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Cyntoia Brown Shows Us that Justice Is Not Blind


Cyntoia Brown Shows Us that Justice Is Not Blind

David A. Love

yntoia Brown was a victim of child sex trafficking who killed her abuser. Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire serial child sex abuser. Both were convicted and sentenced – in ways that demonstrate the profound inequities of our criminal justice system.


American Justice truly is blind.

Too bad, something known as, Western Justice, is dead.

Guys like Epstein would have been taken care of long ago.


Where’s Lorena Bobbitt when we need her?


After the Savings and Loan crisis of the 80s, I read Inside Job – The Looting of America’s Savings and Loans. This crisis cost US taxpayers over $100 billion, back when $100 billion was real money. The book made it clear that despite deregulation, which legalized a number of questionable practices, there were literally thousands of crimes committed.

What killed me was Nancy Pelosi saying it was just too hard to continue prosecutions. Imagine if some poor dude walked in and robbed a bank of, say, $10,000, but the prosecutor saying they just didn’t have the money to prosecute. These Savings and Loan robberies were millions each.

PS I just ran across an interesting academic study of S & L prosecutions with these conclusions: Employees were more likely to be prosecuted than officers and “Of those
sentenced to prison, the median prison term was less than two years (22 months)…Most of these convicted offenders will be eligible for parole after serving as little as one-third of their full sentences. In some cases sentences have simply been reduced.”


Lorena, if you’re out there listening, we’ve got a job for you.

And it has nothing to do with the missing 30,000 emails.


Yes, truly disturbing. Apparently Epstein went to a country club prison, instead of a real one, that’s a shame. I’ve been told people who commit crimes against children, don’t do well in regular prisons.

Side note, since Mr. Love is from Philly, I wish he would have talked about the differences in their system a little, since the changes put in place by the new DA.


The God-damned Tennessee Supreme Court should be locked up for life.

(i don’t believe in God. But God, damn it.)


From an article at Salon about Epstein:

" Epstein, like a lot of men with a big bank account and deep pockets, has had a lot of friends in his time. He’s hung out with Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey. He’s made donations to Eliot Spitzer and Bill Richardson – who subsequently returned the money. Several years ago, Donald Trump told New York magazine, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” What a nice way of putting it. A 2003 Vanity Fair profile of Epstein similarly noted, “There are many women in his life, mostly young, but there is no one of them to whom he has been able to commit…. Epstein is known about town as a man who loves women — lots of them, mostly young. Model types have been heard saying they are full of gratitude to Epstein for flying them around, and he is a familiar face to many of the Victoria’s Secret girls.” In a 2007 New York feature on Epstein’s troubles, writer Michael Wolff observed, “He has never been secretive about the girls. At one point, when his troubles began, he was talking to me and said, ‘What can I say, I like young girls.’ I said, ‘Maybe you should say, ‘I like young women.’” "


What happened to “self defense?” it works for the police----and a 16 year old is not an adult. She was wronged by that man and then wronged by that court.
Weirdly, this is another state with the state bird as the Mockingbird-----and a mocking court to go with it.


She is Black, when you are Black there no right to “self defense”. You can even have your hands empty and up in the air and be deemed a threat and shot, if you are black.

Florida is a stand your ground state and there was a Black woman who had a legal firearm and shot it into the wall as a warning when her ex husband who had a history of beating her up was going to beat her up. She went to Jail for shooting a bullet into the wall.


I’m black and I feel this case has nothing to do with race. Why is everyone defending this girl ignoring the evidence and her testimony well atleast the parts she was honest about. Like the fact she went home with him willingly,lied about her,and the fact that her and the victim had no type of sexual relations together. Ignoring the fact that she denied repeatedly in the beginning being a prostitute. Tried to claim self defense that she was in fear even though the evidence proves the victim was asleep w/his arms under his head when he was shot in the back of the head. Ignoring the fact that after she killed him she robbed him and stole his truck went joyriding and back to her pimp/bf. Why are people not taking any of this into consideration. Enlight of all the problems going in America right now when it comes to race this girl/woman should not be the face of false imprisonment and how the justice system is doing black people wrong.


Well, it’s not as “black and white” (pun intended) if you have all the facts. After she killed John Mitchell Allen she took off with his wallet and some of the firearms he had in another room. Allen was shot in the back of the head while he was lying face down in bed with his hands under his head.


HI SuspiraDeProfundis: but she’s still not even an adult------then there is no justice!
I remember reading about that lady in Florida too, and also seeing that man run away from the police and was shot in the back and murdered. I also just read that a man went to the bank to cash his first paycheck—and the bank wouldn’t cash it because they said he wouldn’t make that kind of money----and the bank called the police and then found out that the black man did make that money.
I can’t even imagine how awful it is for black people in America------- a man was following a black lady into her gated community and calling the police because a black lady wouldn’t live there but she did and she was a doctor!
Someone gave me an old book to read. It was called “Black Like Me,” I think. A white man started taking some medication to make his skin darker…I think this was written a long time ago in the 1950s or 60s----------and he told what happened to him as a now black man-------and it was horrifying how his world now made a 180 turn and the trouble he found just by having darker skin. And we all saw that again when Eric Gardener man was saying… " I can’t breathe." as the police let him die. Seeing so much of this makes me not trust a lot of government anywhere in America . : (


HI Lucky86—well she is still a minor for one thing—and I don’t have your information, but as we have seen with several court cases and cases to be—people do a lot of things through fear and lack of power in society---------although sometimes the perpetrators do have tp pay the price, like Bill Cosby and hopefully the creepy Harvey Weinstein.


So you’re saying this story about her and the documentary are made up ? Why ? Who do the lies serve ?


Well, they sure didn’t give her a break for being a lighter skinned black female, did they?

"Villanova researchers studied more than 12,000 cases of African-American women imprisoned in North Carolina and found that women with lighter skin tones received more-lenient sentences and served less time than women with darker skin tones.

The researchers found that light-skinned women were sentenced to approximately 12 percent less time behind bars than their darker-skinned counterparts. Women with light skin also served 11 percent less time than darker women."

Colorism is more complex as we study more–not just a black/white issue.


By John Howard Griffin. Excellent. I read as a teenager, I think, and never forgotten. But there are lots of excellent books on race in America and people don’t need one written by a white man to learn what it’s really like. Or do they?


I agree with you wholeheartedly! Justice isn’t served it’s bought, and she couldn’t afford justice. If a sixteen year old from a upper class white family was in the same situation, she wouldn’t have served a day. It would have been ruled self defense end of story.


“born with fetal alcohol syndrome, suffered from a childhood of trauma, abuse and sexual and physical violence, and was forced into prostitution.” On top of all that she was only 16 at the time of the murder. None of that excuses the murder but it certainly brings into question the reasonableness of the sentence.

She needs therapy, not an 81 year prison sentence. If she were white and wealthy, chance are, that’s what she’d be getting.


HI Dawn, like that kid from Texas who was drunk and killed 4 people in a car crash----I think the judge said he was too rich and didn’t understand. : 0 Although later, he did get nailed for running away with his mother to Mexico. Justice -----remember he rich and powerful see rich as “Just us.”