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Cynthia Nixon Wins Endorsement of Progressive Working Families Party in New York Governor Race

Cynthia Nixon Wins Endorsement of Progressive Working Families Party in New York Governor Race

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Working Families Party of New York (WFP) announced on Saturday its endorsement of Cynthia Nixon, at a meeting where the activist and actress called herself a candidate "who will stand with the people."

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The party lines are getting knotted early for entanglements later. One problem with elections these days is that power brokers gin up market and other anxieties born of decades of enforced alienation. It would be interesting to see a study addressing all that is silenced, not named, made invisible - all the machinations, such as bank bailouts and algorithm fuelled market activity, that usurp the means of engagement on mutually agreed terms. There is one of the unspoken realities not named: mutually agreed terms of governance. Just as an example, war powers. But the list is long and getting longer. To paraphrase George Carlin, they own you. Big red signs to hang on the unions being dragged by [status] Quo-more.

Thank you Cynthia Nixon.


Teachout should be the candidate that Nixon endorses, not the other way around.

Considering how well Hillary Clinton did in New York against Bernie Sanders and how far short Zephyr Teachout fell in taking on Cuomo four years ago I would say this is a steep uphill battle for Cynthia Nixon.

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I don’t like Cuomo. He dances with whatever scum will buy his card time.Fairness, to him, is whatever the price is. This may be the era of the end to slimy politicians. HOPE!


I’d love to see Cuomo go down, and I don’t even live in New York. And I don’t want him near the Presidency.


With New York, New Jersey and Connecticut having a far higher percentage of jobs dependent upon the financial services industry than other states, progressive candidates will always have a harder time winning in those states.

With the Parkland students enabling the critical mass needed to push back on the NRA this year, perhaps 2018 will also be the year a progressive candidate wins in one of those three states, thereby signaling a critical mass pushing back on Wall Street.


That is an excellent point about the importance of Wall Street jobs in the NYC metro area and why that makes it difficult for progressives. And it is not only the jobs in NY. The taxes raised from Wall Street and the financial industry in general are a big part of paying for the budget that they come up with in Albany.

Go Cynthia! Nice interview in the Sunday NYT magazine.

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I would recommend a little reading in basic economic theory to garner a sense of how little financial services actually add to the real economic base of a country. Have you not wondered why this country is rotting economically as we have move away from making things, other than unnecessary financial products.

The truth is the financial jobs you so covert are in steady decline as automation and machine learning is moving in and taking over. What is left is shifting to Asia as that is where all the action is. As to tax dollars, the majority is paid by the average citizen, not corporations and certainly not the financial industry.

Ms Nixon is a breath of fresh air from the pathetic leadership of Cuomo, a visionless governor. It is painfully obvious he has no interests in the general public or their common wellbeing. We all know he is a faux progressive.


The US is not rotting economically. There has been job growth for something like 80 straight months. I think that is a record. The US makes a lot of things. It is a leader in manufacturing. Some of the more well known things made in the US are automobiles and trucks, farm equipment, and airplanes. There is also unfortunately a large industry in the US that manufactures weapons such as aircraft, aircraft carriers and other naval ships, tanks, missiles, etc. Cuomo of course has a long record as attorney general and governor. I think voters in New York are waiting to hear more about Cynthia Nixon.

There are a number of automobile factories in the South. They may not be owned by US companies but the factories are in the US and jobs are in the US. Car manufacturing in the US is no longer centered in Michigan, that has changed but many cars are made in the US. The US ranks 2nd to China in value of manufactured goods. The US is way ahead of the third ranked country which is Japan. All in all, while the US is certainly not as dominant in manufacturing as it used to be it is doing well with regard to the value of manufactured goods. I think to get better wages for manufacturing jobs the union movement needs to grow again. Many jobs are still here but the union jobs have been disappearing.