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Cynthia Nixon Takes Aim at 'Corporate Democrats' at Gathering for Progressive Candidates


If you think trump is a vindictive MoFo, take a look at Andy Cuomo and his evil vindictive streak of vile reaction and retribution for perceived slights. Cuomo is applying pressure to groups he can strong arm to deny Nixon her voice and support!

Cuomo is reacting to the potential/likely Working Families Party endorsement of Cynthia Nixon.

"“If we’re going to get at the root problem of inequity, we have to turn the system upside down,” she continued. “It’s not just about getting more Democrats in office but about getting better democrats—ones accountable to voters, not corporate donors.” – With principled words and understanding like this Nixon is on her way!..as union bosses screw the rank and file to kiss Cuomo’s ass…


and this …


Main concern for liberal candidates now is that their hearts are in the right place and
that they really know what they are up against because we are fighting for the planet
and humanity, for the future of this world and it’s families/children –
We are fighting against fascism – it’s violence and brutality.

The people we are fighting have been in control since our Elite Founders put them there.
And they have buried many secrets which will handicap us and which help them hold control.
They have often used violence to hold that control.


I’ll contribute and hope that Dem. Gov. Phil Murphy here in NJ will also help to bring this
corporate-fascist nightmare to an end.

We are also going to have to give thought to impeaching the Supreme Court which SOLD the
US to Koch Bros/John Birch Society in Citizens United.


True of Bernie … as our best option.

But that’s NOT the Democratic Party which has shown it’s colors time and again…
with very FEW exceptions within the party who have tried to do the right thing.

The DNC will continue to demand that all candidates take corporate-money and fight
for it every day and deliver for it. They also get a cut of whatever candidates raise.
And imagine they also get something directly from the corporations?
Might be called something like “party building money” … but it’s still bribery.


Bob –

If you reflect back I think you’ll find US/CIA interference in every country you named as turning to the right BECAUSE that’s what our corrupt government has been working for and that’s what the two national parties have been working for. Voters have long been dropping out. But so many now that it will truly hurt the less fascist party. But what you are asking – or demanding – is that we vote for the weaker fascist party.

Beyond what I’m listing below, keep in mind that two years before the end of WWII, there were three very important Operations set up, ultimately run out of the CIA by Allen Dulles – and likely still running: –

Operation Mockingbird mentioned in one of the articles which took our “free press” and influenced/corrupted the press all over the world. Operation Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis brought into the US to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot” sports around the world. Operation GLADIO created to keep right wing governments in control in nation’s over which the US had great influence and control at the end of WWII: Japan, Germany, France, Italy. The US actually resurrected the Mafia in Italy in order to ensure that the Operation would be carried out efficiently.
Later, that concept was extended to many other countries.

THIS is not the fault of the public – it is the fault of fascist Elites who have had control of the nation since the days Our Founders put them in control by creating an Elite-Patriarchy here. Endowed them with land grants, gave only them the right to vote, gave them immense influence and control over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

it is the fault of a very violent beginning of this nation which invited the most violent of actors to this stage.
Our Founders saved and supported the system of slaver for their fellow Elites which guaranteed the Civil War … which further benefited Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which continue to echo today.

The attacks on the native people here were based in the “Christian” Crusades which labeled native people everywhere as “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs.” Based on Papal Edicts to “Enslave or kill them.”

Later Our Founders used “Christian” Church Schools (Catholic and Mormon) to house native children separated from their parents, often by kidnapping. They were not allowed to wear their own clothing, their braids were cut, they not allowed to speak in their own language. Every kind of cruelty and brutality was used on their children, including murder, hangings, beatings, sexual abuse of every kind.

The countries you mentioned …

Brazil (1964)
In 1964, the CIA overthrew the democratically elected leader of Brazil, Joao Goulart, in a military coup. They installed military fascists such as General Branco in his place. Goulart’s replacements sent death squads to eliminate all political opposition. It was later revealed that the CIA had trained these death squads in methods of torture, interrogation, and assassination.

Hungary (1956)
The CIA Cold War propaganda outlet, Radio Free Europe, incited Hungary to revolt in 1956 by broadcasting Khruschev’s `secret speech’ in which he denounced Stalin. 30,000 Hungarians and 7,000 Soviets died in the uprising that followed.

Central American countries including Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama maps.

And in general -

US Meddling in Foreign Elections: A CIA Tradition Since 1948

The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere

State attempts at statewide healthcare have had problems – change of governors
can bring overturning of years of planning. See: Vermont

California has also had a difficult time with trying to move the issue to fruition.
This report from June 2017 …
The California Senate Just Passed Single-Payer Health Care

Here’s their official website – “Health Care For All”


Apologies – duplicate post


Nixon should abandon her candidacy and throw her support to the truly qualified progressive female candidate, Zephyr Teachout. We don’t need more rich, self-absorbed celebrities who lack any kind of practical experience in running for high office. We need true policy wonks like Teachout, who can actually run a government if they win. With Nixon’s support, Teachout would have a real chance of taking down the corporate Dim, Cuomo. Please Cynthia, bow out in favor of the progressive with a real chance of winning.


Politicians of both parties cannot easily escape the accusation of being “corporate.” They don’t have a choice.
If it did not cost millions to run for office, the perennially deep-pocketed, coddled corporations would not have the absurd power they do.


genedebs: Spot on.


Is it really a good idea to back a rich Hollywood celebrity with zero experience in any kind of organizational activity, even a union local, as a candidate for governor? Surely, there is no shortage of qualified candidates with the same progressive positions as Ms. Nixon’s, but but far better experience and qualifications for working in a government.

And having said that - down here, we can only dream that we had a Governor and legislature in Harrisburg as good as even the existing one up in Albany.


It’s good she’s got name recognition to challenge Cuomo. I’ll be voting against him in the presidential primaries, assuming he runs.


Exactly. Don’t believe the hype. Her “progressive” credentials are basically a mirage, and without a genuine political strategy she has no chance of winning anyway. empirereportnewyork com /is-cynthia-nixon-really-the-one-bruce-gyory-andrew-cuomo/

This seems like an attempt at splitting the labor movement and killing off the Working Families party. The complete lack of critical thinking and political strategy on the part of the left (“anybody but Cuomo!”) is truly disturbing. I don’t like Cuomo’s betrayals, but this primary campaign isn’t likely to work. For all of Bernie’s flaws he actually had a chance at actually winning the presidency (his political strategy failed, but it was at least conceivable than he could have actually defeated both Hillary and Trump when he entered the race).