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Cynthia Nixon Takes Aim at 'Corporate Democrats' at Gathering for Progressive Candidates


Cynthia Nixon Takes Aim at 'Corporate Democrats' at Gathering for Progressive Candidates

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Addressing hundreds of "fellow progressives" on Friday, New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon decried soaring inequality, admonished corporate Democrats, and said it was necessary to "turn the system upside down."


Cuomo might as well start looking for a “new” job.

Cynthia Nixon has the “Right Message for the Future.”

“Cuomo, back out now and save the millions you’re going to throw away.”


GO CYNTHIA! A true candidate with a message and voice to be proud of and support! Just the kind of candidate the DINO sellouts of NY will try to sabotage like they did sanders and other progressive candidates!

Cuomo is, and always has been, a weasel, talking out of both sides of his face…ONLY supporting an issue if forced to and it already has overwhelming support! His betrayal of real property-tax reform for public education funding, Draconian very limited & difficvcult access for medicinal cannabis, his stand supporting fracked-gas infrastructure, and bailing-out decrepit aged nuke plants upstate and allowing Indian Point to likely be “mothballed”, not dismantled and really cleaned-up for 60 years, cases in point! is weak jive

Look for him to shift on issues as Cynthia gains more and more traction - she is the real deal!


NYT doesn’t do progressive.


THIS is the fight that is needed. THIS calls out Corporate State Democrats for who they actually serve because of the money money money money money money money they collect and revere.

This excuse, that it’s just the way it is, is no longer sustainable if the average person in this country is going to have a decent life.

Historic inequality, more and more Austerity while the super wealthy keep fleecing the public for more fucking money.

Ultimately what does a major movement for equity in this country face? Mass surveillance, militarized police, and the rest that the corporate whores, and sellouts of whatever political stripe have created.

But in the midst of all of this tempest and fury, whatever you do, do not question seminal events and such. No, no, no…don’t do it. I mean, globalization was inevitable, we were attacked, it was bad intelligence, mistakes were made and the rest of it. Just buy it, it sells.


Cynthia Nixon, just nailed it! Too bad Bernie did not realize the same thing.


Right On, Right On, Right On Cynthia. Well said and Schumer and Pelosi and other corporate dems better take note and change course. They did not learn from anointing a flawed candidate, they didn’t learn from their loss? so what makes some ordinary Americans think they will change?

Keep speaking truth to power.


Can she do better than Zephyr Teachout did four years ago when she ran as a progressive against Cuomo? Teachout’s biggest issue was a fracking ban in New York. Cuomo was noncommittal on fracking but eventually did ban it which surprised many people. For progressive credentials Cuomo can point to free tuition in NY public schools and universities, the only state to have that policy, and a $15 minimum wage to be phased in. He has done quite a bit on renewable energy although he his being pushed to do more. Since Cynthia Nixon has no experience in government she has no record which may be a plus or a minus. I haven’t seen any polls on this contest so I have no idea where things stand.


She talks the talk, lets hope she walks the walk.


Same goes for Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (aka DWS).  A stooge of the payday-lender scum and other banksters preying on the Middle Class, she is symptomatic of the core problem of the DamnocRatic party — it’s no longer the Party of the People, but the party of Wall Street.   I will not donate one thin dime to ANYONE who runs as a DamnocRat:  run as a Progressive – or at least an Independant – or GO TO HELL!!!


Seeing how there is no end in sight to the Democratic Party’s corporate money addiction, Sanders, Nixon and other candidates with progressive track records have a chance to advance a progressive agenda in elected positions only if the they are progressives first and Democrats second.

Sanders launching his 2016 primary campaign telling voters he would endorse Clinton if she won devalued his candidacy and made it hard for many of us to take him seriously.


All three Crooked Clintons ‘Talk the Talk’, and NONE of them ‘Walk the Walk’.  Clean up the party now — DUMP DIRTY DEBBIE and DITCH The BITCH!!!


Beyond Bill Clinton serially telling us “I feel your pain”, I don’t recall him talking the talk. He pushed a neoliberal take it or leave it agenda starting with NAFTA that caused the Democrats to lose control of Congress in 1994 for the first time in 40 years. His agenda then moved further right during the last 6 years of his regime.

It was therefore not surprising that he never won a majority of the popular vote, and no surprise that Gore lost the 2000 election due to Clinton turning many voters off who had always voted for Democrats in the past.

Hillary has always had an even more take it or leave it neoliberal attitude than Bill ever did and was so busy telling to suck it up that she never told us she felt our pain.

Although I know that our local dyed in the wool Dims would love to see Chelsea run for elected office, lets hope the Clinton brand is history by the time that happens.


You tell em Unc.


The fist political campaign I participated in was supporting the re-election of California governor Pat Brown in 1962 when Richard Nixon attempted to unseat him.

Quite a contrast that I would be campaigning for Nixon this year if I didn’t live 3,000 miles from New York.


AMEN!!!   IMHO, the Clinton “brand” is DIED in the wool . . .

Thanks, Pony’ – as a Grumpy Old Curmudgeon, about the best I can do is spout off.  Glad someone is listening!!

Actually, the full fight song – worn on a bumper sticker in 2016 – was:
    Piss upon the PlutocRats
    Overthrow the Oligarchs
    Dump Dirty Debbie, and
    DITCH The BITCH!!!




Not really — just my $.02 . . .


Cynthia Nixon feels right. And she is so right when she talks about voters not showing up. A dollar short and a day late is my take. But hope springs eternal. Naive statements like:

“—and noted her support for legislation to enact universal healthcare in the state.”

doesn’t bode well, though. The question of state-only universal healthcare has been debated by the smartest minds in the health field, notably Drs. Margaret Flowers and Carol Paris being two. They say categorically, that N.I.M.A. National Medicare for All will work seamlessly and virtually flawlessly (also known as House bill HR 676).
If We the People stay home AGAIN because of these leaches that we see as these corporate, greedy immoral “its” (corporate) democrats, like we did with “it” Clinton2 - well, just look at Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, almost France last year or many of the Central American countries that are controlled by military regimes! Because that’s where we are headed at this moment if the repubs in their current fascist right-wing leanings. We need a Moral Revival in America. We are in really dangerous times.


Let’s be realistic here – WE knew who Sanders was — but 99.44% of voters didn’t, so he HAD to run as a DamnocRat in 2016 or be ignored.  Crooked Hilliary and Dirty Debbie did everything they could to hide his message under a bushel, but now he’s the most well-known and popular political figure in America.  I hope Bernie has the strength to run as a Reform candidate in 2020, so we can still have a shred of hope . . .

Is he perfect?   HELL NO – Who the hell is??   But Bernie is WAY better than anyone else who has even a shred of a chance to win.