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D.C. Protests Against Trump Supporters' "DeploraBall" Met With Tear Gas, Riot Police


D.C. Protests Against Trump Supporters' "DeploraBall" Met With Tear Gas, Riot Police

Nika Knight, staff writer

Protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, chanting "No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!" outside of a party for high-rolling Trump supporters dubbed the "DeploraBall."

The demonstrations were met with clouds of tear gas and walls of riot police.


Present, meet future. This is only a mere sampling of what the militarized police forces across the nation are prepared to take against those who RESIST against the ruling elites and their machinations of extreme capitalism and nationalism under Trump.

The police departments all across the nation have been preparing for national civil unrest for quite some time. They have been running 'mock' operations and are prepared with massive stockpiles of munitions. While the state is prepared, are you?


I've stated so many times that Trump is bringing the fascist state in the past months. Most people disagreed and kept telling me are this or that, and yet there is an antifascist protest that is do large that they used tear gas. So, if im wrong, and they are all wrong, then i must question to the disbelievers: How many police does it take to be a police state? What would a fascist society look like? If my definitions have bee all wrong, included my old profs that were published and 2 having been known in the international community, what's your definition? I don't say all of this to be an a**hole. I served this country with all my heart and all my honor. I have 3 f*ckin degrees, the first being engineering. What will happen to our children and their thoughts? Will they be protected? We shall see.


Yup, keep calling people racists and fascists, worked pretty well for you last election.


Please be careful. Remember these criminals own the gestapo and now the military. Choose wisely and carefully. This admirer of Putin and Benito Mussolini isn't above cold blooded murder. Stay focused and choose your battles wisely. He has both houses of congress and soon will have the supreme court. If the Grand Old party doesn't come to its senses we are in for a really ugly time to rival Germany in the thirties. We as voters have sold our country for the promise of a few gold pieces.