even if they agree with him on policy more than Nixon. Same bullshit with the IDC in New York, another creation of his.


Never heard of the Women’s Equity Party. As they say, you learn something new every day. It sure sounds like there will be a lot of parties on the NY ballot this year and a lot of candidates to choose from.


The same will be true of the 2020 national election. I expect you to keep this open mind with parties like the Green Party if the Democrats do to a leftist candidate what they did to Sanders, or what they did for Clinton. Lots of options then too for the left. You down with that Lrx? Let’s just be consistent, I am willing to do so. Third parties are a good things and worthy of our consideration. So all the Jill Stein voters in 2016 are then cool and beyond critique? Just trying to piece together your cognitive dissonance.


The WEP was formed by Cuomo as a vindictive poke at the WFP for supporting Zephyr Teachout when she came close to beating Cuomo in a primary. Notice how the two look similar at a glance…that was the intent…WFP - WEP…creep POS!

Cuomo’s extreme vindictive nature (and corruption) as well as his contempt for the people’s issues except at election time when he and his lackeys trot-outy the "Cuomo is a great progressive BS! All that should be obvious to voters, especially women who are duped by this fraud “party” that is just a charade and vehicle for Cuomo’s political ambition.

Cuomo wasted billions on the Buffalo Billions scam and the bailout of the three upstate nuke plants. Now he pushes his garbage using the fear generated by Roe v Wade…Cuomo is only there after the people have overwhelmingly demanded a change then he will leap on board…never lead himself!


Should we expect a former U.S. senator from (sort of) this state to remind us that it’s sexist to refuse to support a qualified candidate who just happens to be female?


Money talks, until we stop its subversion of democracy.

Direct Democracy


I’m done with corrupt politicians and the corrupt system itself. As they used to say if voting actually mattered it’d be illegal. It doesn’t and hasn’t since the early 60’s or so. I’m sticking with whichever socialist party person aligns with my views the most. And again my vote won’t matter, it never really has. I wish these two women the best as they have a look of fresh air about them. No stodgy ol’ farts that do nothing but enrich their fat bank accounts.


Hoping Women will help us vote Out Cuomo!


The old dogs will not just lay down and go away quietly. They will use every means they can divine (legal or not) to crush progressives and leftists like Nixon and AO-C. If they have to create an Aunt Tomassia organization/prty to do that, they will. I suggest hard-core NY progressives take a hard look at the big names and funders in the Women’s Equality Party and call them out. My guess is that they are pretty much liberals, progressives and party hacks who do this to keep patronage jobs. This is what “retail” politics in the U.S. look like.


No need to guess on who funds the so-called Women’s Equality Party. Their financing is public knowledge. They started with a loan from Governor Cuomo’s 2014 campaign committee and got a refresher loan from his current campaign committee ($50,000 each). Besides that they have received the rest of their money from only one single donor: Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky - the niece of former Governor Nelson Rockefeller (about $60,000 in total). Ms. Waletzky is known as an environmentalist who strongly opposes fracking and was the person who convinced Cuomo to come out against it.

Thus, the WEP is nothing more than a front organization for Cuomo with no grassroots support.