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D.C. Bar Goes After Whistleblower Who Exposed Warrantless Wiretapping


D.C. Bar Goes After Whistleblower Who Exposed Warrantless Wiretapping

Kevin Gosztola

When the Justice Department ended its investigation into Thomas Tamm in 2011, the Justice Department whistleblower who revealed warrantless wiretapping said it was a relief that a “long ordeal” was now over. But it turns out the “ordeal” has entered a new chapter. He now faces ethics violations for blowing the whistle on illegal surveillance.


Generally, when female soldiers complained to their military "superiors" about sexual molestation or even rape, they were pretty much told to shut up.

When Chelsea Manning sought the assistance of higher functionaries within the military's complex bureaucratic hierarchy, for obvious crimes... SHE was legally punished.

Same thing happened to Drake, Kiriakou, Sterling, and others. Had Edward Snowden taken that course, he'd face criminal action.

Power is essentially saying that Might Makes Right. That so long as those in empowered positions elect to do what they do, no one dare show disloyalty. The rule of law means nothing to these people. Like Mafia Dons, it's all about loyalty.

And it's this kind of loyalty-by-intimidation that explains how little truth got out about the assassination of JFK and other hits and false flags.

This is how it works, and it's a formula:

"The D.C. Bar would have everyone believe that Tamm did not go through proper channels because he did not formally complain to any higher authority in the Justice Department. Yet, Tamm recognized those at the top were implicated in the criminal activity that was ongoing. He also went to someone working in Congress with his concerns, which is completely legitimate."

No one in those proper channels WILL do a damned thing... anyone who brings up an issue is tarred and feathered. THAT is how they shut down any question to the new chains of absolute power that HAVE been corrupted, absolutely.

It might not be the D.C. Bar, but it's those close to the top of the political-economic-military food chain who call the shots.


Go, Tamm.

DC Bar, shame on you for persecuting a man upholding his oath to protect the Constitution. More of you should follow in his footsteps.


Thank you DC Bar Association for stating your institutionalized scorn for democracy so bluntly. You make it very clear precisely what sort of ham-fisted grease is kept on your hands, under you nails and slathered over the Constitution. Now that the public is aware of the style (forget content) of foggy bottom hammer sacks, we'll know them for what they are when they start to rattle.


Who disciplines the D.C. Bar ?, I wonder...oh, nobody I bet.
Gawd help the good people who blow the whistle...may they be safe from the hounds of hell who run the show these days.


I guess what I want to know is whether the Bar committee initiated these action on their own or whether this was initiated by a complaint from a bar member. I have long wanted to see a Texas bar grievance against AG Gonzalez for his actions but found little interest in getting that started from anyone with the facts other than press reports, such as myself. But someone could complained in DC rather than if's having started with the committee. If someone filed the complaint the the committee probably is required to follow up. Maybe that can be cleared up in subsequent articles.