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DACA Supporters Denounce GOP's 'Racist Agenda' As #TrumpShutdown Takes Hold


DACA Supporters Denounce GOP's 'Racist Agenda' As #TrumpShutdown Takes Hold

Julia Conley, staff writer
"American voters expect Republicans—who control all branches of government—to figure this out and pass a spending deal that reflects American values."


How many Republicans does it take to govern?

It’s either zero or infinity, apparently.


I hope the Dreamers remember at election time who has held their liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness hostage to further their racist policies.


The Dreamers can’t vote.


You ask “Should we allow anyone who wants to emigrate here to do so?”

But the Dreamers didn’t ask to emigrate here. They were brought here as children.

So I ask you: Should we punish you for the sins of your parents?


How can a racist like Trump govern in a large multiracial country like the US? It appears impossible and this is another indication that it is. Trump either has to put his racism aside or destroy the country as we know it. It is clear he has chosen the latter course. The meeting he had that Dick Durbin attended revealed Trump’s strong emotions on race, particularly when it came to the people of Haiti. Apparently Durbin was actually emotionally shaken by what he heard according to reports from his colleagues who saw him afterward.


That is inaccurate, five Republicans voted against it, Flake, Graham, Lee, McConnell, and Paul. The Senate majority leader therefore actually voted against it. Maybe you should find out what you are talking about before posting rather than people having to correct you.


Any idea how long the TRUMPDOWN will last ?


Why is everyone wasting time on Trump? He isn’t real. Like Romney and so many others have verbalized he is a “PHONEY A FRAUD”. Steven Miller isn’t an apostle of Trump, Trump is an apostle of Steve. Trump gets all his information from Judge Jeanine Pirro. If you want to know where “THE DONALD” is going next Tune into FOX, listen to such intellectual giants as Niall Ferguson. These people are alt right white supremacist that have learned to walk to the fine line of plausible deniability when in truth they are flaming racist bigots Fascist don’t respond to truth logic and reason and rely on “group think”, and TIKI torch parades. They are an ugly crowd. They need to be confronted and confronted or we end up with a holocaust moment. GOD FORBID.


From what I’ve read over the last few days was Mr Trump was ready to sign a bipartisan funding bill that addressed DACA and CHIP programs. Steven Miller, et. al. met with Mr Trump and forced their hard right, racist agenda and Mr Trump changed his tack and derailed the funding. I blame the hard right faction for derailing the bill, DACA was the point.


Steven Miller is an enemy of ‘the people’ and the state. Getting rid of this odious toad in the administration would go a long way to help. There are a few others too, of the Steve Bannon persuasion needing exterminating like the insects they are. I directly blame him for changing Mr Trump’s mind.


Back in 2013 Pussy Grabber claimed any shutdown must be owned by the president, at the time Obama.

Today, rKlan strategist John Weaver – who has worked for GOP names like Sen. John McCain and Gov. John Kasich – agreed and said there is no getting around it: Pussy Grabber and rKlans OWN this shutdown.

Tweet: @JWGOP
Trump created the DACA crisis. The congressional wing of the GOP refused to fund CHIP. Trump & GOP ignored the pleas of the Pentagon for a fully funded budget. All of this is on them.
6:58 AM - Jan 20, 2018


It could wind up with concentration camps and something like the holocaust. What they call eliminationism supposedly is growing in popularity on the far right. And how else are they really going to get this white Christian nation that they want without elminating everyone else through deportation, fleeing because of fear, and concentration camps> We clearly have a problem because millions of people are not buying enlightenment values, what the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. etc. The alt-right sees human decency as weakness and believes whites are a superior race. And they are doing well recruiting on the internet just as ISIS has done. Somehow we have to get these people back into to the margins of society where they have existed for many years or the country could wind up in a civil war. There can’t be two Americas at once. We can only continue to exist as one country united. You can’t have half the country trying to become an all white authoritarian country and the other half supporting multiculturism and democracy but that seems to be what is happening.


Maybe the shutdown will be break we have all been waiting for. Eventually Humpty cracks, the diaper falls off, and all the shit and piss the baby makes is shown. Then baby gets shown the door…


Then the indigenous people of the US certainly have a right to demand that all the descendants of the invaders of their lands pack their bags and get the hell out.


And the descendants of the original invading “wannabes” ( “wannabe” as in greedy for other peoples land and the wealth it represented, choosing to not even see the people who were here while holding on to their wretched pretensions of “Christianity”) of this land occupied completely by the First Nations people are not illegal aliens?


They cannot vote as they are not citizens but the right wing will have a field day with such arguments in their quest to purge the illusory voting by “aliens”. Remember Trump’s claim that thousands or maybe millions voted illegally for HRC?


This will be interesting—because democrats have taken a stand for dreamers and I don’t think Trump had any intention of allowing them to stay-----just see the crackdown happening all over the country—its real. Democrats and republicans have been using immigration for political ends(listening to Rubio speak on the senate floor today was such a joke) but this is different,they are taking a stand,and just maybe this could be the beginning of a new democratic party that finds itself. And just understand the real solution to immigration is helping these neighboring countries become economically strong—undoing US policy for decades.


I’m wondering if the useless, douche bag, ICE hunting parties are being furloughed from their employment of merciless war against the indigenous Pre-Columbian people who inhabited the North “American” continent before the pale faced European raptors descended upon it. Something to consider. Screw the Trump Wall; there is no “US - Mexican” border.


Horseshit. It’s not clear that all the original homo sapiens (Siberians - not Europeans) crossed over the Bering land bridge during the waning of the last glaciation cycle, ~12,000 years ago, were the only cross continental migrants. Read “The Horse, the Wheel, and Language” for more information on this. Read also about the Yaghan of “Terra del Fuego”, an aboriginal South American tribe who’s ancestors , along with other Central and South American humans, may possibly have crossed by sea.